<ul> <li>[Powerful and Beautiful Sound] Crisp and brittle treble, deeply and viscerally bass. Noise isolating earphones provides you a wonderful listening experience and clear calling. Choose the song that you like, enjoy the transparent melody...

IEGeek EP001

    • [Powerful and Beautiful Sound] Crisp and brittle treble, deeply and viscerally bass. Noise isolating earphones provides you a wonderful listening experience and clear calling. Choose the song that you like, enjoy the transparent melody and rhythm.
    • [Wire Control Function] Buttons to control conversation and music, answer/hang on/reject/end calls, play and skip song (pls note the volume control needs to be controlled by the device directly, not by button in-line of ear buds).
    • [Comfortableness] The material of in-ear headphones is durable and a real sight. With silicone material for ear tip and customized fits (S/M/L), supporting a comfortable touch in ear and is ideal for different people’s diverse needs.
    • [Strong Durability] The headset cable is made of special fiber and TPE material, which is resistant to pull, anti-sweat, environmental and not easily to twist.
    • [Universal Compatibility] The 3.5mm jack designs, making it wearable and pull-resistant. Suitable for most android phones, PSP and Nintendo Switch, MP3, MP4, such as iPhone, iPad iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Nexus,etc.

    1.Practical in-ear design brings excellent sound effects, low noise and deep bass.
    2.Intelligent noise isolation and three frequency balanced, ensures a pure and excellent sound quality.
    3.With the mini clip, which can be fixed in-line of earphones and make it more convenience when answering calls.
    4.Made of mental and ABS material on headphones shell part, letting the ear buds looks modern, cooling, dazzling and fashionable.
    5. Built-in microphone & button control, provides a simple and easy operation when answering calls, chat, communicate or listening music.

    • Model: EP001
    • Connection: 3.5 mm jack
    • Compatibility: PC, Cellphone & Tablet with 3.5mm Jack
    • Driven Unit: 10mm Dynamic type
    • Impedance: 16 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 98±3Db
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kKh
    • Rated power: 4mW
    • Power maximum:10Mw
    • Microphone: Yes
    • Ergonomic design: Yes

    A. For iOS Device:
    • Click x 1: Answer/ Hang Up/ Pause/ Play
    • Click x 2: Reject Call
    • Click x 2: Next
    • Click x 3: Previous

    B. For Android Devices:
    • Click x 1: Answer/ Pause/ Play
    • Click x 2: Next
    • Click x 3: Previous
    • Long Press: Hang Up/Reject Call

    Package Include:
    1* earphone
    1* small clip
    6* eartips (3 pairs)

Recent Reviews

  1. alex2750
    Average on all counts
    Written by alex2750
    Published Oct 11, 2017
    Pros - Above average soundstage
    Good detail
    Cons - Don't stand out in any way
    Basic sound
    A bit expensive for generic IEM
    Serious microphonics issues
    I recently began a quest to find the best IEM under $30. I started with the buying guide on r/headphones and haven't looked back. After seeing a few of my reviews, Edward from IEGeek reached out to me to see if I would review his EP001 IEMs. Despite receiving these in exchange for my review, all opinions expressed are completely mine and I always write reviews as unbiasedly and honestly as I can.


    I'm a 20 year old college student who listens to music at every possible opportunity. I prefer IEMs to cans and wear them on the subway, between classes, doing school work, working out, and any other time it's socially acceptable to (as well as a few times it's not).

    I listen to a bit of everything but usually prefer male vocals and strong bass. I don't know how to describe my tastes by genre so I would say somewhere in the middle of Hozier, early Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Queen, and Mumford and Sons is my sweet spot.

    I hold all of my music on my Samsung S8 and use Poweramp as my main player. Though I conduct all of my tests without EQ, this is my preferred EQ for casual listening:

    Equalizer 1.png

    Some of my test tracks are:
    Sail - Awolnation
    Somebody That I Used To Know - Pentatonix
    Centipede - Knife Party
    Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart
    Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
    Creep - Radiohead
    Killer Queen - Queen
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
    Hundred - The Fray
    Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
    Someone Like You - Adele
    Gasoline - Halsey
    Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

    At the time of posting, the IEGeek EP001 can be found on Amazon for $19.99.

    Packaging and Accessories:

    The EP001’s packaging is about standard for an IEM in this price range. They came in a cardboard box that folded up to reveal the earpieces in foam cutouts while the rest of the cord sat wrapped up around a soft drawstring carrying bag, the user manual, extra small eartips, and a shirt clip. On the right, there were foam cutouts for large and small eartips; I don’t know why they chose to package the extra small tips separately instead of putting them with the other eartips but they did.

    20170913_161600.jpg 20170913_161606.jpg 20170913_161618.jpg 20170913_161816.jpg


    When you think of the words “generic IEM build”, these come to mind. Aside from the L-shaped 3.5mm jack, the design is completely forgettable. The cord is a standard rubber that leads up to a straight splitter with a small chin strap directly above it. On the right side is a microphone and a single-button control, which sits on a piece of plastic that shows the only IEGeek logo on the IEMs and is bulkier than most in-line controls. The earpieces are completely made of plastic, featuring straight nozzles; I’m pretty sure that even the spiral-like design on the back isn’t original. I can’t think of another pair that looks like these offhand but these seem like a mass-produced IEM that multiple companies put their brand on, IEGeek being one of those.

    20170913_162217.jpg 20170913_162104.jpg 20170913_162039.jpg 20170913_162115.jpg


    Because of their straight nozzles, these don’t fit in my ear as well as other IEMs I have. They aren’t uncomfortable but I can definitely tell I’m wearing them. The isolation is on the low end; I can hold a conversation with these in my ears and hear the other person perfectly.


    In keeping with their generic...everything…the sound is also a pretty standard balanced signature. These IEMs have surprisingly good detail and a decently wide soundstage but almost no separation, which makes sounds bleed into one another frequently.


    Bass doesn’t stand out but is definitely there. The mid-bass is punchy but not powerful; similarly, you can hear the rumble and thump of the sub-bass but can’t feel it. On certain songs, the mid-bass and sub-bass overlap and start to blend; it stands out on songs that feature both, like Sail. The bass should be enough for non-bassheads but fails to add anything to the music.


    Mids on the EP001 have better presence than on many V- or U-shaped IEMs but, again, are simply there. The vocals have above average clarity but sound like a prerecorded vocal track being played and not like you’re listening to a live performance. The mids don’t recess on multi-layered songs but fail to highlight either bass or treble, which makes them bleed into the other parts at the edges.


    The treble is slightly muddled; it is clear enough for casual listening but not suited for audiophile tastes. Once again, the best way to describe the treble - both background and female vocals - is as if you’re listening to prerecorded tracks rather than listening to the source directly. That said, the sound isn’t distorted but is simply not as bright as the treble you hear through other IEMs.


    The EP001s have a slightly above average soundstage; I hear both width and depth through these, especially on music with multiple overlapping parts. However, parts don’t blend together very well, leaving you with all the pieces of a song but none of the finesse; I picture it as the difference between an orchestra playing through a piece for the first time compared to the hundredth time.

    Final Thoughts:

    Many good IEMs are greater than the sum of their parts; the IPGeek EP001 are not. It is average in almost every sense of the word: accessories, build, and sound. These are perfect for carrying loose in your pocket when you don’t want to risk taking an expensive pair of headphones or IEMs out in public but are pushing the limit at $20. These are a good backup IEM but shouldn’t be at the top of any list and are easily outclassed by IEMs half the price.


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