iDance FUNKY100 Headphones - Black And Gold

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  1. pro1137
    "These are another victim of the 'fashion-over-performance' trend"
    Pros - In-line mic, appearance is very attractive
    Cons - Design doesn't cater to the human head well, thin cable, sound, stiff pads
    Thanks again to iDance for the review sample!

    These are another victim of the 'fashion-over-performance' trend

    Build and Design - Sure, they look flashy and attractive, but they don't feel it. Right away, I could tell that these were very poorly built. Very cheap feeling cups, skimpy and flimsy cup sliders, thin cable, stiff pads. Yeah, a lot of fashion headphones are similar to that, but how do they feel when worn?
    They're atrocious. The cup sliders are at an angle that doesn't accommodate the human head. When extended, the bottom parts of the pads aren't even touching my ears. I have to be very careful about the adjustments here. 
    What's a bit peculiar about the iDance Funky is that it features a dual-driver design. One 40mm and one 15mm. I don't know the purpose of this, but it sure doesn't seem to attribute to the sound in my opinion.
    Speaking of sound..

    Sound - I've heard a lot of headphones that sound like this. Very overpowering bass and very laid back treble. It sounds muffled, muddy, and just all-around sloppy. 

    Bass - It's a boomy, muddy mess. 80% of this headphone's sound is bass.

    Mids - I can't really hear any mids with the Funky. They're all overshadowed by bass. Strangely, vocals don't sound distant, like I thought they would, so that's a plus.

    Highs - Dark, bland, and overshadowed by bass. There is very little clarity at all.

    Overall - Unless you don't plan on listening to music with these, I wouldn't recommend them whatsoever. 

    Note - By the time I was finished writing this review, the Funky were already beginning to malfunction and break. Says a lot about the durability..