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iClever® - Ever Clever Apt-X technology and CD quality Audio Equipped with apt-X technology...

iClever® IC-BTH01 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones with Microphone for iphone 6, 6Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, ipad 2, 3, 4, air, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note3, Note2, Motorola, HTC, Nokia Smart Phones, Bluetooth Transmit

  • iClever® - Ever Clever
    Apt-X technology and CD quality Audio Equipped with apt-X technology that enhances the sound quality to Hi-Fi quality . In-ear fit blocks outside noise, preventing interruptions. Get ready for wireless audio enjoyment on the go!
    Light weight design Thanks to the unique design, it¡¯s the World¡¯s lightest Bluetooth wireless headset that can stay comfortable all day, gives you all the flexibility you need.
    Most compatibility Equipped with Bluetooth4.0, it is fully compatible with all previous Bluetooth versions and consumes less energy.
    Specifications- Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.0- Bluetooth profiles supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP- Operating distance: 10 meters- Talk time: About 5.5 hours- Music playing time: About 5 hours- Standby time: About 150 hours- Charging time: About 2 hours
    Package Content - 1 x IC-BTH01 Bluetooth stereo headset - 1 x Micro USB cable - 1 x Stabilizer - 3 x Ear-tips (big/middle/small) - 1 x Cord management clip - 1 x User manual - 1 x Warranty card

Recent Reviews

  1. Hisoundfi
    Great performer for its price. The iClever IC-BTH01 Bluetooth 4.0 in-ear monitor
    Written by Hisoundfi
    Published Sep 7, 2015
    Pros - Solid range and connectivity, Well done consumer friendly signature that works well with all grenres, Nice stock tips work very well
    Cons - Housings are bulky, Cable cinch is tedious to install, No clam shell storage case
    At the time of the review, the iclever IC-BTH01 was on sale at Amazon’s website. Here is a link to the listing of the product:
    There are two markets for earphones. One is a market for the normal everyday consumer who is looking for an earphone that works for their everyday needs. The other are for Head-Fiers who are looking for a high fidelity earphone that will maximize their listening experience. Today I will review a product that sits somewhere in the middle of these two markets, the IC-BTH01 bluetooth headset from iClever.
    I was given an opportunity to review the IC-BTH01 in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I am in no way affiliated with iClever.
    My Background
    I AM NOT a numbers and graphs audiophile or sound engineer. Personal audio enthusiast? Absolutely! Headphone junkie? Possibly…
    There’s something about quality DAPs, DACs, Amplifiers and Earphones that intrigues me, especially if they can be had for low prices. I will buy the $5 to $500 earphone that looks promising, in hopes that I will discover that one new gem that can compete with the big names in this industry. If you look at my Head-Fi profile you will see that I have purchased MANY different headphones and earphones, ranging from from dirt cheap to higher end products. For me, this hobby is more about getting great price to performance ratio from a product, and have a variety of different gears with varying builds and sound to mix and match. With personal audio gear, we tend to pay a lot of money for minor upgrades. One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that just because a headphone has a higher price tag, it doesn’t mean that it has superior build and sound quality.
    I’m always looking for great audio at a great price. I’m after headphones and IEMs that give me the “WOW” factor. I can appreciate different builds and sound signatures as long as they are ergonomic, and the sound is pleasing to the ear. It is my pleasure to share my experiences with audio products and make recommendations based gear I have owned and used.
    The iClever IC-BTH01 came in a silver and clear plastic package. The front of the box had the name of the product printed along with a clear plastic displaying the actual earphones inside. The back of the package displayed a picture of the product along with a description of the product’s key features.
    DSC04649.jpg DSC04650.jpg
    - Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.0
    - Bluetooth profiles supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP
    - Operating distance: 10 meters
    - Talk time: About 5.5 hours
    - Music playing time: About 5 hours
    - Standby time: About 150 hours
    - Charging time: About 2 hours
    Package Content
    - 1 x IC-BTH01 Bluetooth stereo headset
    - 1 x Micro USB cable
    - 1 x Stabilizer
    - 3 x Ear-tips (big/middle/small)
    - 1 x Cord management clip
    - 1 x User manual
    - 1 x Warranty card
    The package is formidable on a whole. While I find the velvet carrying pouch to be underwhelming, a big positive is the silicone tips that come with the unit. They are a very supple silicone that creates a great seal on my ears. Something to note is that the stock tips are very wide on the nozzle portion because of a wide nozzle on the earphone housing. This will make tip rolling difficult, if not impossible. With that being said, tip rolling shouldn’t be needed for the most part because of the high quality tips that are provided.
    The housings of the IC-BTH01 are made of a lightweight plastic and are a bit on the bulky side. They are designed to be worn under the ear. There is an iClever logo on the top of the left housing, and an NFC logo located on top of the right logo. The back of each housing sports a plastic plate with a detailed ring pattern on each side. The right side plate flips open to reveal the charging port for the built in battery. There is a blue/red indicator light on the bottom of the right side housing.
    20150907_111902.jpg 20150907_111959.jpg
    Cable, Strain Reliefs
    The cable of the iClever is a flat noodle style cable that is about a foot and a half long. The accessories package includes a cable cinch system that is pretty tedious to apply to the cable, but once situated it works great. This is intended for when wearing them behind the ear. There is also a clip that allows the cable to be connected when wearing them around the neck and not in the ears. There isn’t really any kind of strain relief at the housings. They go from a hard plastic to the flat cables. The cable is a pretty durable rubber material so I don’t think the lack of strain relief will cause any issues.
    Ergonomics, Fit and Microphonics, Isolation
    Because of the larger housings and under the ear fit design, I find the IC-BTH01 to be lacking in terms of ergonomics. For a bluetooth in-ear monitor they are a slightly awkward fit. There are also microphonics because of this design, and with the cable cinched I occasionally lost a seal because of tugging. Because I am a fan of over the ear fit, I did come up with a way that allowed me to use them over-ear. I will attach a pic below of how I did it. Still with this way of wearing them, the housings are bulky and awkward fitting.
    The IC-BTH01 operates like most bluetooth headsets. It has a three button microphone and remote that does the following key functions.
    Center button: *Single tap-Play and pause music, Answer and hang up phone calls. *Double tap- Call the last number recorded in your phone log. *Long press-Turn device on and off or activate the bluetooth pairing function
    Arrow up button: *Single tap-Volume up. *Long press- Skip backwards track (in music playback)
    Arrow down button: *Single tap-Volume down. *Long press- Skip forward track (in music playback)
    This device has NFC, which allows you to connect it to a corresponding NFC capable source by touching the devices together. If you don’t have NFC, you can also connect your bluetooth device via the pairing mode and bluetooth settings mode. I had no trouble connecting the IC-BTH01 to any of my devices. The IC-BTH01 automatically reconnects to whatever device you last used it with as long as you have the bluetooth setting activated on that source.
    The IC-BTH01 holds a very steady connection and rarely lagged or got choppy during music playback. Buttons were responsive and worked well. I was easily able to use the device all day without needing a charge as long as I turned it off when not in use. When using the earphones for phone calls, friends and family had trouble hearing me when the cable was worn behind my neck. For the most part they reported a three on a scale from one to five in terms of how clear my voice came through when talking to them.

    Sound Review & Materials
    I used my usual same songs for testing gear:
    “Limit to your love” by James Blake (bass speed, punch, response)
    “Doin’ it Right” by Daft Punk (sub bass)
    “Get lucky” by Daft Punk (bass to midrange transition resolution, male vocals)
    “Madness” by Muse (soundstage, separation)
    “Some nights” by Fun (soundstage and male vocals)
    “The soundmaker” by Rodrigo y Gabriela (texture and imaging)
    “Bassically” by Tei Shi (bass to midrange resolution, female vocals)
    “Skinny Love” performed by Birdie (female vocals, acoustic playback)
    “One” by Ed Sheeran (male vocals, acoustic playback)
    “Outlands” from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack (symphonic presentation, imaging)
    “Sultans of swing” by Dire Straits (detail, separation, balance)
    “And Justic for All” by Metallica (driver distortion, treble response, rock playback)
    “Ten thousand fists” by Disturbed (driver distortion, treble response, rock playback)
    Note: Other tracks were used, but the listed songs were primarily used to asses and break down the gear’s response.
    Sound Signature
    When bluetooth earphone companies reach out to me to review their products, it usually means that they are confident in the way they sound. That holds true with these. They offer a consumer friendly signature that has better than average clarity and bass control.
    The bass on these are lifted without being overbearing. I find them to have punch and rumble with a slightly forward midbass presence that doesn’t cause the other frequencies to be congested or distorted. Extension is decent and I get a decent sense of tone that becomes pretty monotone below 50Hz. Bass is controlled and enjoyable for the most part. The inoffensive yet forward nature of them works well.
    Midrange takes a slight back seat to the rest of the tuning. Occasionally the mid bass would hint at bleeding into the midrange. Although I felt it could have used a touch more timbre and forwardness, there was a very nice sense of clarity, especially for a bluetooth earphone in this price range.
    The IC-BTH01 treble is safe and inoffensive to my ears. It wasn’t lacking in terms of tuning. things did occasionally get congested, especially during complex music passages.
    Soundstage and Imaging
    The IC-BTH01 has a slightly closed in sound that has a nice and safe tuning. Because there isn’t much extension and definition on either end, it has a slightly narrow soundstage. Imaging follows suit and I would consider it to be average.
    Source Selection
    Anything with bluetooth.
    Meelectronics X7 ($75 to $100 USD on many sites)
    These are a personal favorite for physical activity. They have the best fit I’ve come across, they isolate phenomenally and have a forward bass presence that extends and helps drown out outside noise.
    The IC-BTH01 has an overall more balanced sound and just as good isolation. It can’t compete with the X7’s superior fit however. In terms of sound I might pick the IC-BTH -01 over the x7.
    Brainwavz BLU-100 ($45 to $65 USD on many sites)
    The BLU-100 is Brainwavz first offering for bluetooth IEMs. It has many similar design features as the IC-BTH01.
    The BLU-100 offers a superior accessories package with their awesome clamshell case and comply foam tips. But the buck stops there. The BLU-100 has what I consider to be over the top mid bass that takes away from the overall tuning. The IC-BTH01 has more clarity and an overall more balanced and less fatiguing sound tuning that I prefer. The iClever also offers better ergonomics and fitment.
    iClever is a very nice and reasonable priced bluetooth earphone option that justifies it’s price and competes with many others in its respective price range. I don’t see anyone being disappointed if they purchase these.

    Thanks for reading and happy listening!
    1. acain
      I reviewed these awhile ago and they are goodt for the price.
      acain, Sep 7, 2015
  2. acain
    An affordable bluetooth with great phone call quality
    Written by acain
    Published Jun 29, 2015
    Pros - light weight, very comfrotable
    Cons - wireless range, no carrying case
    This review is for the iclever IC-BTH01 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    Let me introduce myself my name is Adam I am a 38 years old, I have been into audio equipment since I was in highschool. I don’t consider myself an audiophile, I am just an average guy that loves music. I like to listen to my music with the best possible quality. My journey to Head-Fi started one day doing a search on the web for headphone reviews. Just about all searches for headphones and earbuds brings you to Head-Fi, after lurking for a couple weeks I finally made an account and here I am writing reviews. Being on Head-Fi I have learned so much and I am learning something new every day.
    My reviews are written geared towards the average consumer since most web searches direct you to Head-Fi. Head-Fi reviews get more traffic than most pro-audio magazines or any designated review site, you won't find my reviews filled with audiophile terms or do I use graphs, meters, or charts. The only charts and graphs I care about are the quarterly ones that come in the mail about my 401K. To be honest audiophile terms confuse me, some of them have 2 different meanings depending on who you talk to, or the definition says to see another term. Being a simple guy and write know better than a high school student, you will fully understand my reviews. My goal is to let the average consumer know if this product is worth their hard earned cash.
    Before I get started I would like to say thank you to Aaron hisgadget for sending me the iclever bluetooth headset out for review. I am not employed or am I being compensated for this review, and is based on my honest opinion of this product. The iclever can be purchased from the link below from  Amazon for $45.99
    If you have ever done a search on amazon or ebay for earbuds or headphones everybody and there mother is selling some kind of budget product. Alot of these products are fairly cheap and the audio quality usually follows the price point. After having done a good amount of reviews companies have been reaching out to me to review some of their products. Aaron reached out to me to review the iclever, at first I  was a little hesitant to take him up on his offer but after doing some research and reading some online reviews of the iclever I decided to give them a shot.
    - Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.0
    - Bluetooth profiles supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP
    - Operating distance: 10 meters
    - Talk time: About 5.5 hours
    - Music playing time: About 5 hours
    - Standby time: About 150 hours
    - Charging time: About 2 hours
    The iclever’s come in a clear package that contains a cardboard box inside, the ear buds are held into the package with some plastic tabs. On the back of the box you will find all the specifications  and features of the IC-BTH01’s. That’s about all for the packaging, it’s not the kind of box you would want to keep. It's pretty much a throw away carrying vessel to get them to point A to B.

    - 1 x IC-BTH01 Bluetooth stereo headset
    - 1 x Micro USB cable
    - 1 x Stabilizer
    - 3 x Ear-tips (big/middle/small)
    - 1 x Cord management clip
    - 1 x User manual
    - 1 x Warranty card
    One of the most important things that I look when using a bluetooth headset is the build and fitment. I only turn to bluetooth when I am exercising or working, using bluetooth you can expect some audio quality lose. When I use a wireless headset audio fidelity usually cannot be achieved anyway, and there build quality and how they fit is more important to me. Iclever’s headset is an all plastic design, kind of in between Brainwavz and Plantronics mashed into one.
    They also support Bluetooth 4.0 and can also be paired by NFC compatible devices. There charging time is 2 hours and an average run time of 5 hours. The operating distance is 10 meters, I got about 15 feet before I lost the signal.  The right earpiece contains the micro usb charging port and is accessed by a plastic cover that moves out of the way with your fingernail. On the underside of the right earpiece is a small led to show what function you are in. Also on the right side about chin level is the 3 button remote/mic, the cable is a flat to avoid any tangling and is coated with a nonslip rubber material.
    Iclever’s are slightly on the bigger side and will stick out  past your ear. Even though they are on the bigger side they are pretty comfortable and are very light being made of plastic. They supply 3 sizes of silicone tips for proper fitment and also include a set of ear wings to help stay in your ear.. You will also receive a usb charging cable, on the down side there is no carrying case. The build and fit of the iclever’s is pretty good for the price point. Also included for cable management are these 2 clips that the cable gets routed threw to shorten the length. I have never seen anything like these before and they work really well, hopefully some of my other flat cables will fit in them.
    Now on to what you have been waiting for the sound, the iclever’s are tuned towards the everyday consumer. Most of my listening was done with my Samsung Alpha, I also paired it with my AK100ii, Lenovo Ultrabook and my Sony MP3 player. I used all hi-res files mostly WAV format, I also streamed Spotify from my phone. To my ears they have a V-shaped sound signature, low end is elevated and can be very boomy. Mid bass  can bleed into the midrange depending on the music you're listening to and take away from details in the vocals. The midrange sounds quite good and stands out especially with female vocals when the bass isn't overdone. The higher frequencies are slightly elevated giving them their V-shaped signature. Although being elevated  I did not experience any hearing fatigue.
    The sound signature is not my personal preference, my go to sound signature is more towards a neutral sound. The everyday consumer leans more towards this kind of sound the iclever’s are tuned towards.. The closest thing that I could compare these to are the Beats Powerbeats2 wireless. The iclever’s have more bass and a better controlled midrange compared to the Beats. Beats upper frequencies have more detail and better extension. Listening to what i like to call teenage music hip-hop, rap, dubstep and electronica, the bass can be overwhelming for my ears. Switching to adult music (the stuff I like) rock, 90’s, 80’s and alternative, they sounded more balanced but still with a good bass presence but bearable.
    Making phone calls were the iclever’s strong point, alot of times with wireless device I have experienced a lot of background noise. The ilcever’s were dead silent, with the other caller being heard crystal clear. My mother on the other end couldn’t tell I was using a bluetooth device. The 3 button remote worked like any other 3 button remote, for phone calls and music functions.

    If you're looking for a light weight with a really good phone quality wireless headset these might be for you. They are tuned towards the average consumer and will serve well for active use. Being made from heavy duty plastic keeps them nice and light and can take some abuse, I wouldn’t even be afraid to just throw them into a purse or gym bag. And no I don’t own a purse but I do have a gym bag, just making a point. If you're more into a balanced sound I would look somewhere else, these are tuned more for towards the majority of what the average consumer listens to. And believe me the average consumer usually doesn’t go towards a balanced sound, they like more of an energetic and elevated bass sound. Overall for the price of under $50 these sound better than most other wireless headsets in the same price range. thank you for reading I hope I helped anyone interested in a bluetooth headset.
    1. pformagg
      Nice Review, crazy long product name :)
      pformagg, Jun 30, 2015


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