With dynamic drivers and powerful neodymium magnets, the IE 60 ear-canal phones deliver not only...

IE 60 - Audiophile Grade Hi-Fi Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones

  • With dynamic drivers and powerful neodymium magnets, the IE 60 ear-canal phones deliver not only high-fidelity sound but also, outstanding bass response and noise-isolation. Created in a durable housing with tough cabling, the IE 60 is designed for robustness. Quality construction complete with a protective case, cleaning tool and various ear adaptor sets, the IE 60 redefines your imagination of sound.

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  1. Luchico638
    Great all around.
    Written by Luchico638
    Published Feb 14, 2013
    Pros - Superior clarity. Defined, present bass.
    Cons - Seal (hard to get sometimes), slight adverse affect on bass
    After my CX300II's broke it became a frantic search of a replacement that'll provide me the same kind of quality and bass that I loved from my previous pair. I ended up deciding between antoher pair and the Sennheiser IE60. I havent regretted my choice.
    I used my COWON J3 with no amp.
    I use a custom equalizer (found here on head-fi).
    The music I listen to is pretty much anything:
    Dance, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Classical.
    The first thing I noticed in these from my previous ones was this. I thought my previous pair had good quality audio, but I was amazed by the sound that these gave me. It feels like I was right there beside every guitarist, every singer; it was such a huge jump from one to another. The low end and mid range quality was on par with some of the best I've tried. The high ends, I feel, can still be greatly improved but the fact that the super high ends (that I have on some of my songs) weren't distorted at all made it all that much more satisfying.
    The bass that these provided were just as good, if not better than my previous pair. The definition was still amazing and it somehow improved on what I felt was 'perfect bass'. The only complaint I had with the bass was the fact that I felt a lot was lost when I didn't have a perfect seal. I tried all the different tips and had some success with getting that magical seal.
    Build Quality:
    The seal was very hard to get perfect. I felt it could've been easier to get. I may try ComplyTM  tips.
    Another gripe I had was the cable material. It was plastic instead of being the fabric like material that the CX300II's had. The reason I liked the fabric like material over plastic is that it freezes. Being in canada it gets quite annoying and causes a lot of cable noise during winter.
    That said, the cable is reinforced in the parts that matter. There are great stress reliefs in places that need it to help slow the wear and tear.
    I'd definitely recommend these to anyone. They provide amazing clarity and deep, dynamic bass that I've grown to love. For the price paid it's definitely worth buying if you see it. You won't be disappointed.
    1. Gilly87
      I'd buy these in a heartbeat if Sennheiser took their IEM game to the level of Shure and gave the rest of the IE series replaceable cables.
      Gilly87, Feb 16, 2013
    2. Luchico638
      I don't mind having the attached cable, I'd rather not risk losing one of my earbuds. I just wished the cable was less stiff/freezable.
      Luchico638, Feb 16, 2013
    3. Usama
      I want to get the IE line for Sennheiser but from what I have experienced read, if I want noise isolation, I should stick to the CX line.
      Usama, May 4, 2013


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