IDANCE Kiss Me Over Ear Headphones

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  1. pro1137
    "Surprisingly Decent"
    Pros - Sounds much more balanced than the typical fashion headphone at this price, good pads, in-line 3-way headphone splitter, cable feels nice and durable
    Cons - Quite a bit of clamping force, build is pretty plasticky and cheap, sound is congested
    Thanks to iDance again for the review sample!

    Now, you might be thinking to yourself right now, 'Why would a company name their headphones 'Kiss Me?"
    Or possibly, "They look strange, and probably sound worse."

    Surprisingly, the iDance Kiss Me is not bad. 
    Unlike some other iDance headphones I have reviewed, these have proven to be surprisingly decent.

    These come with a voucher for two softwares: PCDJ 3DEX LE (a DJ software) and Magix Mufin (a music player)

    Build and Design - While the Kiss Me headphones look blatantly flashy and toy-ish, they actually feel quite well made- at least compared to the other iDance headphones I've tried. While they are completely made out of plastic, I don't believe that they are prone to any kind of build problems. Headband is pretty flexible, and features a decent amount of padding on the underside. The earpads on the cups have a good amount of foam inside of them, however, they are somewhat stiff.
    The cable is of a flat variant, and features a unique headphone splitter on it with two extra jacks. Cable terminates to a standard 90 degree 3.5mm jack.

    Comfort and isolation - The Kiss Me headphones are quite tight on the ears, so prolonged usage may become uncomfortable. I do have a somewhat large head, so the clamping force may vary. 
    Isolation is somewhat sub-par for a closed back headphone. I can easily hear outside noises protruding into tracks. I would even consider the isolation to be around the same level of some semi-open headphones, like the V-Moda Crossfade series.

    Sound - I certainly wasn't expecting too much from these, but I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged them in and started playing some of my favorite tunes. The sound is much more balanced than I expected. Sure, the bass is still somewhat emphasized, but certainly not as much as a lot of other fashion headphones in this price range. 

    Bass - Like I said, the bass is still accentuated, but it is much more clean than a lot of other fashion headphones that I've tried. It's got some warmth to it as well. It's a little bloated, but not to the extent that I've commonly heard with other fashion headphones.

    Mids - Like a lot of these headphones aimed at fashion, mids tend to be non-existent. That's somewhat true here, but I can easily hear more mids with the Kiss Me than something like the EarPollution Mogul, which is also in the fashion headphone realm.

    Highs - I would consider the highs on the Kiss Me to be laid back for certain. There is a lot more treble presence on these than so many fashion headphones that I've tried. No, I wouldn't really call them something to write home about, but definitely worth mentioning.

    Soundstage - Everything sounds so congested with these headphones. Practically no real width or depth to the sound.

    Overall - I'm quite impressed with these, for sure. I wouldn't generally recommend them to the average consumer, nor Head-Fi'er (for obvious reasons). If there's something about the appearance that you might find appealing, these would possibly be 'okay'. 
    One can certainly get better value for the price of $50, but, like I said, if the appearance is what you're after, then go for it.