IENC SilverActive, noise-cancelling, in-ear headphones with microphone

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Pros: Build Quality, Inline Mike works good
Cons: Fit, Audio quality, Noise cancelling circuit
I am a music lover and an engineer by profession
Things I own:
Fiio X1
Shure SE215 in ear
audio technica ath-m40x
Harman Kardon IENC in ear
Harman Kardon AE in ear
JBL TMG81BL Tim McGraw Artist Series On Ear Headphones
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ED9 in ear
AKG K451 on ear
I bought this during prelaunch of this product. I own a pair of Harman Kardon AE earbuds and I use it regularly paired up with my Iphone. And I was quite impressed with the audio quality (Sometime My meetings end at 2 to 3 hours and I will end up wearing it quite long)
I was pretty excited about the launch and price ($39) at which it was offered. Decent external noise cancelling circuit were offered at 200$ price point. And after using Harman Kradon AE I was looking forward for an upgrade.
Price: The retail price was 199 and prelaunch offer was $39 (Now sells at 29) - HM has given a detailed specs, So I will not add specs here.
Packing: Good. 
Build Quality: Very nice. No filmsy or cheap plastic (solidly build). HK please change the silicone tips you supply along with earbuds. It really needs improvement.
Fit: Its a hit or miss. I could never get a right fit on them. As the Housing are bulky they keep falling out. I don't know what is wrong with HK designers,Even the NI and AE earbuds fitting is hit or a miss. Never could get a right fit with there earbuds, they always keep popping out.
Important Part.
Audio quality:
Testing process:  I usually connect my earphones to lapop and play a 20+ hour play list to ensure new earbud or headphones burn in.
Source: Iphone and Fiio X1
I am an engineer by profession, so my take on good output is always "Garbage in and Garbage out" You get what you give. So I test my earbuds or headphones always with Fiio x1 to ensure I receive a better output.
After a day of burn in (I believe a continuous use of 24 hours will help earbuds burn). I was disappointed at the sound quality of these earbuds. Played my favorite Riders on the storm and the rain drop sequence was sounding like more of noise then pleasing. Followed it up by MJ dangerous album. It sound really flat.
I have used some real nice earbuds which give you the feel of music coming alive. Specially Jazz. And these are no where near the competition.
The noise cancellation circuit all it does is boost the volume nothing else. I could hear my son chatting with my wife and even he running around. Yeah the battery of NC circuit is pretty good. Easily come up to 30 Hours (Could not test it accurately as I had already lost interest).
Call Quality: Good. No one has ever complained me of not able to hear me (When used for calling most of the time I will be in Office or Home, So cannot comment on using in crowded place).
Conclusion: Do not do justice for the MSRP they have quoted. If you want to upgrade from your regular earphones for your phone go for this (Currently selling at 29$).
Not worth using with a dedicated music player. 
There are better offerings in market.


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