Incipio f38 Headphones - Reviews
Pros: Sneaky, Build Quality, Sound, Moddable
Cons: The Sound Signature May Scare People Off
Incipio F38
Remember the famous budget cans, the RP-HTF600?
They we're great once modded, and so are these!
So let's talk.
This won't be a Super Detailed Review.
Overall Sound:
Highs are detailed, and YES this is colored, but not the same way that the HTF600 was.
If you remember, the HTF600 had a very shaded sound to the cymbals, detailed in violins, drums were kind melty, but who knows.
The F38 pays a ton of attention to drums, vocals are clear, and as I said about the M2X, they come off very playful.
Psychedelic music would definitely be the strong spot for this headphone.
I would argue that it focuses a lot more when you play Psych, as if the genre and this headphone were once friends.
It gets waxy, in a good way! Songs come playing through, and mellow synthesized spot sound natural, actually, more natural than any High End Headphone I've ever listened to.
Arguably, there are weak points here... Say to say. Lows are "cool" they just come off played out. 
Examples would be the Bass gets extremely tight, and cools down a flow, very fluid.
Maybe they were defined to sound this way, IF SO! Good characteristic, & IF NOT, why not put more effort into it?
Bass is SOLID, I wouldn't say Basshead Approved, but that Bass.
It's rapid, solid, detailed, and outlines itself from all the other points of sound.
Soundstage is OK.
Kinda reminiscent of it's non related brother, the HTF600.
Wide in the sense that it's almost too separated, keeping instruments in groups, separating them, then telling them so each go to one side of the headphone. 
I wanna argue that these are very kingly for a headphone in this budget range, and I'd recommend them to anyone who can tolerate a headphone that lets its aesthetics shine.
This headphone will show you what it has to offer.
I want people to buy it, try it, and review it here!
It's genuinely a solid headphone and deserves it's attention here, but I believe someone could review it better.
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