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Portable headphone amplifier.

Ibasso T3

  • Portable headphone amplifier.

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  1. Hawaiiancerveza
    ibasso T3
    Written by Hawaiiancerveza
    Published Sep 17, 2010
    this is only the 2nd amp I have.  I like it for my IE8... what more can I say?
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    2. Double-A
      I'm sorry but if this is all that you were going to say, you just shouldn't have bothered with writing a review . . . it is extremely unhelpful/unprofessional. You say "I like it for my IE8". How so? You should always explain WHY you like something . . . it doesn't help others (like me for instance) to just say that you like something and not explain why. Okay? It is not my intention to offend/upset you . . . I just thought you should know this.
      Double-A, Jul 5, 2012
    3. Double-A
      I know that someone is probably going to post a comment saying something along the lines of "Well he DID say that this was only his second amp." but you know what I would say to that? I would say "If this was his/her second amp and they didn't know what to say about it then they shouldn't have posted a review knowing that their knowledge of these things is little.".
      Double-A, Jul 5, 2012
    4. Double-A
      Rant over :D
      Double-A, Jul 5, 2012


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