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hybrid techbology professional double frequency division independent dynamic unit use liquid crystal molecules polymerized membrane high resolution Balanced ARmature Drive units exchangeable cable design Custom Level Hybrid Technology Units Earphone

In ear Earphones, KZ ZS4 High Fidelity Earphones,1DD+1BA HiFi Bass Noise Cancelling

  • Exchangeable cable design and Hybrid Technology Units Earphone,8mm independent dynamic unit and 30095 balanced armature,Use Liquid crystal molecules Polymerized membrane in order to With a higher bass explosive power, the low frequency is more flexible combined with man-earphones ear structure, redefined.
    Silver has long been used in high-end audio products as a world class sonic conductor, and the result when paired with the KZ-ZS4 is nothing shy of excellent. Combined with unique tangle-free coating technology,cable is designed for uncompromised performance.
    There have dynamic drivers and separate balanced armature. Earphones produce crisp, powerful acoustics and deep bass, Hybrid Technology Units Earphone,the transient bass burst shows rich details.
    120°oblique in-ear wearing can fit in your ears completely ,Reduces environmental noise and distractions by up to 26dB for an immersive auditory experience and isolate the outside noise better.


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