IKKO Audio Arc ITB05 Bluetooth Cable

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Overall tonality
No coloration neutral tonality
Stable single and connectivity
Excellent audio replay compare to original sound with cable
Bass punch and speed
Detailed midrange
Well extended and refined treble
Light weight and comfort
Battery life
Cons: Not for sporting
No APP to do adjustments compare to others brands
The IKKO audio are relatively young Chinese company, they developed wider range of audio products, the OH1 & 10 hybrid IEMs are especially well known. After that, they start to release some audio products, like the DAC/AMP, USB DAC, cable and Bluetooth cable. Today I am checking out their Bluetooth cable which is the Arc ITB05. The price of it is $129USD.


I would like to thanks Watson from IKKO audio for given this opportunity, and the review will be based on my honest opinion through the music I listen to.

Package & Accessories
The Arc ITB05 come with the large size box, there are the typical IKKO style illustration at the front cover with the brand name, model name and other information, whereas the specifications at the rear side of it. There is the black box after remove the cover. After open the box from the side, there is the bluetooth cable it self sit it in the foam, while the carry bag, charging cable and ear hook in the bottom of box.



Accessories list
1 pcs x IKKO Arc ITB05 Bluetooth Cable
1 pcs x Carry Bag
1 pair x Ear Hook
1 pcs x USB A To Type C Charging Cable


The accessories it come with is useful and reasonable. The leather carry pouch has well finished, it has fluffy material inside to provide the better protection.


The ITB05 come with the USB A to Type C charging cable, the cable has green color finished in the braided. It also come with the additional pair of ear hook for providing the better wearing experience.




Design & Build & Comfort
The ITB05 has beautiful design of combining the leather and metal materials.


The ITB05 cable has two housing which is made by aluminum alloy material with mirror finished. The two housing has the leather strap winded around. The right housing features 3 buttons for remote control. The led light is located at the middle button, while the microphone is located at the side of the upper button. The USB Type C charging plot is also located at the right housing. There is the IKKO brand logo sports on the right housing in silver front.



The neckband is made with leather finished in dark brown color.


The cable is made with single crystal copper gold plated material in rubber-ish finished. There are both of 2 pin and MMCX version available. Overall the design is beautifully made.


The build quality on the ITB05 are really good, especially the material used is way above its price range. The two metal housing do not have any sharp edges or glue around the joints. The sketch leather show the good craftsmanship. Both of the connector do not have sign of wear and tear after I swapped few times of cable.


The comfort on ITB05 are pretty good, it look heavy, but it is surprisingly lighter than I thought. The neckband is soft enough to wear it around your neck, the two housing are well balanced. The cable can be adjust easily, the additional ear hook can provide the better wearing experience.

Control & Paring


The control both the ITB05 are quite easy to understand.
Top button (near the neck band) is:
Volume down (press one)/previous track (long press) button.
Middle button is:
Play/pause/call answer or ignore (press one)/turn on and turn off (press for 3sec)/paring (press for 5 sec while shutdown) button.
Bottom button (opposite side to the neck band) is :
Volume up (press one)/next track (long press) button.

The first time pairing of the ITB05 require the users to pair it manually, by pressing the middle button for 5 sec while shutdown will enter the paring mode, then you can connect it through their devices. After this, when you turn on the ITB05, it will automatically connect to your devices when the Bluetooth is on.

Connectivity & Latency
The connectivity on ITB05 are pretty stable in most of cases, but there will be some of single lost when you are on public transport, shopping centers.. which is acceptable.

The latency on ITB05 are quite significant while gaming, but not at all when watching movie or listen to music, probably just about a millions seconds.

Driving power & Battery life
The driving power on ITB05 is powerful enough to driver my Final audio B1 and E5000 by using 25% of volume.

The battery life of ITB05 are really good, it has capacity of >280mAh. Which IKKO claims for provide 9hrs of play back, after my personal testing it provide 9hrs and 20mins of play back time by using 20% of volume through iPhone 12. The charging process take about 1.5hrs.

Operating distance & microphone
The Operating distance on the ITB05 is around 6 meters. It has stable connection until 5 meters, after that the single will not be as stable as before 5 meters.

The microphone of the ITB05 can provide clear and detail voice with good amount of bodies without sounding robotic.

Technical specifications:
Dac Chip: Dual AKM4377
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
SNR: 120dB
TNR: 0.001%
Output power: 64mW@32ohm
Charger input: 5V 500mA
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Working time: 9 hours
Support format: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD



I connect the ITB05 to the Oriveti OH300, Final audio B1, BGVP VG4, Penon Orb, IKKO OH10, pair it with iPhone 12 and Fiio M11. The conclusion of the sound is based on the sound comparison between the ITB05 and stock cable.

Overall tonality
The ITB05 has a neutral tonality with out any coloration or weird emphasis, which will be effect to the original sound. It has good bass punch and speed, detailed midrange, along with refined and extended treble.

The bass are presented in clean manner, the sub bass has average extended and decay speed. The bass has above average punch and impact. It has good levels of detail and clarity. The bass are well controlled and clean.

The midrange has close to neutral with no overly coloration. The lower midrange has fair amount of bodies and sound clean and highly detailed. The upper midrange are well done. It has good levels of transparency and detail. It sound lively yet smooth.

The treble are extended well and slightly bright. The treble are well refined and control. The upper treble has good amount of sparkle and airiness. It has good levels of crispness. The detail retrieval and clarity are above the average.

Soundstage and imaging
It has above average width and depth.
The imaging are well done.

The IKKO Arc ITB05 Bluetooth cable are well build with nice looking. It provide stable connectivity and good levels of comfort. The sound on ITB05 is able to provide how the original tonality is. There are decent bass punch, great midrange detail, well tuned treble. Overall the cable is the really good deal for people who looking for the Bluetooth cable. Thank you for reading, Happy Listening!!

IKKO Audio official website: https://ikkoaudio.com/?ref=1
IKKO ARC ITB05 produt page: https://ikkoaudio.com/product/ikko-itb05/?ref=1



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Good review! I need to pick one of these up at some point.
Audio Fun
Audio Fun
Thank you for reading. I haven’t tried out other Bluetooth cable, but the ITB05 has impressed me a lot already by the sound of it. Have a great Christmas!
I can't get the aptx hd to work. I have lgv60. in developer options I choose aptx and it works. I choose aac and it works. But when I choose aptx hd, it switches back to aptx.

Any solution to this?