G3, it has creative from last version Indeed <G2 Valve Class A Hybrid...

Indeed G3

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  • G3, it has creative from last version Indeed <G2 Valve Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier>,

    most of copy and similar product following us, so we must beat their and keep a distance with our technical skill.

    We have modified to generation III now, so that we call it G3.

    What is different coming?

    1/ The output signal will be fade in when power on, you can hear the level of sound increasing slowly,

    it is most important to protect your ear and device / speaker in safe, either it fade out too when power off!

    It has no any ‘pop’ pulse to out put even power on/off, thank for a precision design by Indeed Hi Fi Lab,

    a twin servos to bias regular control automatically, it can also extend more dynamic to the sound effect.

    2/A large size volume knob easy to adjust with wide turning angle than G2 and similar product.

    The thick of PCB increase to 1.8mm with carefully design grounding, the RF pollution and noise ratio also improved.

    3/A loudness / sub-bass function available to low level hearing, it sounds with rich bass and clear treble for joy;

    which effecting decrease in linear when turning up the volume knob,

    this function disable when it turn over 12 O’clock position even the sub-bass switch ON,

    so it has reasonable linear fit for human hearing sensitive.

    4/Easy to change the tubes with jumper on PCB (bias adjust is necessary),

    6 series for 6DJ8/6922/ECC88/6N11/6N23P; 12 series for ECC82/12AU7/12AT7/6N4……also too many choose by owner right now.

    5/Ultra large current Class A output design, it can drive the low impendence headphone in 12 Ohm loading;

    a very deep and powerful bass you will be hear !

    6/Audiophile Performance Design Absolutely! It can hook up to power amplifier directly such as Pre Amp to use;

    it will kill any pre amp with US$1000- price (may be higher)!!

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  1. Mshenay
    "Indeed G3"
    Pros - Cheap, Small, Bass Boost Switch, Looks nice, SOUNDS GREAT
    Cons - Circuit Board is Open
    IT's CHEAP BUY IT LOVE IT and keep your cell phone AWAY from it

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