iBasso IT01 - Reviews
Pros: Great Value
Great Quality Cable
Micro Details
Excellent Fit
Cons: Driver Flex
Ibasso IT 01

Ibasso IT01 can be found in the XTenik Store.

Xtenik Store: https://www.xtenik.com/product/ibasso-it01/

Originally posted:

First: Sorry for the bad english.


Today after more than a year using and abusing this IEM, I will finally do a review and give my honest opinion about it.

The market for headphones in particular of the In-Ears is very agitated, every day more launches and prices varied, I am always very judicious in the hour of a purchase and it was not different when choosing the IT01.

Ibasso is a brand famous for its Daps, it already has some In-Ears that are successful in the market. Some of his releases such as IT01, IT01S, IT03 and IT04 drew a lot of attention from audiophiles around the world.

Accessories & Design

Ibasso IT01 is an in-ear equipped with a dynamic driver with a multi-layer graphene diaphragm developed by iBasso itself. It has two color options, blue and red and a black option. The shells are made of translucent plastic, the nozzles are stainless steel and the connection to the cable is MMCX, the shell is small and universal, lightweight and ergonomic.

The IT01 along with its copper cable really draws attention to the beauty, you do not find other headphones with a premium copper cable in this price range. In Aliexpress a similar cable is in the range of $ 30 to $ 80, remembering that the IT01 costs $ 100 and you will not need to buy a better cable as in the case of several headphones that are sold in the market with poor quality cables.

Together you will find a large variety of nozzles of all sizes and 2 pairs of foam tips, more comfortable than the Comply and in my opinion more durable as well (after 1 year of use continue as new).

In addition, a round metallic case with enough space to store the handset and some reserve tips are included, I think this type of case is very important, allows you to store the IEM in the backpack without worry.


The manufacturer suggests burn-in for more than 100 hours before analyzing, I've already done that and have more than a year of use I do not need to worry.

This In-ear has a slightly V or U signature, it's fun and musical allows me to stroll through all genres of music I like, get to Thrash Metal, Jazz, Acoustic and Pop.

Bass of this IEM are beautiful, but it's not that gross, muddy and loose bass it's controlled beats hard enough, brings a great clarity and is fast. Listening Get Lucky from Daft Punk the bass does not take the whole song, it's there with a great definition and makes you dance and hit the foot, you feel it. Who likes a bass, but does not give up listening to the music without him disturbing the other instruments, surely will like.

Mid range are slightly retracted due to the signature, but what struck me was that they are not so retracted, female and male voices sound well with the other instruments. Listening to Agnes Obel brings a very warm intimacy to listen, the vocal is not behind the instruments.

Treble are very clear, detailed and have good extension, bright at the right point. At no point did I feel the highs being wheezing. The drum plates have a good brightness it is easy to identify the actions of the drummer.

The sound stage is wide enough not larger than the FLC8S, has a width that allows to identify each instrument and an intimate depth, as if you watched the band a few rows ahead. This width brings a good image and gives you more immersion in the songs, allowing you to travel in some songs.

The level of detail of IT01 is something impressive, every detail of the music you can hear, from listening to your fingers slip by the strings of the guitar, to those idiophones that are there in the music that most of the time you do not even hear. To feel the beat of the bass and the drum all this with a great definition and detailing is something magnificent.

I opted for it not only for the price, but for being able to use in public transport something to listen next to the smartphone that I did not need a portable amplifier or a Dap.


Ibasso IT01 impressed me with the complete package, comfortable shell, premium cable, case and assortment of tips all for $ 100.

It's a fair price, the sound is incredible and it definitely leaves me with a smile on my face. To this day paying attention to some songs, I catch myself hearing some detail that went unnoticed.

I am sure that anyone who knows this great IEM will like and be impressed, whether it has been a year listening to them daily on their return trips and continuing to be in love. Thank you Ibasso for this jewel.

You can buy the Ibasso IT01

Xtenik Store: https://www.xtenik.com/product/ibasso-it01/


Driver 10mm Dynamic driver
Multiple layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff
Frequency response 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity 108+/-2dB
Impedance 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation -26dB
Rated power 10mW
T.H.D. <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
Plug size 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length 1.2m
Connection MMCX
Weight 8.0g without cable


Pros: Warm and balanced sound, thick timbre, great bass extension, clear mids, good details, great quality cable, generous accessories
Cons: Average Imaging & Soundstage, average definition, recessed mids


VALUE: 8/10


TODAY we will take a look at the well received IBASSO IT01, wich is the entry model of IT serie and sell for 99$ at XTENIK store.

Compared to IT03 and IT04 that have multi drivers, the IT01 have a special single dynamic driver made of ultra thin graphene, helmhotz dual cavity resonator and an ultra powerfull magnet going up to near 1 tesla. This isn’t your normal dynamic driver and Ibasso really work hard to use last cutting edge audio technology and create a very capable earphones at a very competitive price.

Having discover the potential of high tesla magnet with an obscure chinese earphones call Zhiyin Z5000, I was utterly curious to see if the Ibasso IT01 will be even better than this bass monster. The answer is a big yes, because even if V shape as the Z5000, IT01 have a more present mid range and less oversized sub bass.


Only other earphones I know that use Tesla magnet are the Beyerdynamic Xelento that sell for 900$, so if you are curious about what a super powerfull magnet can do, the IT01 is the best buy you can make. The magnet is responsible for moving ultra thin graphene diaphragm, promising a very fast and precise transient response and the dual cavity resonator is there to avoid distortion of high frequencies and permit a wider bass response, this alone give you a hint about soundsignature you will get with the IT01, wich is warm, thick, bass and accurate but not mean to be very sharp or extremely analytical.

Let’s see in this review why the hype about this wonderfull earphones is well deserve.

You can buy the Ibasso IT01 for 99.90$ HERE.

Disclaimer: I wanna thank Xtenik for sending me this review sample. I'm not affiliated with this store and do not receive any money in return of my honnest review. All toughs are objective in their subjectivity and I have no difficulties to judge price value because of the fact I buy more than 50 pairs of iem with my own money and my obsession about price value is sincere.


10mm Dynamic driver
Multiple layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff
Frequency response 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity 108+/-2dB
Impedance 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation -26dB
Rated power 10mW
T.H.D. <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
Plug size 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length 1.2m
Connection MMCX
Weight 8.0g without cable

P1010220.JPG P1010221.JPG P1010222.JPG

UNBOXING is a very pleasant experience. Presentation is practical and classy. You have a good amount of accessories that include a nice metal carrying case, 3 set of silicone eartips and 2 pairs of memory foams tips. The cable look gorgeous, its an ultra soft all copper 4 cores braided cable.

P1010232.JPG P1010231.JPG P1010230.JPG P1010229.JPG

CONSTRUCTION is well made. The housing is all plastic with the exception of metal nozzle that have changeable filter for cleaning purpose. This type of plastic have the quality of being light, but isn’t particularly impressive for a 100$ iem. Still, construction is well made and the mmcx female connector give a very tigh connection.

P1010223.JPG P1010224.JPG

As said, the braided cable is fabulous too, with a very comfortable earhook that isn’t too tigh and most of all the cable do not creat any microphonic. This is a very soft and flexible cable that will sure please even the most demanding consumers. A big plus is the fact that mmcx connection is very tigh and secure, so it will never disconnect unexpectedly. Nope, we will not put this cable in the trash like we do with lot of chi-fi earphones that include poor quality cable.


DESIGN is specifically over ear, with a universal custom shape that will fit most type of ears even if housing is a little big. The plastic being very slippy, it give an easy and comfortable fit that do not tend to fall whatever the eartips you use. ISOLATION is quite excellent and as the venting hole are in front panel of housing, sound leakage is extremely low even at high volume.



As I read multiple reviews that praise the IT01 sound, my expactation was very high and I think it was unrealistic how high it was for 100$, especially about mid range clarity that isn’t as fowards as I wish.

With the IT01, we got a very well balanced U shaped soundsignature that have beefy mid bass impact and extreme low end extension, this type of sound will please as much basshead than bass lover and audio enthusiast that search for a fun sounding earphones with enough clarity to be a good all arounder.

Bass is bumped exactly in the middle and embrace mid bass kick to give extra weight and roundness, as the mid range isn’t agressively fowarded, it smooth and clear but a little recessed as well. Treble have special tricks in its sleeve to extract specific micro details due to upper highs peaks, this do not make it particularly sparkly but sure help overaly clarity and especially give a good sens of layering even if imaging have restraint spaciality.

Vocal have good thick timbre to it, its polished without too much details or texture even if there a slight upper mids peak to help overall clarity.

I really enjoy listening to signers that aren’t overcrowded by complex instrumentation, this way, it sound near mid centric. As well, piano have wonderfull body, but cello is even better, really full sounding with good transparent thickness.

SOUNDSTAGE is taller than wider and deeper, but do sound around your head in a rather intimate way. Its not an airy sounding iem and have a frontal approach to music.

IMAGING is more talented with layers combination than spacious instrument separation, it sound like a good stereo speakers that site in front of you. There not alot of space between layers so i would say it lack a bit of air, but the transparence do the trick for avoiding any type of congestion in soundstage.

LOWER BASS dig deep, very deeeeeeep and this is very impressive as it never distort and the rumble is well controled even if it embrace mid bass at some extend. Sub bass have good thickness and will sound very good with slap bass or acoustic bass that have texture to its timbre to compensate a little lack of definition and separation with mid bass drum and kick, depending the type of music you listen to.

MID BASS is more emphased than lower end and have good slam to it, thanks to extra lower end extension that offer more body and weight to an already thick punch. As the kick are quite rounded up and beefy, it stole some speed and accuracy so i would not suggest IT01 for fast metal or rock and extremely complexe percussions work, but for rap, electronic, dub and pop it’s more than capable and this extra thickness give an even funnier presentation, a very juicy and lively one.

MID RANGE is slightly recessed with a thick timbre and good transparency, it is quite linear and cover whole 500hz to 6khz with a smooth curve that do not enlight particular peaks, there a little bump in upper mids but nothing drastic that will create sibilance. This type of mids are very versatile and do as good with male or female vocal, wich is awesone. This warm mid range is easy to listen too and sound smooth and natural, sweet and musical. I adore how the saxophone or piano sound with the IT01, its rich but never too grainy, instrument as well as vocal have a wide presentation compared to other V shape earphones I try it do not sound thin or overly shadowed by bass.

TREBLE is on the smooth side with extra emphasis in upper treble. Lower and upper treble are more emphased than mid treble, wich translate to asslightly darkened overall sound as it stole some air for highs decay and sparkle. Still, you have special brilliance to highs that make the IT01 quite revealing for percussion or microdetails that would have been harder to hear with a flat treble response. Ths again make it very enjoyable for pop, rap and electronic wich became more energic and livelydue to fowarded percussions.

SUB BASS : 8/10

MID BASS 8.5/10

MID RANGE :7.5/10

TREBLE : 7.5/10

TIMBRE : 8/10

ATTACK : 8/10



VS IKKO OH1 (130$) :


CONSTRUCTION of the OH1 is sure more sturdy and luxurious looking than the IT01, the diamond shape housing is made of metal and will sure pass test of time, while IT01 housing is all plastic. Cable tough is of better quality with the IT01, even if OH1 isn’t bad at all.

SOUNDSTAGE is more spacious and airy with OH1, but biggest difference is the sens of deepnest.

BASS is thicker in lower end and have more emphasis and rumble than more linear IT01, the sub bass timbre is fuller and richer and give extra juice to the sub line, wich became very beefy and energic compared to IT01 that even with great extension have more emphasis onmid bass. I feel that the OH1 is faster and tigher, even if there more rumble, but the IT01 sub bass will not distract you and feel overall more balanced than more U shape OH1.

MID RANGE of OH1 is more foward and slightly brighter, separation in this area is clearer with OH1 but have a more intimate vocal presentation, in the sens its more centered and less wide than IT01 vocal. Male vocal sound better with IT01 but level of clarity is inferior to OH1. Upper mid range is more emphased with OH1, wich give more detailed vocal but can very rarely create sibilance compared to smoother IT01.

TREBLE is more extended in lower and mid region than IT01, highs have more sparkle and decay too and we have a richer more detailed presentation with OH1. IT01 sound warmer and less accurate but have thicker timbre too. The OH1 have better rendering for acoustic guitar and percussions but to the cost of sounding a little less balanced than IT01.

We have here two very capable earphones, OH1 being more U shape, bassy in sub region and analytical in treble while the IT01 sounding more V shape and balanced with slightly more natural and versatile vocal presentation.

VS VSONIC VS7 (130$) :


So, here we have a fair fight, both using great dynamic drivers this comparaison will be very interesting.

SOUNDSTAGE is seriously wider and deeper with the VS7, spaciality is holographic and airy compared to more restraint panoramic IT01 with a less spacious presentation.

IMAGING is really where the VS7 feel from another league compared to more intimate IT01.

BASS performance is strangely similar with the difference that VS7 sound tigher and better separated from mid bass is if it use more than one driver. This permit to have more accurate timbre and clearer overall presentation. IT01 have more sub presence and bleed that tend to slow the bass attack.

MID RANGE being more fowards as well as less warmed by bass, VS7 offer clearer and more accurate presentation with better instrument separation in this area. IT01 mids are thicker and more recessed as well as less textured. VS7 have slightly more presence in upper mids but avoid sibilance by a magic trick only Vsonic know the secret.

TREBLE is more linear and slightly brighter with VS7, extracting more overall details, timbre textures and giving a more airy and well layered presentation. IT01 have a peak in upper highs that give illusion of more detailed presentation when in fact it will lack low and mid treble to offer an as rich treble than more balanced VS7. VS7 treble is more natural and balanced, while IT01 is more coloured and sharp. For acoustic instrument the VS7 deal better and have more decay and acoustic guitar is not underwhelming like with the IT01.

All in all, VS7 sound like an upgraded IT01 wich would be tuned more accurately and have better imaging and attack-decay.

VS FINAL AUDIO F3100 (130$) :


Well, this is an interesting comparaison, the F3100 being a single Balanced armature while the IT01 have a big dynamic driver, we can expect big difference in bass department.

SOUNDSTAGE of both is similar, not particularly wide but still with an around your head feel, the F3100 have more deepnest due to better clarity.

BASS is without a doubt better with the IT01, its thicker and more impactfull but most of all it dig way deeper than rolled off bass of F3100, still, mid bass is faster and brigther but can make distortion in sub bass region, wich the IT01 deal beautifull with great thickness to it. Yep, dynamic driver are factual better to deal with whole frequency range than a single balanced armature, even if its excellent one.

MID RANGE in another hand is more detailed and brighter with the F3100, wich make for a very realist rendering compared to warmer IT01. Still, timbre is a little thin with F3100 and extra thickness of vocal can be very pleasant with the IT01, but when it come to instrumental music the F3100 offer a more revealing and accurate presentation where every instrument are ultra clear and energic, here, the IT01 sound slow and a little clumsy and subpar in term of overall clarity.

TREBLE is more extended with the F3100, but both earphones aren’t particularly sparkly in highs and have tigh decay to it. Texture is more detailed and fowarded with the F3100. While IT01 have smooth polished thick timbre that give more weight to piano note or cello body, the F3100 will extrac every bit of definition of guitar strings, violin or harpsichord, making it very interesting for instrumental and classical music lover.

Here, the F3100 feel more like a niche audiophile earphones with a more neutral slightly mid centric soundsignature that is less versatile than more permissive warm sounding IT01.


For a first attempt, the IT01 is an impressively tuned single dynamic driver that offer good transient response and a muscular lively sound. Sure, its on the warm side and will not please critical listener or serious audiophile that enjoy top notch clarity and spacious imaging, but this would perhaps sacrifice great and fun musicality IT01 can give as well as its enjoyable versatility.

At 100$ the Ibasso IT01 fall into a very competitive price range where construction and sound are very severly judge (by me at least). As the overall construction is well made and include an high end mmcx cable as well as generous amount of accessories, I can say with confidence that this is a good buy that offer great value in a whole.

If you search for a rich and warm sounding earphones with thick timbre, impactfull bass and clear mid range that achieve a natural yet versatile musicality, you can’t go wrong with the Ibasso IT01 that is among the best buy you can make under 100$.
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Pros: - Price
- Versatile
- Cable!!
Cons: - Source-sensitive
- Might be slightly large for some people

I'm probably a little late to the party, but I felt compelled to write a review because this product is just so awesome. Also this is the first proper review I've written so please forgive me for the rough corners.

I purchased the iBasso IT01 Audiophile In-ear Monitors back in August last year. It was only my second foray into the audiophile realm, the first being my purchase of the Shanling M0. I was going for an entry-level pair of IEMs and my list was narrowed down to MEE Pinnacle PX, Final Audio E3000, and the IT01. I enjoyed all three pairs of IEMs very much, but what pulled me towards the IT01 eventually was its gorgeous cable, and how premium it felt despite its modest price tag of only $129 SGD. I hope this review does justice to the amazing job the iBasso team has done with this product.

The IT01 packs a single dynamic driver with a multi-layered graphene diaphragm developed by iBasso themselves. It also boasts a magnetic flux density of almost 1 Tesla, which they claim will produce better detail with less harmonic distortion even at higher volumes. Here are the specifications:

- Driver: singular 10mm dynamic driver, multi-layered graphene diaphragm
- Frequency: 10Hz ~ 42kHz
- Sensitivity: 108 ± 2dB
- Impedance: 16Ω
- Noise attenuation: -26dB
- Rated Power: 10mw
- THD: <1%
- Cable: 1.2m 4-core OFC, MMCX detachable, 3.5mm gold-plated plug
- Weight: 8g (without cable)

The IT01 comes with some high quality packaging, which again makes you wonder how it is only priced at S$129. I won't go into too much detail here as many have already done so. But TLDR, it's an unboxing experience you would expect to find in much higher price ranges. Here's the list of accessories packaged with the IT01.

- Black narrow bore silicone tips (S/Mx2/L)
- Grey narrow bore silicone tips (S/M/L)
- Grey wide bore silicone tips (S/M/L)
- Comply foam tips (M/L)
- Carrying case

The IT01 comes in two colours, a red/blue option and a black option. I went for the black option as I found the red/blue option to be rather eye-catching, and I wanted something more subtle. The overall design has extremely good build quality, albeit not at the expense of aesthetics. The shells are made of translucent plastic that allows you to see the 10mm driver powering the IT01- a small detail but one that I find incredibly pleasing. It connects to the gorgeous 4-core OFC cable (which I will go into later) via a copper contact point. The nozzles are made of stainless steel, with a lip on each nozzle to ensure that ear tips can be fit on without falling off. I use my IT01 with Acoustune's AET07 ear tips, which I found to feel better in my ears as well as enhance the higher frequencies.

This stock cable provided by iBasso has got to be one of the main highlights of this product. It certainly does not look like something you would find with entry-level IEMs. In fact, (correct me if I'm wrong) these look like those upgrade cables I see hanging around my local audio cafe which cost S$200 or more. I recall being extremely excited to see such a beautifully braided cable, as I was new to this community and had never been exposed to such a cable before. The softly braided cable also offers another benefit- microphonics are virtually non-existent! At the point of purchase I did not know what microphonics were, although after getting some KZ IEMs as beaters I did find out, and was all the more thankful for this amazing cable. The cable is reinforced by a translucent bit of plastic nearer to the ears, to help with putting these on. This reinforcement is hardly noticeable, and works way better than those dreaded memory cables in my opinion- another nice touch by iBasso.

Overall, the build quality is solid and you are unlikely to run into any problems with it. However, one thing I discovered is that the IT01 is rather large compared to most other IEMs. I had no problems with it, as my ears are considered slightly larger than average. However, my friends with smaller ears had issues with the fit.

Okay, now to what you've been waiting for. If there was one word I had to pick to describe these IEMs, it would be "versatile". It handled everything I threw at it without much trouble. Maybe it's the multi-layered graphene diaphragm iBasso were going on and on about.

The IT01 offers a very nice V-shaped tuning that provides a very fun take on genres like EDM. It is quicker than your typical $99 single DD IEM, and also boasts impressive clarity at this price point. Despite it using a V-shaped tuning, the dip from 30Hz to 1kHz is a very steady and slow one (looking at the FR), which explains why there is no feeling of heavily recessed mids, despite the tuning. Even though there are peaks at 5kHz and 8kHz, the treble has never sounded harsh nor sibilant to me, something that is quite commonplace at this price point. The stage is not the widest, but it still is impressive together with its impressive imaging abilities.

The bass on this thing is its highlight. It is punchy, strong, and pacey enough so there is no sense of muddiness. Its subbass:midbass balance is just right, allowing for a very good rumble without losing its crispness. Despite the bass being enhanced, I hardly find it overpowering, mostly thanks to how well-controlled the bass is.

The mids, as shown on the FR curve, are clearly recessed. However, when I first listened to these, I found that the instrumentals were actually pretty full and satisfying, leaving me rather confused as to what was going on. I listen to quite a bit of classical music, and I had no issues with any of French Horns, Trombones, Clarinets, Cellos getting lost while listening to Atterberg or Nielsen's symphonies. I only noticed female vocals lacking a little bit of air at times, although it made up for the dryness with its level of detail.

The trebles are not as forward as your typical V-shaped tuning, as found in IEMs like FiiO F9. However, they still do provide that articulation and sparkle essential for picking up the crispness of percussion instruments say a triangle or a glockenspiel. Treble extension is impressive- now go listen to that favourite violin concerto of yours. Oh, and the way a crash decays oh this is phenomenal- check out Dr. Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc's cymbal track.

Stuff to note
I have been listening to these with the Shanling M0, and I have to say that this is probably the best entry-level combo out there. That being said, the IT01 is quite a source sensitive pair of IEMs. When plugged in directly into my Macbook Pro, there is an audible hiss that does not disappear. Another potential issue is that listening on the lowest volume from a Macbook is already pretty loud. However, these issues can be easily resolved by purchasing an iFi iEMatch.

It also loves power, despite the low power value. Try plugging this into a Chord Hugo and you'll know what I mean.

This is an absolute no brainer for anyone looking for their first pair of IEMs. For its price, this is really a force of nature. To be honest, the build quality and design of the IT01 could probably justify your purchase. And yes, the cable is just... that 10/10 girl you finally managed to go out with.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review of the iBasso IT01, and I would like to thank iBasso again for bringing me into this community, and for the past eight months of enjoyable listening. =)

P.S. the photo attached is an old photo, taken before I got my Acoustune AET07 ear tips. Attached are the stock silicone tips.
Otto Motor
Otto Motor
I agree that the iBasso and the Shanling harmonize well!
The Upper Mids/Lower Hieghs on IT01 are realy bad. Female vocals etc. sound very distant, there is no energy on this frequency. I've sold IT01 prety fast. (I have Shanling M0.)
Otto Motor
Otto Motor
I found the responses to the iBasso very polarized. Some people with really good ears loved them, and others with really good ears sold them asap. It took me a while to find the right tips.
Pros: Sound Quality
Design & Build Quality
Cable with strong MMCX connection
Accessories pack
Great Value
Cons: Might be a bit large for smaller ears
Review – iBasso IT01

it01 (1).JPG

Website – iBasso Audio


iBasso IT01 is the most budget oriented product from a well based portable audio company iBasso Audio. Featuring a single dynamic driver of 10mm diameter of a very thin graphene diaphragm that certainly delivers a powerful yet detailed sound. Priced at just $100 it packs a nice variety of accessories, excellent cable, solid materials, good ergonomics, and most importantly very good sound quality, making one of the best value in-ear options on the market.

it01 (3).JPG

IT01 info

  • Driver: 10mm Dynamic, multi layered graphene diaphragm
  • Frequency: 10 Hz ~ 42 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108 ± 2 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Noise attenuation: -26 dB
  • Rated Power: 10mW
  • THD: <1% (at 1 kHz / 1 mW)
  • Cable: 1.2m, 3.5mm gold plated plug, MMCX detachable
  • Weight: 8g (without cable)

Price: U$100

Available in two color themes, all black (semi-translucent) and red & blue (solid).

it01 (2).JPG

it01 (4).JPG

The packaging and unboxing are quite the deal with the IT01, something that should be found on more expensive options, but rarely found at this $100 range. Right from the start, the iBasso IT01 manages to surprise with a nice yet discreet box and impressive unboxing experience. The outer paperboard cover shows the usual iBasso logo while carrying the whole specifications and extra info of the IT01 model on the back side. The inner blue-gray cardboard box is thicker and presented in a convenient magnetic closure. Opening the box reveals the safely arranged earpieces inside the foam along with the round metal case and all the paperwork inside a small envelope.

it01 (5).JPG

The round metal case holds a wide array of 4 sets of ear tips sealed inside individual small bags and lastly, the MMCX detachable cable of very good quality. The ear tips sets consist all of single flange tips, being two sets of narrow bore tips that only differ in their color, gray or black, one set of wider bore tips, and two pairs of foams tips. The silicone tips are all in 3 sizes (S/M/L) while the foam are only in 2 sizes.

it01 (6).JPG


The design of the IT01 is a great mix of build quality, aesthetics and ergonomics. The shells are made entirely of a very sturdy plastic material, rather thick and feels durable. Black color theme is a bit translucent allowing to faintly see the inner 10mm single dynamic driver in the middle of the shells positioned close to the nozzle section. The nozzle is stainless steel, it has a thin lip to either hold the tips at the top of the nozzle or all way down to the bottom of the nozzle. The shape is like of triangle with rounded edges and very smooth, and while the shells consist of two parts they’re well attached and nicely finished. The inner part has a good ergonomic shape that gets thinner towards the joint with the nozzle. Lastly, there are two vents that can be easily spotted on the surface, one closer to the nozzle and the other a bit above it.

it01 (7).JPG

it01 (8).JPG

it01 (15).JPG

Despite the single dynamic driver, the IT01 is not the very small or compact earphone, but thanks to the ergonomic shape it should fit most ears. Depending on the tips used the fit can be deeper or shallower, but either case not a too flushed fit. Isolation may depend on the tips used, but in general it is about a bit above average.

it01 (13).JPG

it01 (9).JPG

The included cable deserves some attention too. It is not the usual ‘stock’ cable found on most IEM options with MMCX connection. The inner wire is made of 4 core copper material (OFC), and from a closer inspection it carries a good amount of copper that usually is found on ‘upgrade’ cables. The cable configuration consists of a four strands that on the lower half (from plug to split) are not twisted but very softly braided. The outer cable jacket is not too thick and gives a much softer touch and flexibility. On the upper half it is twisted, but again soft enough boosting very low cable noise and great comfort. Both the 3.5mm plug and y-split are made of light aluminum and have proper strain relieves. There also soft fixed guides towards the MMCX plugs. The current MMCX plugs have been changed from the previous batches that used the standard MMCX type, instead they take a much tighter type of plugs featuring a 4-split and extended plugs that once connected to the earpieces are very difficult to detach or even rotate. A great feature indeed, though it may limit the possibility to try different cables on the IT01, but definitely worth the extra durability.

it01 (10).JPG

it01 (12).JPG

it01 (11).JPG

Sound Quality

Ear tips selection is very important with the IT01, like many other IEMs. Among the included tips, the best results I found were with the wider silicone tips, but also used similar tips with a wider bore to reach a similar sound presentation.

it01 (14).JPG

Overall, the IT01 offers a balanced and full sound in a wide U-shaped type of sound with a bit dark tonality; not a typical V-shaped where the midrange is left behind, but still with some extra dominance on the low frequencies with a slight extra sparkle on the treble region.

The low end is certainly enhanced, but in a very well achieved tuning with great control. It’s not the so typical mid-bass boost that leaves the depth and sub-bass at a lower priority. The IT01 raise on the bass actually starts from the sub-bass and brings excellent balance on the whole bass region where sub, mid and also upper bass sound very even. As such, the layering and separation is nicely achieved for such a $100 priced in-ear set. Texture too, is quite natural, and the speed while not too high has good attack; the decay can be a bit slower with heavier tracks, but the IT01 is far from sounding muddy. Quantity wise, the IT01 has plenty amount of bass, and thus in occasions can sound a bit boomy towards the upper bass region. Surprisingly, the control is very good that there’s very little bleed at the lower midrange.

Strictly speaking, the midrange is presented a little behind next to the bass and lower treble elevation. However, it is not reflected in a sharp V-shaped curve where the mids sound thin or too distant. While the bass control is quite good on the IT01, the extra force does mix with the whole midrange, mostly at the lower midrange where the instruments are fuller and also thicker. Nonetheless, male vocals sound quite clear and good in texture; they do not carry the best texture and emotion, but yes they balance very well in the whole sound presentation. The mids sound cleaner towards their upper region, not particularly forward but do sit in a proper position thanks to the lower treble little emphasis that prevents the IEM of sounding dull or off. Female voices sound detailed though if a bit kind of dry in texture. Aside from that, the resolution and imaging is nicely achieved for the IT01 price tag, with a rather natural tonality.

The highs are well balanced, if just a bit more forward than the midrange and less emphasized than the bass, but enough to save the sound from being overly dark or bass focused. Similarly to the low end, the balance and extension are very good. There is decent attack and sparkle if needed, and enough energy on brighter tracks; still, the IT01 is not my first pick for electric guitars that need the extra bite, nor the most textured for strings or cymbals, but as an all-rounder it is easy to choose. The treble control and refinement is quite excellent and picking up some sibilance while possible is still difficult with the IT01.
Detail is definitely a strong suit on the IT01 around the $100 range, not offered in an analytical presentation but rather flows smooth and musically. Stage is wider than average with good depth and quite good separation and air.

it01 (16).JPG


The IT01 might be the most affordable option from iBasso but it is simply the best introduction of the company to the masses. In terms of build quality, design, and accessory pack the IT01 ticks all the boxes with high ratings. Even the package is presented in an elegant way and makes it a nice gift too. The sound presentation with its bit of darkish tonality might not be the first pick for detail freaks that prefer a brighter and most detailed sound or for those seeking the sweetest midrange with forward vocals, but as easy going, fun, yet detailed all-rounder it is a great pick and one of the strongest contenders around the $100 mark.

it01 (17).JPG
Well, so far they know how to impress.
I have RHA ma750 more than three years.
Is the sound quality is better?
Is it worth the upgrade or the sound quality is the same?
It may depend on how much of an upgrade you're looking for.
May not be a major upgrade, but the IT01 is better in some aspects. Both share a lively signature, but the IT01 is less v-shaped. Midrange is more forward, especially the vocals. Speed is higher too. Smoother treble and more controlled, while the MA750 can be sharper. iBasso has more clarity and it's more effortless.
Both have a similar mid-bass lift.
It may depend on your source too.
Pros: Good price, great fit and construction, amazing stock cable, great and versatile sound, responsive bass, good highs, cable rolling responsive and a good range of accessories.
Cons: The manual is inadequate, since they did include information on tip selection; pages used for several graphs could have been used to educate the owner, of how the tips that was included could improve/shape the sound.

Introduction: The iBasso IT01 doesn't need much of an introduction considering it's been out around November 2017 and has since created quite a flow of interest (and likely mass purchasing) that we didn't get it locally till around February. For transparency, this iBasso IT01 was personally bought from a local seller for my review. And though a few months have passed by since it came into the scene I'd like to add my two cents into the pool of IT01 reviews.

Specs: The iBasso site has the full description but the TLDR highlights are a near 1 Tesla magnet, dual cavity Helmholtz resonators, 5um multilayer Graphene diaphram and a hand woven 4N high purity OFC cable. (also, see above)

Unboxing: The IT01 came in a nice vacuum sealed box which was more compact than some of the other IEM boxes I've had before. The front box sleeve has the iBasso logo as well as the model and a few other words.

The back sleeve has a TON of information in various languages, basically the specs and the technologies used in the IEM.

Inside the sleeve is hard magnetically latched box where an envelope hangs with documentations inside. In the box itself is foam padding protecting the IT01 and a padded aluminum carrying case, which holds the cable and extra tips.

The box contents, as you can see above, contain the warranty card and manual (came in the envelope), the beautiful copper cable is inside the case and that the IT01 comes with a tip attached (which I'll be using most times for the review) but in addition, the package has 2 sizes of foam tips and an amazing 9 pairs of silicone tips (with the basic S/M/L samples) of varying bore sizes and tube thickness!

Cable: Much was said about how the cables were worth the price of entry for this IEM, and I would agree on that, just look at that beauty! Quality materials, workmanship and design went into this simple yet beautiful cable specimen of iBasso. A transparent gold plated MMCX connector, branded aluminum jacket and gold plated 3.5mm jack, an aluminum splitter tube and an aluminum adjuster round it up. The cable itself is soft and loosely braided and feels light so it doesn't tug on your ears when worn and isn't easy to tangle.

Build and Fit: The IEM itself has a nice metal nozzle for that extra sturdiness and grip when replacing tips, it's covered by a fine mesh for the fine music it'll sing into your ear. The front shell has iBasso Audio IT01 as the only marking on it.

The shell of the IT01 is quite comfortable to wear for long hours with the universal fit design, the nozzle length is just right for my ear with the stock tips providing good isolation while the MMCX connectors are gold plated and look good and sturdy.

Sound Stuff:
The first time I tried the IT01 with the stock cable and default attached tips, it was a very obvious V shape where the Bass felt large and strong, the mids were (obviously) slightly recessed and the highs neutrally placed but has a moderately good reach. After over 250 hours of use, there are changes that make the IT01 a really good and fun IEM for the price.

Lows: The bass has refined after prolonged use, providing a cleaner bass sound (from ootb) with average to good bass separation. Sub-bass has remained deep with impressive extension accompanied by good round bass punches. The IT01 has good rumble and bass quantity with relatively good decay speeds (faster than out of the box though). Bass control on the lower ends are a bit loose compared to the more controlled mid bass. overall, the bass is responsive and dynamic enough to sound good and give energy when needed.

Mids: The mids on the IT01 is slightly recessed but is not very noticeable even if it takes a slight back seat to the other frequencies. Instruments and vocals are clear and presents good detail with some natural texture and definition. Female and male vocals sound have about the same level of warmth and intimacy though male vocals seem to benefit more from it's tuning.

Highs: Sound unboosted yet have good reach lending a smooth sound progression from the mids and sharp highs that are neither harsh or sibilant. There is some detail and sparkle though briliance is lessened by a noticable dip at 10kHz where cymbal crashes are lowered (weaker sounding) and controlled with a gentle sound curve and decay that provides for a natural sound reproduction.

Soundstage: The IT01 has a relatively wide soundstage with a bit of air to help the overall feeling of width and depth. Imaging is accurate and sounds naturally placed while detail presentation is pretty decent.

Cable Rolling: Being the greedy consumer that I am, I want it all! Neutral to forward placed mids and shiny highs with good thumpy bass to cap it off. Knowing how my Effect Audio Thor II affects an IEM, I tried it on the IT01 and boy was I happy! The IT01 responds with cable changes, Bass decay speed sped up, mid clarity increased as well as placing the vocals on a more neutral position and raising the treble extension. Now I know the Thor II is a poor example of what to use to improve on the IT01 as it's way more expensive than the IEM itself, but it is very likely (based on the advantages gained on an SPC Litz) that using a decently good SPC cable will provide for sonic improvements that help better the mids and highs on the IT01.

Conclusions: I was impressed the first time I tried the IT01 and that hasn't really changed, this is one really good IEM for the price I paid for and that includes the whole package of a great cable and a lot of useful accessories. It has great responsive bass and impact thanks to those Helmholtz resonators, good sounding, warmth laden mids and pretty good highs with good enough extension for some air and sparkle. Soundstage is wide enough, with accurate imaging and as a whole, its a musical IEM that makes listening to different genres fun and engaging without tiring your ears off with a comfortable fit and sound that will pull you back for more.

Pros: Good price, great fit and construction, amazing stock cable, great and versatile sound, responsive bass, good highs, cable rolling responsive and a good range of accessories.

Cons: The manual is inadequate, since they did include information on tip selection; pages used for several graphs could have been used to educate the owner, of how the tips that was included could improve/shape the sound.

Nitpicks: The cable is so beautiful, it's a pity it only came in 3.5mm, maybe reducing the other accessories and/or increasing the price a bit more could have yielded a 2.5mm stock connection and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.

Sound testing was done using a Sony WM1a (Primarily), a Hiby R6 (for comparison) and a phone (for checking driveability) volume matched to 90.X db of safe hearing and calibrated using a 1kh tone on a dedicated DB Meter, all sources patched through a switcher.

Test tracks used:
A Different Way - Lauv
A Foggy Day - Van Morrison
A Question of Lust - Depeche Mode (Live 1988)
Alive - Pearl Jam
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
Cheap Thrills - Sia
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
Come Round Soon - Sara Bareilles
Country Road - James Taylor
Deeply Disturbed - Infected Mushroom
Discover Tokyo - Shuta Hasunuma
Do what you have to do - Sarah McLachlan
Dream a Little Dream of Me - Ella Fitzgerald
Get Lucky - Daft Punk
Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
Ignorance - Paramore
Is This Love - Bob Marley
It's a Long Way To the Top - AC/DC
Lithium - Nirvana
Marian Hill - Breathe Into Me
My Curse - Killswitch Engage
One Day - Matishyahu
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Pull Me Under - Dream Factory
Send My Love - Adele
September - Earth Wind and Fire
So Far Away - Martin Garrix
Staying Alive - Bee Gees
Sugar - Maroon 5
Sunday Morning - No Doubt
The Day The World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails
Way Down Deep - Jennifer Warnes
Pros: Great Clarity and Tonality,
Good Comfort,
Build quality,
Cons: Nothing really noteworthy for this price
The iBasso IT01; Good Sound - Small Price


Many of us are familiar with iBasso products, especially with there portable audio players like the DX100, DX50, DX90, DX200 etc. and In-Ear monitor like the IT03. After the success of the IT03, iBasso released a new In-Ear Monitor called IT01 with an in-house designed dynamic driver that is combining three different technologies that I will explain later.



I would like to thank iBasso for providing me the iBasso IT01 as free review sample. I am not affiliated with iBasso beyond this review and these words reflect my true, unaltered, opinions about the product.

Price & Warranty:

The MSRP price for the iBasso IT01 is 99.99 USD.

Package and Accessories:

The iBasso IT01 comes in a small box that is wrapped with a glossy white card box sleeve. The box itself is in blue and has a nice surface texture that gives you a good first impression.

This box includes the following contents;

  • 1 x pair of IT01 IEM
  • 10 x pairs of silicone ear tips
  • 2 x pairs of foam ear tips
  • 1 x MMCX cable
  • 1 x metal carry case


There are 3 types of silicone ear tips. One is in black that is the softest with medium sized hole and the two other set are in transparent gray color, which one of them has a medium and the other big holes. There are also 2 pairs of olive foams that are very comfy and in my opinion a nice addition.


There is also a metal IEM carry case that has an iBasso Audio printed on the top cover. This case is looks and feels solid in your hand and is big enough to put in all accessories and the IEM itself.



The iBasso IT01 has a 4 wire hand braided OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) detachable cable that has MMCX (Micro-miniature coaxial) connectors for the right and left monitor.


It has a straight profile 3.5mm SE (Single Ended) headphone jack that is made of metal.


The cable is lightweight and has a very soft and transparent TPU coating that is not prone to microphonics. The Y splitter and chin slider are also made of a silver colored metal material that has a nice appearance.


Design, Build Quality and Fit:

The Ibasso IT01 has a simple and very ergonomic design language. It is available in two different color combinations; red & blue and in black. The housing is made of plastic and feels lightweight on your ears.


The build quality of this monitor is top notch. The nozzles on the monitor are made of metal and there are no imperfections. The MMCX connectors are not loose and look like they can last for years. There are also L (left) and R (right) markings near the nozzle and if you buy the red & blue version the color also serves as right and left indicator. There are also two visible bass vents at the inner side of the monitor housing.


The IT01 has a very comfortable fit and it was possible to wear it for hours without to hurt my ears. The isolation of the iBasso IT01 is above average and good enough to isolate you in noisy environments like bus or trains.


  • Driver : 10.0mm Dynamic driver
  • Frequency response : 10Hz-42kHz
  • Sensitivity : 108+/-2dB
  • Impedance : 16 Ohm
  • Noise Attenuation : -26dB
  • Rated power : 10mW
  • THD : <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
  • Plug size : 3.5 TRS gold plated
  • Cable length : 1.2m
  • Connection : MMCX
  • Weight : 8.0g without cable

About the 10mm Dynamic Driver:

The iBasso IT01 has a unique dynamic driver that combine’s three different technologies.

The first of them is the 5µm multilayer graphene diaphragm that is an ultra thin diaphragm material, which has 100 time’s higher breaking strength then steel. This material is able to reach high speeds with low distortion. I know that this is not the first driver that is using this material, but the combination with other components makes it unique. The custom made Tesla magnetic flux is able to drive this graphene diaphragm with higher efficient than regular magnets. The result is an improvement in resolution, bass and dynamics. The dual Helmholtz resonators on the other hand are providing a strong and deep bass response.

Albums & Tracks used for this review:

  • Future Heroes – Another World (Tidal Hi-fi)
  • Lorde – Team (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (DSF)
  • Bryan Adams – MTV Unplugged Performance (Spotify)
  • Saskia Bruin – The Look of Love (DSF)
  • Diana Krall - So Wonderful (DSF)
  • Aretha Franklin – I Say a Little Prayer (Apple Music)
  • Melody Gardot – Who Will Comfort Me (Flac 16bit/44kHz)
  • LP (Laura Pergolizzi) – Lost On You “Live at Harvard and Stone” (Tidal Hi-Fi)
  • Mile Davis – Kind of Blue Album (Tidal Hi-fi)
  • George Michael – Older Album (Apple Music)
  • Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (DSF)
  • Emmanuel Pahud (Claude Debussy) – Syrinx (Apple Music)
  • Otto Liebert & Luna Negra – Up Close “Album” (DSF) – Binaural Recording
  • Alboran Trio – Autumn Mist (Tidal Hi-Fi)
  • GoGo Penguin – Fanfares (Tidal Hi-Fi)
  • Opeth – Damnation (Tidal Hi-Fi)
  • Megadeth – Sweating Bullets (Flac 16bit/44kHz)

Sources used for this review:

  • IEM : iBasso IT01, Fiio F9 Pro, TFZ TEQUILA1, Dunu Falcon-C
  • DAP/DAC : Cayin N5II, Chord Mojo, Hifiman HM603s, Audirect Whistle, Nexum Aqua+


The Sound:

Please Note: This review is written after a bun-in process of 100 hours. I have used the stock soft (black) silicone ear tips during this review that are included to the package.

a. Tonality and Presentation:

The iBasso IT01 sounds clear, crisp and powerful. It is an IEM with a warmer than neutral tonality that has a V shaped sound signature. It has great dynamics and good resolution, especially for this price range.

b. Frequencies:

The iBasso IT01 has some nice bass response. The sub-bass between 20 – 50 Hz are well presented and providing a nice sense of power, which is quite noticeable and exiting in “Future Heroes” epic song “Another World”. Also Instruments like bass guitars are sounding pretty natural and realistic.

The bass of the IT01 sound pretty fast and controlled, which gives the overall sound presentation nice dynamics. It has nice texture and good resolution which is quite impressive for a single dynamic driver In Ear Monitor for 100 USD. The bass of the IT01 is also punchy and has a good amount of rumble, without to sound too boomy and causing to muddiness.

As mentioned before; the iBasso IT01 has a V shaped sound signature where the midrange sounds more laid back compared to the rest of the frequencies. But this doesn’t mean that it has a too recessed midrange; instruments still sounding clean and detailed in its presentation with good texture and definition.

I am enjoying both male and female vocals, but male vocals are sounding a bit more intimate to me. Male voices like George Michael and Bryan Adams have sounded a bit more emotional to my ears and I really enjoyed the MTV Unplugged performance of Bryan Adams.

The upper midrange is bright and transparent and has good detail retrieval. Instruments and vocals sounding very vivid and the overall control of the upper register are pretty good for this price level.

The treble range of the iBasso IT01 sounds airy and crisp with nice amount of sparkle. It doesn’t sound too bright or harsh and the overall control is in a good level. There is a good transition between upper midrange and treble with good separation of instruments.

Female voices like Laura Pergolizzi have nice brilliance on the top end and complex passages with high density of instruments, like cymbals in Megadeth – Sweating Bullets sounding pretty nice and controlled at this price level.

c. Soundstage and Imaging:

The iBasso IT01 sounds airy and has a relative wide soundstage. It has not the deepest soundstage presentation but does its job for the asked price. The imaging and placement of instrument & vocals is quite natural and realistic in its presentation.


Vs. Fiio F9 Pro:

Both Fiio F9 Pro and iBasso IT01 sounding punchy and dynamic in the bass department. The iBasso IT01 is a bit faster and has the better bass extension. The bass texture on both devices is good but the IT01 has slightly more bass body. Both IEM’s sharing nearly the same level of bass resolution and there is no clear winner.

The Fiio F9 Pro has the warmer sound and is even more V shaped than IT01, which results to a more distant midrange presentation. This midrange characteristic gives F9 Pro an airier presentation, while the IT01 sounds more intimate. The iBasso IT01 sounds more transparent in the midrange department.

The vocal presentation of the IT01 tastes better with male vocals, while the Fiio F9 Pro sounded good with female vocals. The upper midrange of the IT01 has more forwardness and sounds overall cleaner and crisp.

Both have a well defined treble range with nice a nice sparkle, while the IT01 has additional control and brilliance on the top. The Fiio F9 Pro has some good treble quality for the price and there is a nice level of micro detail with pretty good texture. The iBasso IT01 on the other hand has some good detail retrieval that is on par with the F9 Pro. The main difference is the presentation that sounds more organic with the IT01 that makes the overall sound more natural.

The IT01 has the wider soundstage, while the Fiio F9 Pro has more depth in presentation. The overall imaging of instruments and vocals sounds better with the IT01.



The TFZ Tequila1 has nearly the same V shaped sound tuning like the iBasso IT01. The bass on both has a nice presence with good impact. But the IT01 has more sub-bass quantity, while the Teqila1 has more mid-bass impact. Both IEM’s have a well controlled low end, with nearly the same extension, which is slightly better on the IT01.

The midrange on both IEM’s sounds very similar with its crispy and vivid presentation. The detail level is on par, but the IT01 has slightly higher definition. The vocal presentation of the TFZ Tequila1 is a bit more forward especially with female vocals, while the IT01 sound a bit more natural. The midrange detail level of the IT01 is very good for the price, but the TFZ Tequila1 has slightly more micro detail.

Instruments like pianos or guitars, etc. are sounding a bit more natural with the Tequila1, while the IT01 has the upper with its upper midrange control. The TFZ Tequila1 is brighter at the upper midrange register, where the iBasso IT01 sounds softer and more engaging.

The treble range of the TFZ Tequila1 is a touch more present, which results to a slightly brighter presentation. Both IEM’s are nicely textured at the top end, with a good level of detail and clarity. The iBasso IT01 has slightly better control with instruments like piano, violin and cymbals. The iBasso IT01 sounds a bit softer at the upper treble range where the TFZ Tequila1 is a bit more aggressive, which is most noticeable in genres like Metal and Rock music.

The iBasso IT01 has a wider soundstage, while the depth of both IEM’s is nearly the same or identical. The imaging of instruments and vocals is slightly better with the IT01.


Vs. Dunu Falcon-C:

The Dunu Flacon-C is also an IEM with a V shaped sound signature, but has a different sound characteristic in the bass and midrange department than iBasso IT01.

The bass of the Falcon-C is more midbass focused and the quantity is very fit depending. With a deeper insertion and the right ear tips it can archive some nice rumble that is again, not in the same level/amount of the IT01. The bass extension and speed is good but is missing some organic texture, which is iBasso IT01 able to produce.

The midrange of the Dunu Falcon-C is not as thick or full sounding like the iBasso IT01 or TFZ Tequila1. The IT01 sounds warmer and more intimate compared to the very airy but recessed midrange presentation of the Falcon-C.

The Dunu Falcon-C has some nice clarity and transparency which can compete of those of the IT01. The overall resolution and definition of the Flacon-C is in the same level with the IT01 but is missing some micro detail due the distance of instruments. The upper midrange of Falcon-C is well presented but sounds a bit too over boasted in some situation where the iBasso IT01 sounds more controlled. The Falcon-C has a nice transparent female vocal presentation with nice some good clarity, but sounds a bit too thin with male vocals, where the IT01 performs more organic and emotional with its fuller vocal presentation.

The treble range of the Falcon-C sounds bright, clear and has some nice brilliance. There is great amount of detail, but sounds a bit harsh in some bad recorded tracks and treble sensitive genres like Metal Music, where the IT01 excels better with its softer and more controlled presentation.

The iBasso IT01 has also a more natural treble presentation then Falcon-C that sounds a bit more digital.


What iBasso packed in to the IT01 for this price is really fantastic! The It01 has some great sound abilities like good dynamics and a really nice level of resolution. The transparency and clarity of this IEM makes is to a no brainer in this price range Ah, and do not forget to mention that there is also this beautifully built cable, which is also a big plus for the IT01.

Summary (plus and minus):

+ Great Clarity and Tonality
+ Good Comfort
+ Build quality
+ Cable

- Nothing really noteworthy for this price


This review was originally posted on "Moonstar Reviews" :
Pros: - Excellent cable
- End to end extension
- Wide soundstage
Cons: - Somewhat sloppy sub-bass
- Thinner mid-range
Introduction –

I haven’t reviewed any of their products, but iBasso and I go way back. My first experience with the company was their T3 amplifier in 2010, when I had just started in the hobby. These were my most formative years and iBasso left me with a lasting positive impression that evenutally pushed me towards the D-Zero and DX50. So when iBasso jumped into IEMs with the IT03, I was first in-line to see what they had created. The result was impressive to say the least, however, its signature didn’t suit my personal preferences. It was just too sculpted for a $300 earphone.

The IT01 is no different in this regard but offers much of the same experience at a vastly reduced $100 USD. Adopting a single graphene dynamic driver, the IT01 implements various innovations such as two Helmholtz resonators, similar to that implemented by the far more cost prohibitive Sennheiser ie800. Through this, I have no doubt that iBasso will continue to leave positive impressions on newcomers in the hobby, illustrating how a low-cost should not warrant low expectations. You can read all about the IT01’s technologies on iBasso’s website here and purchase the earphone here.

Disclaimer –

I would like to thank iBasso very much for their quick communication and for providing me with the IT01 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Accessories –

Though not as premium or extensive as that of the DX200 and IT03, the IT01 has a pleasing unboxing that feels professional. Opening up the magnetic hard box reveals the IT01 and included hard case in foam.

The case contains the cable in addition to a staggering 5 types of ear tips; 4 types of silicone tips with various thickness and bore size in addition to two pairs of foam ear tips. The case itself is very nice, with an aluminium exterior and soft rubber interior that feels immensely protective. Some of the tips feel a little thin and flimsy, but they’re very comfortable in the ear and well-moulded for the most part.

Those looking for something a little more solid will find great synergy with JVC Spiral Dots though I found the stock large bore grey tips to provide the best sound. For a just $100, iBasso offer a very well-equipped earphone.

Design –

The IT03 had bothersome ergonomics to say the least. Luckily, the IT01 does a lot to append this and holding the two side by side reveals that iBasso’s budget model is significantly smaller, smoother and ultimately, more comfortable in the ear. Moreover, it does so while retaining much of the fit stability and isolation of its predecessor. Though first launched in a far more vibrant red/blue colour scheme, a more subdued black model is now available.

In the grand scheme of things, the IT01 is still on the larger side, protruding from the ear quite a bit. This produces some additional wind noise and makes them unsuitable for sleeping on. However, with just two pinhole sized vents on its inner face, the IT01 isolates very well. Combined with its full, engaging sound, the IT01 is great for commute and public transport.

It’s all plastic build may not have the density and premium feel of the liquid alloy Falcon-C or stainless steel TFZ earphones, but the IT01 is very stable in the ear. A visible seam runs its perimeter, though both halves of the shell are well-joined with tight tolerances. Some driver flex is also apparent upon insertion, but I didn’t experience any sound degradation during my testing. I’m also a fan of the IT01’s metal nozzles that feel sturdy and add a little visual intrigue.

The IT01 uses an MMCX removable cable. The connectors are tight but provide reliable audio free of intermittency. In addition, the cable that iBasso include is easily one of the best I’ve seen regardless of price. It’s very custom cable-like, with a loose 4-wire braid that soaks up microphonic noise. The cable is impossibly supple with zero memory and a sturdy thickness. iBasso assume pre-moulded ear guides that I much prefer over memory-wire. It has nice strain relief on the case-friendly jack and remains continuous through the y-split, terrific!

Sound –

Tonality –

The IT01 is on the engaging side with elevated sub-bass and lower-treble. However, it avoids becoming too sparse in-between and, likewise, rolled off up top. Though still cool in tone and slightly over-ambitious in its sub-bass tuning, the IT01 is tuned to impress and has the technical ability to continue doing so over extended critical listening. The IT01 recevied 150hrs of burn-in prior to evaluation to ensure optimal performance.

Bass –

The IT01 serves notes with heightened impact, most notably with regards to sub-bass. This is reinforced by impressive extension; few would want for more rumble and slam. Sub-bass is surprisingly controlled considering its emphasis, but it is still a little slow and sloppy. As a result, it can overshadow mid-bass details and negatively impacts low-end separation and transparency, regardless of ear tip or source. I seem to be in the minority with this impression, but I simply don’t find the IT01 to be as controlled down-low as other dynamic earphones like the TFZ King. However, I have less issue above where the IT01 is more agile and controlled, with a considerably cleaner mid and upper-bass presentation.

The IT01’s low-end isn’t the most defined, as its notes are slightly larger, but it never sounds congested or muddy either. In addition, mid-bass is less pronounced but still slightly elevated above neutral, contributing to punchy yet slightly rounded notes. Bloat isn’t an issue and the IT01 doesn’t sound too warm in tone; above sub-bass, notes are both well-articulated and agile, demonstrating impressive control. Upper-bass is slightly attenuated to my ear, contributing to greater separation between bass and mids. As such, the IT01 achieves both great bass impact and a clear, neutrally toned midrange.

Mids –

Mids are bright with a gradual incline into an accentuated lower-treble. Resultantly, the IT01 has heightened clarity and mids sound both well extended and clean, though they aren’t the smoothest, assuming a more revealing character. Lower-mids and male vocals sound quite laid-back due to this style of tuning, resulting in a cool tone and thinner vocal body despite the IT01’s heightened bass presence. Female vocals are slightly more forward if still recessed in comparison to bass and treble, while instruments such as piano and guitar sound pristine without becoming overly sharp.

As a result, the IT01 maintains high levels of midrange transparency that aids its retrieval of finer details. It can sound slightly over-articulated on occasion due to its more aggressive lower-treble, but vocals aren’t obviously sibilant or raspy. The IT01 also doesn’t excel with timbre in the grand scheme of things and some will find mids too thin. However, compared to most similarly priced earphones, the IT01 is among the most natural in its voicing. It also has excellent foreground detailing in addition to impressive resolution, both contributing towards a nuanced sound without sounding artificial or overly sculpted as similarly tuned earphones like the Rose Hybrid 7 frequently do.

Highs –

iBasso deliver extended, clean yet vibrant high-frequencies with the IT01. Again, it’s not the smoothest, most realistic presentation, but the IT01 manages to sound very engaging without crossing any boundaries. It is aggressive in nature, with enhanced lower-treble producing a very crisp sound with great attack. And though not quite as forward as the TFZ King, Fiio F9 or Pinnacle P2, the IT01 is a very well-detailed earphone with more pleasing instrument body and texture. This stems from its even upper-midrange/lower-treble transition, that provides a solid foundation for treble instruments; cymbals and guitars sound crisp, defined and precise in their delivery.

Middle-treble is attenuated by comparison, but it has a small peak that heightens air and shimmer, with instruments such as high-hats offering surprisingly natural decay. However, as a result, strings can sound slightly over-forward and thin, on the periphery of stridence at times, and cymbals can occasionally sound a little truncated. Still, treble is otherwise clean and the IT01 has a darker background than most despite having plenty of sparkle and shimmer. Extension above is also very impressive, especially for a $100 earphone, granting the IT01 with great resolution. The result is an earphone whose crisp superficial presentation is well reinforced by a strong technical foundation.

Soundstage –

The IT01 tops this off with a spacious, open soundstage. Width is very impressive, stretching beyond the head while depth is respectable but not quite as outstanding. Layering is defined, they do lack a little body and density, but remain well-detailed throughout. Imaging is also impressive with precise directional cues and generally well-placed instruments, though some treble elements are prone to sounding overly-forward. Separation is a key strength of the IT01. As its sound is transparent, slightly thin and very spacious, there’s plenty of delineation between each element even on more complex tracks. That said, bass separation is mediocre as sub-bass has a tendency to overshadow higher details.

Drivability –

The IT01 has a modest 16ohm impedance combined with a 108dB sensitivity. As such, it’s one of the more sensitive in-ears I’ve tested, reaching high volumes from portable sources. As a single dynamic driver earphone, it also isn’t overly affected by output impedance; its signature sounding similar from both the Hiby R6 (10ohm) and iBasso DX200. That said, when connected to my HTC U11 through the included dongle, I did notice a softer, less controlled sound with a more width biased presentation. The differences weren’t huge, but a dedicated source will provide an appreciable jump in quality. Still, I would consider the IT01 to be happily driven from most portable sources, it’s not overly picky and won’t require an external amplifier in the vast majority of cases.

Comparisons –

Rose Mini 2 ($100): The Mini 2 is considerably smaller than the IT01 and more comfortable to my ear. Neither IEM use premium materials but well-realise their designs through quality finish. Both have removable MMCX cables, though the unit on the IT01 is undoubtedly superior in both feel and durability.

The Mini 2 is a lot more balanced, with the IT01 sounding a lot more vibrant and engaging. Bass is far more extended on the IT01, but the Mini 2 is tighter and more defined. The Mini 2 is also more linear into its midrange, and its vocals sound a lot more realistic as a result. The Mini 2 also has more defined layering than the thinner IT01 though it lacks the same clarity and dynamics. Treble is immediately more aggressive on the IT01, lower-treble in particular. On the contrary, the Mini 2 is smoother and slightly more laid-back, but both extend just as far, producing excellent resolution. Both are well-detailed, the IT01 has a little more foreground lower-treble detail while the Mini 2 retrieves more micro-detail. The IT01 has a much larger stage than the Mini 2, but one that has less consistent instrument placement. The IT01 has a large advantage when it comes to separation.

Pinnacle P2 ($100): The P2 is considerably smaller with a design geared towards a deeper fit. The P2 is more stable in the ear, lower-profile and slightly more isolating, it is ergonomically terrific. That said, neither earphone excels in build quality with lightweight plastic housings. Both utilise removable MMCX cables, the P2’s cable is terrible, it doesn’t even compare to the excellent IT01 cable.

The P2 is more balanced with exception of treble that is noticeably brighter. As the IT01 has increased bass presence to balance out its treble, it will likely sound better metered to most. Bass is fairly even, with a slight bump in mid-bass. The P2 is slightly warm as a result, but it doesn’t extend nearly as well as the IT01 and lacks the same scale of impact down low. That said, it is tighter and quicker, delivering more defined notes. Lower-mids are slightly recessed on the P2, but not to the extent of the IT01. As a result, its male vocals are more natural and less recessed, though it retains a similar focus on female vocals and articulation. The P2 delivers a more extended upper-midrange due to greater low-treble emphasis, while the IT01 is slightly more organic and refined. Lower-treble has a very aggressive peak on the P2 where the IT01 is more controlled. As such, the IT01 is more detailed despite being less crisp than the P2. The IT01 also extends further, it has greater resolution and micro-detail retrieval. The IT01 produces a wider stage with the P2 offering a hair more depth. Both separate very well, the IT01 more so due to its greater end to end extension.

Simgot EN700 Pro ($150): The EN700 Pro is a larger earphone, but it’s just as comfortable as the IT01 and slightly slimmer. Its housings are entirely aluminium, feeling far more solid than the iBasso. As it’s semi-open, it doesn’t offer the same level of isolation. The EN700 Pro has a terrific 8-core 2-pin removable cable, but it isn’t as supple as the unit included with the IT01.

The EN700 Pro is more balanced, with greater midrange presence and a more even treble response. Its bass isn’t quite as extended, and has greater focus on mid-bass, producing a noticeably warmer tone. The IT01 is slightly more controlled through its mid and upper-bass though it doesn’t hold a huge advantage due to its sub-bass spill. Lower-mids are more neutral on the EN700 Pro, producing more naturally bodied vocals. It also has more vocal presence than the IT01 though the IT01 has slightly more midrange resolution; I feel it’s the more extended earphone overall. Treble is noticeably more sculpted on the IT01, lower-treble is more aggressive and its middle treble bump produces greater air. That said, the EN700 Pro, despite being less crisp in its delivery, has better detail retrieval by a fair margin. The EN700 Pro offers a larger stage both in terms of width and depth, I also find it to image better on account of its more balanced sound signature.

TFZ King Pro ($150): The King Pro has excellent build quality, with an entirely aluminium housing that feels far more sturdier than the IT01 but also a little less stable due to its weight. Both are comfortable earphones that isolate well, the King is actually a little larger. The King has a 2-pin cable that’s nice, but still doesn’t feel as soft and pliable as iBasso’s unit.

The King Pro is a little more balanced with regards to midrange tuning, but it’s a noticeably brighter earphone overall. Bass extends terrifically on both, the IT01 has greater sub-bass impact while the King Pro is more balanced. The King Pro sounds slightly more controlled, tighter and more defined. Lower-mids are similarly recessed on the King Pro, it also has recessed male vocals with a cooler tone. That said, the King Pro has greater clarity and resolution. Female vocals are noticeably forward on the King Pro, they’re also more extended and defined. The IT01 has a bump for crispness and just a small peak for air while the King Pro combines a small lower-treble lift with a larger middle treble emphasis, creating a brighter background and huge air. It has excellent extension and detail, more than the iBasso, creating very high-resolution that compliments its clarity. The IT01 does sound cleaner and more focused; and those sensitive to high-frequencies may become fatigued by the King Pro. Both earphones are very spacious, the IT01 is wider while the King Pro has greater depth. The King Pro is a little faster, producing more immersive imaging. Both excel with separation, the IT01 isn’t as separated down low, but is cleaner up top.

Dunu Falcon-C ($200): The Falcon-C is a smaller and smoother earphone whose liquid metal housing feels far more solid than the plastic IT01. Both seal well and provide great isolation, both are equally comfy. Both earphones also use removable MMCX cables though, once again, I prefer the unit included with the iBasso as its softer and smoother, where the Dunu cable has a rubbery texture.

The Falcon-C is a little more balanced and a lot more technical, though it is also more technical than most $200 earphones, yet alone $100 ones. The Falcon-C has a similar bass presentation, focussing on sub-bass though it’s a little more balanced. It extends just as well, if not slightly more, and has greater control, delivering tighter impact. Mid-bass is cleaner on the Dunu, and its low-end is appreciably more detailed. The Falcon-C has a slightly more linear, neutrally bodied midrange. It’s equally transparent and has greater vocal presence and extension, though I would still consider it to be a u-shaped earphone overall. I find the Falcon-C to sound more refined through its midrange, it’s more even and slightly smoother without sacrificing clarity. Treble diverges a little more where the Falcon-C is slightly less aggressive in its lower treble, and also more linear into its middle-treble. As a result, it sounds airier than the IT01 but less forward in its detailing, though actual detail retrieval is superior due to greater linearity. The Falcon-C also extends further, delivering higher resolution. Both have excellent soundstage presentations, the Falcon-C is slightly wider but has less depth. The Flacon-C images and layers better, it also has superior separation overall on account of its more controlled low-end and more extended, airier high-end.

Verdict –

In full transparency, I didn’t want to like the IT01 as much as I did; it’s simply too unanimously praised by critics and I’ve received far too many messages from buyers burnt by the “budget wonder” of the month. However, after spending some time with the IT01, experimenting with tips, comparing to similarly, even slightly more expensive models, I feel that I can offer a fair indication of its performance. I can conclude that iBasso’s IT01 is indeed a very competitive model. It’s not as flawless as some would have you believe, with a thinner midrange, sloppy sub-bass and peaky middle-treble.

However, the IT01 easily remains one of the best V-shaped earphones I’ve heard under $150. What impresses most is the technicality of its sound. It isn’t just superficially pleasing like the Magaosi K3 Pro and even the Pinnacle P2, but has genuinely impressive end to end extension and control. Again, the IT01 is not for everyone, and those seeking accurate timbre, premium build and great low-end coherence will want to look towards more balanced offerings. Still, the IT01 is a comfortable earphone with an engaging yet natural sound and possibly the best cable I’ve seen on a budget earphone. If that kind of signature piques your interest, the IT01 is worth more than a second look.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed my review, please see my website for more just like it!
@SMRDcompany I did try a bunch of different ear tips and they didn't have a profound impact. It can be hard to find a tip that caters towards V-Shaped earphones as they don't tend to attenuate both bass and treble in ideal ways. That said, I don't have the RHA tips so I can't comment on their effect! Regarding the K3 Pro and HD, definitely depends what you're looking for. The HD is actually quite technical, but it isn't nearly as transparent as the IT01.
With my brief listening session at a store I agree with everything you said, I've also noticed what you've mentioned, slightly peaky middle-treble: on some tracks I tried there was some weird sibilance with hi hats, but overall for ~$100 these are indeed the most well balanced v-shaped earphones that would please a big group of audiences, which is why I think it got so much traction
Superb review, very informative especially as I'm debating the it01, ESN Pro and King Pro?
Pros: Dynamic bass, good enough detail and extension, cable quality and versatile sound.
Cons: Carrying case quality could be better,
Special thanks to HeadPie for hosting my impressions on the IT01

*I purchased the iBasso IT01 at full price.
The iBasso IT01 is iBasso’s most affordable and accessible option in their current IEM line up.
It’s a single dynamic driver universal IEM priced at $109 from Penon Audio and the latest entrant in the ever growing ~$100 entry level IEM market.

Taken directly from the iBasso IT01 product page on Penon Audio
Driver:10.0mm Dynamic driver
Multi layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff.
Frequency response: 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity: 108+/-2dB
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation: -26dB
Rated power: 10mW
T.H.D.: <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
Plug size: 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length: 1.2m
Connection: MMCX
Weight: 8.0g without cable

The iBasso IT01 comes in a medium sized box for an IEM, that is covered with a white carton sleeve containing the iBasso logo and IT01 text at the front with the product details in the rear.
Removing the sleeve reveals a navy-blue box with an embossed iBasso logo and opens from the front via a magnetic clasp.
Opening the box reveals a red lining, a paper sleeve for the manual and warranty card, and in the main compartment the IEMs sitting in foam and the metallic green case containing the included cable and 4 bags of a different variety of included ear tips including 2 sizes of foam ear tips.
The case is made of metal with foam padding inside and though not very pocketable offers good protection for the IEM but the paint and strength of the case material is a little poor as a drop easily chipped and dented the case.
Overall a good value package, though maybe replace one set of silicone tips with double flange tips for a more comprehensive offering and improve the quality of the case.

Build Quality:
The IT01 has a plastic shell, a metal nozzle with metal mesh filters and two vents near the base of the nozzle to let the driver breathe.
This unit is in the “Black” color though in reality it is a very opaque “smoky” shell.
Plastic seems to be of good quality and doesn’t bend or buckle when reasonable amounts of pressure is applied.
No unseemly gaps, MMCX connection is tight and fit and finish all look very good.
The included cable is a 4N OFC 4 core loose braid and is of very high quality. The cable is soft and pliable and offers no micro phonics at reasonable levels of movement. It uses metal for the 3.5mm jack cover, Y-splitter, and cable cinch, the MMCX termination is plastic and the cable has a pre-molded shrink wrap tube to fit over the ear. The cable quality is not one often seen at this price point and is a plus.
Do note that while the universal MMCX connection is secure, it may be a little too secure and the cables are somewhat difficult to remove.
Overall the IT01 exhibits excellent build and exceptional cable quality at its price point.

The IT01 is a universal IEM of small to medium size, though maybe slightly larger compared to most single dynamic IEMs, that borrows some small traits from custom shells, such as the slight protrusion at the top of the shell to fit snugly along the ear while the main part of the body is designed to rest along the ridge on top of our earlobes.
Overall this a safe and comfortable shape that doesn’t have many exaggerated protrusions that could lead to an uncomfortable fit.
It is also very light, so you don’t feel weighed down when wearing them for long periods of time. They fit snugly enough that they may be used to sleep in for people with average or larger ears, those with smaller or shallow ears however may have difficulty when sleeping on their side.

The IT01 was burned in for 100 hours before listening impressions were taken.
Sources used: LG G6, FiiO Q1 Mk II. Volume matched for all the songs and sources.
It seems
The overall sound signature of the IT01 seems to be mild U shape though sometimes exhibits an L shape. I didn’t notice much difference between either source, except for some mild improvements in bass and presentation through the FiiO DAC amp possibly indicating that the IT01 appreciates some extra amp power.

The IT01 has wonderful bass. It has good sub bass that pleasantly hovers and has good rumble.
In ILYSB by Lany the bass drum kick just lingers long enough so that it doesn’t sound hollow.
Mid bass is punchy with good texture and has quick decay.
The bass lines in P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson are nice, tight, and well defined.
The bass is dynamic in the sense that it can provide a large quantity when songs call for it, but it can also be show more control in less demanding songs so that the bass doesn’t end up bleeding into the mids.

The mids aren’t as brought forward as the bass or treble but only by a little.
On Rehab by Amy Winehouse I find the bass lines and horns toe the line of being too overpowering for her voice to shine. On the other hand, Adele’s vocals in Chasing Pavements is delivered very well where the band instruments still let’s her vocals take center stage.
Male vocals are similarly well rendered, like in All of Me by John Legend vocals were full and had no unpleasant thinness to them. Instruments don’t get lost in the mix and carry enough detail and definition to be pleasing.
Mids are clear, detailed, and natural sounding

The IT01 has treble that isn’t peaky nor does it exhibit sibilance. It has good extension lending a sense of airiness in songs. Cymbals even on busier songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit are crisp and not harsh.
Listening to Lindsey Stirling’s The Arena the violin and piano have a sparkle in them and they can stand along the hip hop bass line. In Jazz songs even wailing sax solos have enough restraint to keep them from being unpleasant yet not sound dulled out.
Overall airy and sparkly and detailed without ever being shrill.

The IT01 has decently wide soundstage. On tracks that can utilize it, like live orchestral recordings it will render space well, just a little to the left and right of the head.
Depth is good having the space to identify that secondary instruments are a step back from the main band. Height is nothing noteworthy.
Imaging is good, relative positioning of instruments is discernible and it did great at the virtual barbershop test.
Separation and clarity are good, even in more complex arrangements individual instrumentation doesn’t get lost.
Detail level and retrieval likewise is good in Hotel California the subtle hints of shakers, supplementary guitar isn’t drowned out by the main riff and bass line.

IT01 200-hour update
200 Hour Update: For the Burn in inclined.
After some more burn in there were a few changes to the IT01 sound.
The bass however remained powerful, full sub bass, and good texture on the mid bass.
The bass did seem more controlled leading to the mids, the vocal range seemed to be more forward.
Testing the song 'Rehab' again, the vocals don’t risk being taken over anymore.
Either way it’s a good development overall.
The Treble on the other hand seemed to smoothen up a touch.
Overall the sound is still similar but the mild U, due to the little bump in vocals, was given it more linearity which personally I preferred as I’m not a fan of very recessed mids.

The iBasso IT01 is a real winner at its price. It has a natural tonality that is very pleasing and not tiring to listen to.
It can handle different genres well or at the least adequately.
The highlight of IT01 is the bass that can be powerful when it needs to be while not letting the bass dominate its sound signature nor sacrificing other aspects of its sound. That characteristic of the IT01 is what I think makes it a winner at this increasingly crowded market segment.
It’s adept enough to cater to different tastes in music, I’ve listened to Jazz, Rock, Punk, Soul, RnB, and classical music on the IT01 and it does an admirable job in all of them.
It doesn’t have the super extended rumbling bass or super airy and detailed highs of much more expensive or focused IEMs sure, but it’s a great everyday carry from going through the daily commute to waiting in line to relaxing at a cafe.
If you want a good, all around IEM then the IT01 is a great addition to one’s collection at $109.
Pros: Clarity, Comfort, Details, Soundstage, Clarity, V-Shaped Sound, Comfort, Impact, Dynamics, Bass Speed, Bass Quantity, Easy-To-Drive, Beautiful
Cons: No Real Cons
iBasso IT01 - Love for Music

iBasso IT01 is an entry-level priced IEM which comes to redefine once again what can be done for 100$, with iBasso being the creator behind this little gem. We'll study in-depth whether IT01 can stand against other well-known 100$ IEMs and even more expensive products.

Official Thread: [https://goo.gl/Wwi5EP]

Amazon Shop Page: [https://goo.gl/d5rkpE]

Penon Shop Page: [https://goo.gl/PPSZd6]


iBasso should be well-known by now for having produced DX200, one of the best DAPs in the world, and for providing excellent support for their customers through the years. They have reached out and helped many people with their audio journey, and DX200 is still one of our favorite DAPs, being able to power not only IEMs, but also flagship headphones, like Audeze LCD-MX4.

It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with iBasso, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review is not sponsored nor has been paid for by iBasso or anyone else. I'd like to thank Paul from iBasso for providing the sample for the review. The sample was provided along with iBasso's request for an honest and unbiased review. This review will be as objective as it is humanly possible, and it reflects my personal experience with iBasso IT01. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in iBasso IT01 find their next music companion.

About me



First things first, let's get the packaging out of the way:

IT01 comes packaged in a rather tight package, with just enough space to store it all, but enough to store one of the best gems there are.

It is possible to see from the box that IT01 does not require quite that big amount of power, and that they'll be ready to rock your world even straight from a smartphone, being quite efficient, and having only 16 Ohm as impedance. This low impedance also makes them slightly sensitive to hiss, if you plan on pairing them with a source that has a higher output impedance.

The box is very stylish and has a very beautiful design, with a blue color on the outside and a rosy red color on the inside. The IEMs and the carry box are seated cozily in a foam cutout, where they sleep until you open them.

iBasso provides a lot of tips along with IT01, enough to make using IT01 fun and easy to use. I found that I like the included tips enough for me to not put on my usual Spinfit tips. The cable included is something else entirely, being one of the highest quality cables we've seen included with IEMs, regardless of their price. Especially handy as you probably won't need aftermarket cables for a good while while using IT01, and it is quite the surprise to find something like this on a 100$ IEM.

The carry case included with IT01 is quite beautiful as well, being one of the highest quality cases we've seen included with a IEM, and being, more or less, the same carry case as the one which comes included with the 2000$ RE-2000 from HIFIMAN, which we reviewed here: [https://goo.gl/VCS12x]

What to look in when purchasing an In-Ear Monitor


Technical Specifications

Driver: 10.0mm Dynamic driver
Driver material: Multi layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff.
Frequency response: 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity: 108+/-2dB
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation: -26dB
Rated power: 10mW
Plug size: 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length: 1.2m
Connection: MMCX
Weight: 8.0g without cable

Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit/Comfort

Starting with the outer shell, IT01 is made out of a high quality, highly reflective plastic surface which gives them a very interesting, elegant yet slightly retro feeling. The version we have is the Blue-Red version, but we know that there is a black version out there, for those who might prefer a sleeker and more elegant design.

In person, IT01 feels really high quality all around, and while almost all IEMs we tested to date passed our build quality tests, IT01 feels amazing due to the attention that was given to details, all little elements combining together elegantly and with a gentle curve, creating a very ergonomic IEM. The font chosen by iBasso further gives the bodies of IT01 a feeling of high-end and of quality.

When it comes to their connectors, we know that not all MMCX connectors are made the same, and IT01 has one of the highest quality MMCX connectors we've seen, similar to those employed on flagships, clicking right in place and staying fit without spinning freely.

The cables are something else entirely, not only the cables of IT01 are thicker and way too high-quality for their price point, but we never seen or had a cable that looks so good with any IEM, regardless of its price, aftermarket custom cables that are the same quality as the stock cable of IT01 often costing many times the price of IT01.

The 3.5mm plug on the cable completes an elegant and extremely high-end feeling, making the whole build quality and aesthetics of IT01 some of the best we've seen, being quite something else in the 100$ price range.

The fit and comfort are quite good as well, as iBasso employed vents on IT01 to ease the pressure inside the IEM body, as they are a single dynamic driver IEM. There is no driver flex if you insert the IEM slowly, and with care, and attention must be taken to not cover the ventilation port, as covering it can cause driver flex and other issues. Although we know a few cases where users reported driver flex, we couldn't notice anything above the typical driver flex for a vented Dynamic Driver IEM.

The fit is extremely comfortable, IT01 creating a bit of void while worn, this making them not only sit comfortably, but also giving them a fairly good isolation from the outside noise, which works both ways, as they are some of the IEMs that leak less sound from what we've tested. While they aren't quite at the levels of isolation UM Martian and Etymotic provides, IT01 is very much excellent for its 100$ price range.

Sound Quality

As per iBasso's request, we made sure to take impressions both when IT01 was new, and after a 100 and 200 hours burn-in marks. It seems that some components of IT01 do change with burn-in, so we recommend taking at least 100 hours of burn-in before judging their sound. Burn-in should be done with music around 75% to 100% of a listener's typical listening levels, with pink noise, or with music. Burn-in will happen gradually if they are used while it is happening as well, but it will take considerably longer to notice the effects than a continuous 100 hours of burn-in.

Source used for testing iBasso IT01 has been almost exclusively iBasso DX200, which we reviewed here: [https://goo.gl/HMct9Q], coupled along with AMP5 for DX200, which we will review in the (very) near future.

The baseline sonic signature of IT01 is a relatively organic sound, with a magical and enhanced mid bass, with a good midrange presence, and with a nice sub-bass and treble enhancement, resulting in a V-shaped sound with a quick and very nicely articulated bass, a brighter and very revealing midrange tonality, and crispy and airy treble. The sound is very dynamic in general as well, being a truly fun experience to witness.


Quantity-wise, the bass is enhanced, for those who crave a rather fun presentation. The bass is quite amazing, being quick and very resolving, showing very fine textures in the sub-bass and midbass, having great impact and giving drums and bass notes an excellent body and presentation. Dubstep music has a very deep and strong presentation, while metal music has the right amount of bass for excellent impact and lively presentation. While the bass hits hard, the quantity is not overwhelming, and it doesn't color the midrange, but it will satisfy those who crave for more bass.


The midrange is quite something else, being tuned slightly brighter, and very revealing. Textures in the music of Mindless Self Indulgence and Muse are resolved quite nicely, and meaty guitar solos in metal music sound emotional and vivid. Voices have a natural tonality, and bear excellent textures, while instruments like trumpets have a good amount of impact to sound realistic. All music, from electronic to Jazz is resolved nicely, IT01 being a nice all-rounder. Although the signature isn't the most organic one, the transparency of the midrange is really nice to have with metal music and complex compositions with lots of instruments.


The treble of IT01 is a bit enhanced, presenting music with an excellent sparkle, and with an amazingly good extension for this price range, competing even with certain flagships when it comes to the clarity, precision and low distortion of cymbal hits and cymbal trailing. The airiness is also quite nice, and the micro-textures are quite excellent, and IT01 is not harsh, and it is most certainly not sibilant, being a rather fun, uplifting, energetic and realistic listen. The enhanced treble is quite nice for balancing out the rather enhanced bass, giving it a nice V-shaped sound.


The soundstage of IT01 is quite wide, extending very well around the listener, but the depth is a bit more intimate, maybe a few rows in front of the listener. The stereo imaging is quite excellent and you can easily pinpoint every single instrument in the sonicstage, as well as enjoy stereo panning effects in music that presents it, from rock to pop.

Portable Usage

When it comes to its portability, IT01 is portable in every way a IEM can be, being lightweight, having an excellent fit, even while walking and running, offering enough isolation from the outside noise, and being rather easy to drive, with its 16 OHM impedance and its 108dB of sensitivity working right even straight out of a typical smartphone. Adding a professional Digital Audio Player (DAP), like iBasso DX200 improves the experience and gives IT01 improved detailing, better soundstaging and finer clarity / details.

The fit of IT01 is quite good for long time wearing, making it a very nice portable option, and the comfort is good enough for them to be taken on a trip (as we did when we went wandering through the lonely streets of Bucharest to explore the less known parts of this beautiful city).


iBasso IT01 vs FiiO F9Pro - F9Pro is is the latest flagship from FiiO, and although it is around 70$ more expensive than IT01, they make a nice comparison, as F9Pro is one of the better IEMs we heard to date. Starting with the construction quality, IT01 has a shallower fit, and both F9Pro and IT01 have an excellent fit, even for long-term usage. The cables are better on IT01, while F9Pro uses a supler cable. The connector quality is a bit better on IT01, but F9Pro isn't far behind either. The sonics are great on both, IT01 being slightly more V-shaped with a more recessed midrange, and with a stronger bass, larger bass amounts, quicker bass, more impact at the bass level, and with less treble quantity, while F9Pro has a more forward midrange. F9Pro also has a little peak around the 7 kHz area, which isn't present on IT01, making F9Pro sound a bit more revealing, but also a bit peakier and a bit hot in that area, especially for those sensitive to treble.

iBasso IT01 vs MOOH BE00BT - BE00BT is a full sized BT Headphone that is priced at a similar price point as IT01. While BE00BT is a full-blown over-the-ears headphone with bluetooth, and even with APT-X, IT01 is a single Dynamic Driver IEM, with excellent fit and one of the best cables there are. Starting with the comfort, IT01 tends to be more comfortable, since BE00BT can touch my ears while worn, but there is a good amount of comfort with both. The cable quality is not comparable, IT01 having a much better cable. The sound is quite dynamic on both, but it is bassy and slower on BE00BT, with a smoother presentation and less focus on details, while it is more revealing on IT01, with a more detailed presentation and better instrument separation.

iBasso IT01 vs Astrotec AM850 - This is a harder comparison to make, as AM850 is quite the amazing IEM as well, the biggest difference being the tuning of IT01 and AM850, as IT01 is more V-shaped, with a stronger Sub-bass, stronger bass, less forward midrange, less bright upper midrange, and more treble extension, while AM850 has a more forward midrange, and a brighter general presentation. Despite its general brighter sound, it'd be hard to say that AM850 is more revealing, but instead both IT01 and AM850 are quite revealing. The cable quality is superior on IT01, and AM850 doesn't come with detachable cables, but AM850 has a smaller IEM body, and it might come off as more comfortable for those with smaller ear canals. AM850 also has a full metal body for its IEMs, while IT01 is made out of high-quality plastic.

iBasso IT01 vs Kinera H3 - iBasso IT01 is considerably more balanced than Kinera H3, IT01 being a V-shaped IEM with a good balance of the overall signature, while H3 has considerably less midrange than they have bass and treble, Kinera H3 having a considerably stronger treble, to the point where it is sibilant to some listeners. The comfort is better on IT01 than it is on H3, as H3 exhibited quite a bit of driver flex during our tests, but both are very revealing IEMs with a good amount of details in their sound.

iBasso IT01 vs Simgot EN700Bass - EN700Bass presents music similar amounts of bass, but less relative speed and less detail, and with less dynamics and impact. IT01 has a quicker, and more agile bass which is also presented with a more enhanced impact. The midrange is clearer, more detailed, more revealing and slightly brighter on IT01, while it seems less detailed on EN700BASS. The treble is considerably airier on IT01, with better crispiness and better extension. EN700BASS feels smoother and leaner, as EN700BASS has a laid back presentation in comparison. The comfort is better on IT01 as E700bass is larger in size, but both should be fairly comfortable.

Recommended Pairings

iBasso IT01 + HIFIMAN MEGAMINI - HIFIMAN MEGAMINI is a great budget-oriented source to drive IT01, giving it a nice soundstage and detail, along with great dynamics, but the pairing also gives IT01 a bit of hiss, in the end Megamini losing a bit there.

iBasso IT01 + Shanling M2s - Shanling M2s is a very healthy-priced DAP from Shanling, with a lot of bells and whistles. The pairing has nice dynamics and a leaner sound, making IT01 a bit more musical and relaxed than other pairing. I couldn't notice any hissing with this pairing.

iBasso IT01 + Opus #1s - #1s is quite the amazing DAP when it comes to driving hard-to-drive headphones, being able to give life even to amazing flagship-level headphones like Beyerdynamic Amiron and Audeze LCD-MX4. When it comes to this pairing, it is quite interesting, as #1s has quite the amazing dynamics with IT01, sounding very dynamic, and having a wide soundstage.

iBasso IT01 + iBasso DX200 - iBasso DX200 has an amazing power and precision in driving IT01, with an enthusiastic soundstage, an excellent instrument separation, and an amazing general clarity and musical note definition. I can't say I notice any kind of hiss with this pairing, and the general feeling is that of vividness and of clarity with this pairing.

Value and Conclusion

iBasso impressed us before, when they created their DX200, an amazing DAP with a lot of power and with excellent features, but we didn't expect iBasso to impress us as much so soon again. It seems that when it comes to being impressive, iBasso does an amazing job, as they did it again, with their IT01, which is a very fair priced IEM, at just 100$, or we could even say that it is unfairly priced, as its cable alone could be worth more than its 100$ price tag, considering the cost of a high-quality aftermarket cable.

iBasso made sure to learn from other IEMs, so they included an amazing carrying case as well, the same case as the one used with HIFIMAN RE2000, which is a true flagship. The amazement doesn't stop there, as the build quality of IT01 is much more impressive than most 100$ IEMs are in general, with a clear and high-quality overall feeling, the smooth and finely worked IEM shells having a beauty of their own. If one doesn't like the Blue and Red version of IT01, there is always the fully black version, which looks very sleek and elegant.

The sound is amazing with IT01, being worthy of a little flagship, IT01 being not only one of the most impressive 100$ IEMs, but being also a little gem in this world, a IEM that is really really well-priced and which hits way above its pricing, and being a IEM that has been loved and cherished by many of our friends, from way before we managed to finish posting this very review.

We can only say that we wholeheartedly recommend IT01 as one of the best 100$ IEMs there are, and with proper burn-in, those little gems are sure to satisfy most people out there, and they will always be in our hearts as an amazing product from iBasso, being the second product from them that really impressed us.

Stay safe and remember to always have fun while listening to music!

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Pros: Serious sound. Excellent fit. Solid build. Awesome cable.
Cons: ...what cons?
IT01 02.jpg
~::I originally published this on THL. Now I wish to share it with my Head-Fi fellows.::~

:: Disclaimer ::

iBasso provided the IT01 free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

The IT01 sells for $99 MSRP
IT01 on Amazon


I contacted iBasso because I had seen a photo of an early build for their IT04 in-ear monitor. Wood. Lots of wood. You know how Pinky likes that. So I thought I should strike up a dialog as soon as possible.

But of course, that release was still a ways off. Paul Hu of iBasso suggested I try their new entry-level IEM, the IT01, and maybe the DX200, if I was into reviewing DAPs. hoho! Boy am I!

In a snap of the finger, this lot arrived on my doorstep.

iBasso Shipment.jpg
iBasso put in some serious effort in creating something no sane person would call “Just a Dynamic Driver.” 1 Tesla magnetic flux magnet. Dual Helmholtz Resonator driver. Multi-layered 5µm Graphene Diaphragm… I don’t know what it all means, but goddamn, it sure sounds exciting. And not to give anything away, but I believe some of the hype. This thing does not perform like you’d expect.

Unboxing 01.jpg
Unboxing 02.jpg
Unboxing 03.jpg
Unboxing 04.jpg
The IT01 is kind of large for a single-driver product, but it fits my ears very well. They go in comfortable, and remain that way for long sessions. They come with a few different tips, but I tend to neglect stock provisions and just throw on my standards, the JVC Spiral Dots. They worked a treat here, as always.

What really sits you back in your chair is the cable. If they sold this cable as a $100 upgrade, I’d call that more than fair. It’s excellent! But they don’t. This is all stock, included in the whole package for $99. It is one of the most supple, ergonomically compliant wires I’ve ever owned. I’m not a huge fan of MMCX connectors, but this one is quite nice, and with zero noticeable microphonics, I can’t find anything to complain about. I heartily approve of this whole thing.

IT01 & DX200.jpg

IT01 & N5ii 01.jpg
I rate the iBasso IT01 at neutral-warm, with strong leanings towards clarity and resolution. After a full-week of burn-in, these monitors deliver a controlled, yet highly musical performance. They are energetic, yet know how to rein it in and gently romance you. There is a richness of tone and well-layered depth. Couple that to a highly revealing profile, and you have a special kind of creature that sort of does it all.

Treble is accentuated, but not spiky or harsh. It walks an interesting line between warm and bright. It feels dead center, like it could tip either way with just a nudge. Refinement is not the highest I’ve ever heard, though it is better than almost anything in the mid-range, let alone budget-tier, which is where the IT01 sits. The highs are a touch splashy, yet well within acceptable margins. Extension is remarkable, giving you all those upper-register notes, for an airy, spacious environment. Listening to classical violins is really very pleasant.

IT01 04.jpg
They’ve been called V-Shaped, or U-Shaped. I don’t hear it quite like that. Maybe a gentle U. The vocals certainly aren’t forward, and probably do stand a step back on the stage. However, the artist is portrayed with good size and can be heard loud and clear. Details, texture, and articulation come through in a big way. Note weight is well balanced, so neither thick nor thin. There is a smooth, natural quality to voices which belies the amount of detail present. The IT01 is not artificially aggressive, but rather bold and powerful.

Bass may sound overwhelming out of the box. I didn’t listen to it long enough to say for sure. But after burn-in, I can say it’s very well balanced with the rest of the signature. Rarely do I hear it standing out as the main focus. Nonetheless, it can do just that when the song calls for it. BLACK SABBATH by Black Sabbath shows you the monster lives. The IT01 packs one mean punch. The lows are textured and quick, large-sounding, and capable of such delicious rumble.

Soundstage is quite large in width and height, and better than average depth, giving you a thoroughly out-of-head experience. This is bolstered by the IT01’s talent to separate the elements in a clean, vivid fashion. Imaging seems more or less flawless, marking every sound with adequate precision. Then great resolution completes the presentation, resulting in one of the mightiest performers I’ve come across under $400.

IT01 05.jpg
I have much fondness for the Oriveti Basic, another $99 single DD IEM. It has a very warm, easy sound. Yet compared to the IT01, Basic sounds like $99. By that I mean Basic has nowhere near the same level of clarity or separation. Details come off blurry and resolution is downgraded by many units of measurement. It honestly doesn’t seem fair to put Basic against IT01, but it’s the only other $99 IEM I own. In regards to tuning, Basic is much warmer, with lots of mid-bass that bleeds into the vocals. The treble is less extended, less airy, and in the background of the mix. Mids are smooth, big, and warm. Yes, it’s a fun IEM, but it doesn’t perform anywhere near the same level.

So let’s jump to $300, with the FLC8S (Review HERE). This race is significantly closer. Using the filters Red, Black, and Gunmetal, the tuning is not far off, though FLC is a little warmer, with more mid-bass to thicken the mids. As a result, FLC8S presents a slightly fuller, warmer sound. Clarity and transparency goes to IT01, with FLC not far behind. iBasso also takes it in detail retrieval, resolution, and separation. FLC’s treble, on the other hand, is a bit more refined. IT01 turns the tables again with bass, delivering better texture, speed, and resolution. Vocals are great on both, though IT01 renders bigger and more vivid. Finally, soundstage: IT01 creates a gander venue, no question.

One must go all the way up to the DUNU DK-3001 ($469, Review HERE) before a proper victory can be had over iBasso. Here I am met with a profound sense of depth, allowing for holographic immersion, which you simply don’t get with the IT01. The bass is also on a whole other level, not only in quantity, but timbre and scope. You really feel the size of that 13mm driver. However, iBasso gives more texture and detail. DUNU lays out the frequency spread with awesome silkiness, from the lowest of lows, all the way to the furthest reaches of treble. In comparison, the IT01 sounds grainy. The DK3001 carries thicker notes and more body. The vocals are front and center, not back on the stage at all. DUNU’s soundstage is also a bit bigger, on all axes.

Since the IT01 walks the line between warm and bright so well, they are not tricky to pair. Practically any source will sound good. If you want a little extra bass, or more treble, the device you choose can swing the scales. They are highly efficient and require very little power to drive. Like I said, you really can’t go wrong. Still, here are a few pairings you may find interesting:

IT01 & M3s 01.jpg
The Shanling M3s ($279, Review HERE) is a fantastic budget DAP for the IT01. Smooth, clean, and revealing as ****. With a hint of warmth and plenty of treble, you get quite a lot of musicality without leaving neutrality. Soundstage is above average, and there’s great separation. It allows the IT01 to show off its qualities without aiming for the stars… and emptying your wallet in the process.

IT01 & Opus1S 01.jpg
theBit’s newest release, the Opus#1S ($399) is a warmer, fuller device. It adds a more natural, relaxed quality to the IT01. The treble is less splashy, the grain less noticeable. Soundstage is bigger and depth increases. There’s a degree of refinement and maturity to this setup that is seriously impressive. Normally I’d consider a budget earphone not worth the effort of such a fine source, but the IT01 responds with vigor to the added richness.

My reference player is the Opus#2 ($1,299, Review HERE), and the DAP I use for my audio break-down and comparisons. It has the weight and naturalness of the #1S, but also manages the clarity and transparency of the M3s. That’s what Top of the Line gets you, I guess; the best of both worlds. It doesn’t stop there, either. #2 also delivers a significant upgrade in depth and separation, with a grander soundstage, and all around greater realism. The fact IT01 can illustrate these changes with such articulation may be the single most impressive feat I’ve seen it perform yet. They scale like a mother******!

IT01 & Opus2 01.jpg
Before I move on, I’d like to mention the Cayin N5ii and iBasso DX200 are also highly recommended for these. You can’t go wrong with either one, but in this case, the price difference does yield greater quality. Set your budget, and buy the best you can afford. You won’t regret it.

Sweet Jesus! We’ve come to the end. Are you still hazy on my stance? Do you really need me to say it? Fine, I will. I love these things. Are you happy? The iBasso IT01 should not sound this good. Or if it should, it shouldn’t be this inexpensive. Or if it should, everyone else ought to readjust their prices. I won’t say it’s a game-changer, because the only game Pinky cares about is the game of love. That’s a different article entirely. Still, something’s changed, and iBasso did it. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


IT01 01.jpg
IT01 03.jpg

Today i am going to review a really surprising product both for its audiophile sound both for its budget low price: iBasso IT01. iBasso company is quite famous in the audiophile world for the quality of their DAPs and I was just curious how much was the quality of their new released iem. IT01 model shows a In-house developed dynamic driver combining three types of technology: 1 Tesla magnetic flux, Dual Helmotz resonators and a multi layered graphene diaphragm. The result of this synergy gives you an incredible sound with low distortion and great dynamic sound.

Hope you will understand my review, since I usually write for my Italian public, but when I find the audio product that really impresses me, I am more than happy to share my opinions worldwide. Hope you will enjoy my review.

IT01 unit was sent me as a sample unit, I am not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions will be only my own. Would like to thanks again iBasso team for sending me this unit giving me the opportunity to test this budget audiophile product.

If you want to check my full review in Italian language this is the link: https://wordpress.com/post/simplyaudiophile.wordpress.com/1165

LINK OFFICIAL SHOP: http://ibasso.com/cp_xq_dy.php?id=6025#page2

LINK FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/iBassoAudio/?ref=br_rs

bo2.JPG bo5.jpg
PACKAGING: packaging really surprised me, considering their budget price, it is quite rich and premium feeling. In the blue box you will find the iem, a warranty card and a manual with a frequency response measurement graph, different size eartips in silicone and foam (surely you will find the right artips perfect for your ear-canal). I really appreciate this choice of providing a various eartips size, cause for in ear models they are very important, indeed only if you can find the perfect seal you will enjoy your audio product at the best.In the box you will find a nice protective tin and a premium cable too. Yes, iBasso for only 100 USD provided a detachable MMCX iem with a premium cable; the cable is not only nice looking, but provides a high quality sound. As described in their official page the cable is a 4-wire braided OFC cable one. It is light and barely noticed when draped over the ear. This contributes to long term listening comfort with no fatigue or irritation. Microphonics have been reduced to a point where there is almost no noticeable sound as the cable rubs on clothes with head movement.

The construction seems very solid: the shell is made up of acrylic and it’s lightweight and comfortable: I didn’t have any problems in my long audio session. . I have to admit that ITO1 model, as you can see in the images I attached to this review, is a really nice looking and particular IEM.

Speaking of isolation, it is very good in this department and if you can find the right eartips you will enjoy your playlist without any annoying external noise.


SOUND: sound quality really impressed me: I tried a lot of premium iem on 1000USD price range and never imagined that only 100USD product could sound so good.

Really appreciate the philosophy of this company: providing excellent audio quality at the right price.

Overall ITO1 is a great sounding IEM: with its V-shaped signature you will enjoy a fun sound, but on audiophile level. Its sound signature is on the clean side, with mids just a bit recessed and a great dynamic and transient response.

All my sound consideration has been made after 100 hours of burn in as suggested from the iBasso company, with different DAPs such as fiio x3, x5, iFi Nano Idsd black label and my iphone 6 too.

I found a perfect synergy with silicon eartips ones cause they give a detailed sound with excellent bass response.

Overall this IEM offers a clean sound with a very quality bass rich of depth and one of the fastest I have ever heard. Bass is strong but never overwhelming and respectful of the track.

Mids are just a bit laid back and in certain tracks I noticed the need of a more vocal presence for example in Lana Del Rey “Get Free” you can’t hear all the sensuality of this singer. With male vocals I found a lack of body in certain tracks, but with female voices this IEM can bring a very detailed and natural sound.

I could say that mids aren’t “in focus” , simply are in the middle and around are played all the other instruments that are the focus of the IT01 sound reproduction.

Highs are very clean and crispy (highs are the star of the show for this iem) . They are very controlled and refined with a lot of sparkles, you will get an extended treble response but without harshness and sibilance issues, indeed, i could be able to listen to this IEM and never find any listening fatigue.

Dynamic is excellent . Thanks to the one Tesla magnetic flux, Dual Helmotz resonators and a multi layered graphene diaphragm you will enjoy a great transient response without any distorsions. This is incredible considering their budget price range.

Soundstage is very good, it extends particularly in width, I think it’s due to the two small bores in the shell.

You will find a nice holographic sense of space.

With its low impedance is quite easy to drive, you can drive easily with your Smartphone, but obviously with a good DAP you get an overall better sound, with better dynamic and a stronger bass response and in particular, a more controlled and refined sound quality.



IT01 VS WHIZZER A15 PRO: this is a fair comparison since they are in the same price range. IT01 has more v shaped sound signature, so it is in the more fun side reproduction, on the other side A15 PRO shows a more controlled sound, has a more detailed and natural mids reproduction. IT01 has a faster and stronger bass response, a cleaner and more detailed highs with more spackles.

Cable in the ITO1 is nicer and a better build construction.

Soundstage is more or less equal: all of them shows a quite “out of the head” sound, maybe IT01 has just a bit wider soundstage.

They are low impedance iems, but A15 needs more power to sound best.

IT01 VS SHOZY HIBIKI: IT01 has a better transient response and dynamic and has a cleaner sound.

On the other hand HIBIKI has a more controlled and warmish sound.

HIBIKI needs a lot of amping, on the other hand IT01 is quite easy to drive.

IT01 VS PERIODIC AUDIO Mg: right now these are my beast in-ears on the 100 USD price range.

Mg has a more controlled and audiophile sound, has a good bass response and refined highs with more detailed mids reproduction, on the other hand IT01, since has a v-shaped sound signature, has just a bit recessed mids and a stronger and faster bass response, mids are not so detailed as in Mg, but has overall more sparckling and a wider soundstage.

If you need a more fun and engaging audiophile sound signature, with a lots of details IT01 will be a perfect choice for you, if you are looking for a more controlled and audiophile sound signature PERIODIC AUDIO Mg will be the right choice for you.


FINAL WORDS: Overall IT01 is one of the best sounding iems in its price range. You will get a nice and well built iem, with a premium detachable MMCX cable and overall a v-shaped and fun sound signature with a first-class dynamic and transient response.


Hi, i received them yesterday and i really liked them but after searching i saw bad reviews about the build quality of this iem for example (after 1 week the left side stop working/after 3 month the covered plastic broke) can i ask you after 1 year of using is there any bad thing happened ?
Pros: low price, high quality sound, premium removable cable, comfortable fit, nice accessories.
Cons: mmcx cable hard to disconnect.

The product was provided to me free of charge for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion. The review was originally posted on my blog, and now I would like to share it with all my readers on head-fi.

Manufacturer website: iBasso. Available from iBasso and Penon Audio.


I’m sure many are familiar with a phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover. In audiophile world, the same is true for: don’t judge a product by its price. In today’s competitive market, some companies raise the price to be taken seriously. Fortunately, iBasso is not one of them, and instead they do the opposite. For example, in their latest IT01 single Dynamic Driver IEM release, besides pricing it around $100, they also included a premium removable pure copper cable and a nice alloy case.

After having the opportunity to review their different products in the last few years, I probably shouldn’t be too surprised because iBasso always practice what they preach with every release, delivering quality products at a reasonable price. I said the same about their DX200 DAP, CB12 cable, IT03 IEMs, and even CA01 and CA02 adapters. Now, let’s find out if the same holds true with IT01 IEMs, and if these sound as good as they look.


Budget or no budget, IT01 arrived in a premium packaging with a plain cover artwork that clearly spells out “Audiophile In-Ear Monitors”. The back of the sleeve has a detailed spec in 8 different languages, and adds highlights of the design describing the technology, cable, and the fit.

With an outer sleeve off, you will find a premium quality box with a magnetic flip cover, and all the goodies wedged securely inside of a foam cutout. Doesn’t look like they cut any corners in packaging, and it was still a satisfying unboxing experience.











Included with IT01, you will find 3 sets of S/M/L silicone eartips. While I usually tip roll to find the best fit and isolation, digging into my stash of dozens of eartips, with both IT01 and IT03, I went for the largest included stock pair as my best choice. The caps of these eartips, between the sets, do vary in springiness, allowing you to find the perfect one suited for the best seal and isolation, and the most secure fit. In addition, iBasso also included 2 pairs of foam eartips (S/M size), which I found to be more comfortable than Comply.

Also, included was a metal alloy round puck case. While this case is not as comfortable to carry in a pocket when compared to other small zippered cases, it’s very secure and can withstand some serious abuse. Plus, this round case is roomy enough to fit IT01 with its premium cable. My only advice, when you open it up – do it over some surface because thing can go flying everywhere once you pull the top off.





It’s very rare to see a premium detachable cable included with a “budget” IEM release. And when I say premium, I’m not talking about the looks, referring to so many budget cables on eBay or aliexpress which have a shiny look and junk low quality wires behind it. Here we are talking about a handmade 4-conductor loosely braided 4N-purity oxygen-free lightweight copper cable.

The termination is a standard single ended gold plated 3.5mm connector with a strain relief and a nice aluminum housing with iBasso Audio printed label. The braid is loose, making the cable more flexible. Y-splitter has a matching aluminum design, and so does a chin slider. Above y-splitter, cable is twisted, and closer to mmcx connectors you have a pre-shaped transparent flexible tubing piece forming an earhook for a secure over-the-ear fit which is a proper way of wearing IT01. Also, I found the cable has no microphonics.

MMCX connector is universal and housed inside of a translucent housing mold with a red/blue dot indicating Right/Left sides. The mating of the cable to the shell is very secure and snappy, but unfortunately pulling them apart is rather difficult. Not sure if it becomes looser after more disconnects, but ironically, I was fine with it since I found no need to cable roll. Just make sure if you do choose to disconnect the cable, always grip it by the connector housing and never pull on the cable.









Aftermarket cables.

I did mention above that I found no need to cable roll, but just in case if anybody is curious, I tried it with a few other cables.

Stock CU vs CB13 - very similar tonality of the sound. One of the differences I hear is in soundstage depth where CB13 makes sound more holographic, pushing it further out. Also, with the bass, CB13 pair-up lowers the quantity of sub-bass and mid-bass, making it closer to the low end of IT03. It refines the sound without affecting its tonality. For sure, if you find low end impact of IT01 to be a little too much for your taste, CB13 can fix that.

Stock CU vs ALO SPC - very similar soundstage expansion, maybe with ALO giving just a touch more depth. Bass extension and impact are very similar as well, and so does the treble - being spot on. But I hear mids being a little more forward with ALO cable.

I don't have too many mmcx cables (a lot more 2pin cables), and in general, considering the price of IT01, it probably makes no sense to upgrade it with fancy cables costing 4x-5x times the price of IEM itself. I always encourage to cable roll with your existing cables, but in my opinion here iBasso carefully selected their own premium pure copper cable, used for finetuning of the IT01 sound. So, no need to go crazy with upgrades.




While being familiar with IT03 hybrid design (DD + 2BAs), some might assume that IT01 single DD design was a result of removing two BA drivers. Turns out, it was a brand-new design with an all new 5um ultra-thin multi-layered graphene diaphragm driver. These particular ultra-light and relatively stiff drivers are known for their fast speed and low distortion, to the point where it doesn't even need any additional damped material, just a very strong magnet, picked by iBasso here with a magnetic flux density of nearly 1 tesla.


In addition, iBasso's compact shell design has a dual cavity helmholtz resonators, responsible for its powerful bass. Closer examination of the shell also reveals two pinhole vents, on inner side of the shell and closer to the nozzle. While the shells are made from what appears to be acrylic material, the nozzle is all metal with a lip at the tip (to keep eartips from sliding) and a fine mesh covering the opening (to keep the wax away).

The design is available in red/blue - color coded for right and left sides, or in all black - a more classic look with a tinted black finish that has very little transparency. As I mentioned already, IT01 features mmcx connectors with a very tight and secure cable fit. The black shells I received have iBasso Audio IT01 printed on the faceplate, though the print is grayish and hard to see on the black background, creating a more stealth look.

The shells itself are more universal and compact in comparison to IT03 which I consider to be custom-universal due to their unique shape. In comparison, IT01 is smaller, lighter, and with a more ergonomic universal design to fit any ear.







The fit.


Sound analysis.

As suggested by manufacturer, I started to analyze IT01 sound after 100+ hours of the initial burn in. I found these IEMs to have V-shaped sound signature with a fast, articulate bass, brighter revealing tonality and crisp airy treble. It has an excellent retrieval of details and a good level of transparency. While the tonality is not exactly smooth organic, it's not too harsh or artificial either.

Soundstage is very wide, extending far left and right, while the depth is not bad but more on an intimate level, maybe a few rows in front of you. With such width, you can expect a good imaging with an excellent placement of instruments and vocals, where every sound is easy to pin point.

The sound is dynamic with a good level of separation and transparency though it could have been a little better if mids were more forward.

Bass really stands out in this tuning with a deep lifted sub-bass rumble and a fast well controlled articulate mid-bass punch. Bass hits hard, but quantity is not too overwhelming. If you prefer more neutral bass, these might not be for you. The speed of the bass is surprisingly fast for a single DD.

Lower mids are neutral, maybe even a little south of neutral, not as much body, and upper mids are very detailed, transparent, bright, though also a little colder and thinner, and pulled a little back. Despite v-shaped tuning, upper mids still have a rather good definition, just less organic tonality.

Treble is crisp and sparkly, with a nice extension and plenty of airiness. It's not harsh or splashy, and no signs of sibilance, and it does have plenty of energy to compliment the bass at the opposite end of the spectrum.




Without a doubt, many will be interested how IT01 compares to its bigger brother, IT03.

IT01 vs IT03 - starting with a soundstage, they have nearly similar width, maybe with 01 being a touch wider, and 03 having more out of your head depth while 01 is closer to a stage with more intimacy. The upper hand in bass belongs to 01 with more sub-bass rumble and stronger mid-bass impact, and, while 03 bass is north of neutral, 01 still dominates without overpowering the sound. With mids, the table is turned around where I hear 01 being more recessed and with more neutral lower mids and a little pushed back upper mids, while 03 has more body in lower mids and more organic upper mids in comparison to thinner upper mids of 01. With treble, it changes again, now 01 resumes the dominating position with more sparkle and crunch, leading to a perception of more airiness, while 03 has a great definition and extension, but smoother in comparison to 01.

Here how it stacks up against other IEMs.

IT01 vs Simgot EN700Pro - 01 has a wider soundstage while EN has a little more depth, extending a little further out. With a more balanced signature, EN has a tastefully elevated level of sub-bass rumble and mid-bass impact, while 01 goes deeper and hits harder when it comes to the bass. With mids, EN pulls more forward with more body in lower mids while 01 is more neutral, and more forward upper mids while 01 pulled a little more back. While being more recessed in comparison, 01 mids are more revealing with better retrieval of details, and EN mids are smoother and more organic. With treble, 01 has more sparkle and crunch while EN is smoother in comparison. Both have a well-defined treble, but that extra sparkle in 01 gives it a perception of more airiness. But the main difference here is 01 being more v-shaped tuned, while EN is more balanced.

IT01 vs HiFiMan RE600 - 01 soundstage is wider by a noticeable margin here, while RE has only slight advantage in soundstage depth, though closer to 01. Also, RE bass is a lot more neutral in comparison, with sub-bass being the most noticeable difference where 01 goes deeper with higher quantity. Both have a fast, mid-bass punch, but 01 hits harder. Both have neutral lower mids, perhaps with 01 being a little more south of neutral when compared to RE. Upper mids are more forward, smoother, more natural in RE while 01 is pulled a little back, thinner, and brighter in comparison. Both have a well-defined crunchy treble, but 01 still has more sparkle.

IT01 vs Oriveti Basic - 01 soundstage is wider, while they both have a similar depth, with Basic being just slightly further out. With bass, finally 01 has a match where Basic goes as deep and hits as hard, but the difference is that 01 bass is tighter, faster, and more articulate, while Basic is slower and more relaxed in comparison. Basic also has more body in lower mids, while 01 is more neutral, and Basic's upper mids are more forward, warmer, and smoother in comparison to more recessed, thinner, brighter, and more revealing 01 upper mids. When it comes to treble, Basic has as much crunch but nowhere near the same level of sparkle as 01 which sounds brighter and airy in comparison to Basic.

IT01 vs ATH-CKR10 - 01 soundstage is wider, while CKR has a noticeably more depth with a sound being more out of your head. While CKR has a nice sub-bass rumble and north of neutral mid-bass punch, it does not go as deep or has as much mid-bass impact as 01. Both have a similar neutral lower mids, while upper mids is where I hear the most difference. Besides CKR upper mids being more forward, they are brighter and less natural in tonality versus 01 being slightly pulled back with an equally brighter yet more natural, smoother tonality. Treble is nearly identical between these two.

IT01 vs IT03.



Pair up.

Based on the spec with 16-ohm impedance and 108 dB sensitivity, IT01 should be easy to drive from any source. Thus, I wasn’t expecting any surprises.

Cowon Plenue 2 - very wide expanded soundstage. V-shaped sound signature with a slightly elevated deep sub-bass rumble and a fast, articulate strong mid-bass punch. Neutral lower mids, slightly pushed back brighter revealing upper mids, and crisp sparkly treble. Black background.

Lotoo LPG - very wide soundstage with a little more depth. The sound has a little deeper v-shaped signature due to a stronger mid-bass impact, with the same deep sub-bass rumble, and a little more energy with more sparkle in treble. Upper mids are very resolving with excellent retrieval of details, and at the same time a little thinner and brighter. Very faint background hissing.

Sony WM1Z - very wide holographic soundstage with a little more depth. The sound is still v-shaped but has a little smoother tonality now. Bass still hits hard with a deep rumble and fast mid-bass, lower mids have a touch more body, upper mids are a little smoother and more organic, while treble has a lot more energy with more crunch and better definition, but it's not harsh or splashy. I can hear treble being wider in its presentation. Black background.

iBasso DX200 w/amp4 - very wide holographic soundstage with a little more depth. The sound keeps it's v-shaped sound sig, with tonality being a little more revealing. Bass is fast and very articulate, sub-bass rumble is nicely textured, mid-bass hits hard and fast. Lower mids are a bit south of neutral, upper mids are revealing, transparent, highly resolving. Treble is crisp, airy, well defined. Black background.

Galaxy Note 4 - soundstage is still wide, but not to the same extent as with DAPs above. Bass hits hard with the same level of sub-bass rumble and mid-bass punch, but it's a bit slower and not as tight. Mids are pushed slightly more back, still being bright and revealing, while treble is crisp and well defined.




When I received IT01 and started my testing, I was curious to find out if iBasso cut any corners to bring down the price of IT01, but I couldn’t find anything to nitpick about. We are talking about premium quality packaging, premium removable cable and other accessories, unique graphene driver with a fun v-shaped tuning, and a compact durable shell with a metal nozzle. All this for about $100 makes it quite an impressive value.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to a personal sound preference. If you prefer a neutral signature with a more balanced sound and tamed down bass impact, these are not for you. The same, if you are looking for a more soulful mid-forward performance with a focus on vocals, these are not it. IT01 delivers a fun v-shaped signature with a clear detailed sound, a wide soundstage expansion, a punchy bass, and a crisp treble for modern audiophiles on the go. And, IT01 won’t break your wallet and doesn’t require a pair up with high-end sources to make it sound great. Perhaps, IT01 won’t replace its older brother IT03, but it surely compliments it nicely! The next stop, IT04!
How would it compare to the ER3XR from Etymotic?
Pros: •excellent value (sounds and performs like more expensive in-ears)
•good ergonomics and fit
•good build quality & removable cable (MMCX)
•midrange timbre
•high resolution
•very good and clean note and instrument separation
•excellent bass quality: very tight, fast and highly controlled
•very premium appearing included cable
Cons: •midrange resolution lacks slightly behind lows and highs
•cable braiding could be tighter (but it's intentional, as iBasso say)
•middle highs could be a tad more realistically tuned
•carrying case isn't as nice as the rest

Originally posted in English on my English and German audio review website, the "Kopfhörer-Lounge", here comes my review of iBasso Audio's quite fantastic single dynamic driver in-ear called IT01, that won a golden Lounge Award in the category of dynamic driver in-ears this year, 2017.


The market of in-ears priced around $100, even though it is probably not as hot as the $50 range, is quite a battlefield, as this is more or less the price range most some casual audio consumers who aren’t as crazy as us headphone lovers likely possibly still feel comfortable to invest money into.

Despite nowadays’ existence of several good-sounding single-BA and hybrid in-ears in this price range, good old single dynamic driver in-ears still exist, and classic models such as the Shure SE215 that recently got a new colour with the m+SPE version, or newcomers such as the ORIVETI BASIC exist for a reason. Why did I mention both in-ears? Because they are sonically as well as technically convincing (although definitely not perfect), and because I personally also really really really really really really like both (and I want them, now in my ears, do they want it too?).

Errr, yeah… Boom. That was a transition. A transition to a new single dynamic driver in-ear contender in the $100 range – the iBasso IT01. It features a 5 nanometre thin, 10 mm graphene diaphragm that is driven by a strong magnet. And it features a Helmholtz-resonator chamber design to achieve the tuning it has, by killing some resonance peaks. Definitely some attributes that sound good in theory but don’t really say anything about how the IT01 sounds and how it performs.

So how does the iBasso Audio’s latest single-driver in-ear sound? And how does it perform? Let’s find it out (before I go fully bonkers with an introduction that is even weirder than this one)!

Full disclosure: The iBasso IT01 in-ear was sent to me free of charge for this review. As always, my words are nonetheless true, unbiased honest and written without any guidelines or requirements for the review, no matter how it would turn out.

Technical Specifications:

Price: $99
Drivers per Side: 1
Type of Driver: Dynamic, Graphene Diaphragm, 10 mm
Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 42000 Hz
Sensitivity: 108 dB (+/- 2 dB)
Impedance 16 Ohms
Rated Power Input: 10 mW
THD: <1% (@ 1 kHz, 1 mW)
Noise Isolation: 26 dB
Detachable Cable (MMCX)

Delivery Content:

The overall package and wrapper represents the typical “new” iBasso appearance, with a nice presentation inside the blue box with magnetically closed lid, where we find red paper lining, and a manual with a frequency response measurement graph as well warranty card inside a black paper pocket in the lid.

Then, one will also find the ear pieces, a very wide selection of different, very nice and soft silicone tips, some foam tips, a protective storage/carrying tin, and last but not least a premium cable.

Looks, Feels, Build Quality:

First, let’s talk about the metal tin: personally, I don’t really like it – I’m honestly not a fan of its gunmetal-green-ish colour, really think that the inscription whose font I don’t really like should have been replaced with the new iBasso logo, and don’t like that the lid closes a bit loose-ish on the one I received. It is protective though, and softly cushioned with fabric and rubber on the inside.

Then, let’s talk about the cable. It is pure pornography (it’s probably better not to get too close to a children’s playground while flaunting that cable) and would probably cost more than the in-ear itself if it was offered by some “audiophile” “upgrade” cable companies.

It’s made of four very soft, super flexible copper conductors that are braided below the y-splitter (I wouldn’t mind a slightly firmer braid personally, but that’s just preference) and twisted above it, and is just great. Probably the best stock cable I have ever seen included with a sub-$100 in-ear so far, and it has got nice metal elements and doesn’t lack a chin-slider either.

The in-ear’s earpieces themselves are made of smoky, semi-translucent black plastic (a red & blue version is also available), have got nice “iBasso Audio IT01” inscriptions in grey colour on the faceplates and also don’t lack side indicators that also consist of grey letters.

The nozzle is made of metal and has got a protective metal mesh.

Overall, the in-ears appear well-built, sturdy and durable.

Comfort, Isolation:

The shells are ergonomically shaped and should provide a very good fit as long as your ears aren’t too small. I certainly don’t have any fit or seal issues in my large ears in any way, but that’s usually the case.

The cable is worn around the ears, which is the standard for most professional and higher-priced in-ears.
Microphonics are close to being inexistent thanks to the soft, flexible cable and integrated chin-slider.

Noise isolation is around average for in-ears that are vented.


My main sources for listening were my iBasso DX90, the Cowon Plenue J, Plenue 2 and iBasso DX200 (AMP1 module).

I only used the largest black silicone tips that came included.

Frequency response measurements can be found here: http://frequency-response.blogspot.com
(Sub-) Bass quantity might increase a bit depending on your ear anatomy and based on how free/covered the front vent is.


Tonality is not all that unlike the IT03, but with a less lifted, less bright/thin upper midrange and a somewhat brighter middle and super treble, along with a somewhat fuller and a bit more present bass in comparison – they’re still somewhat differently tuned in-ears after all, but they have some similarities and similar tendencies.

The bass starts climbing around 600 Hz, followed by some midbass slam and fullness further down, while avoiding too much thickness in the lower midrange, and reaches its climax in the sub-bass wherefore it has got more of an evenly integrated, “pushing” presentation. To my ears, it is around 11 dB north of neutral (diffuse-field flat bass à la Etymotic ER-4S/SR) in quantity – authoritative and impactful, but not in the sense of overshadowing the presentation.

The IT01’s upper midrange is really just very mildly lifted unlike the IT03’s that’s more airy and brighter, but therefore as a result thinner when it comes to midrange timbre. Objectively regarded, voices sound more linear and realistic with the IT01 as a very obvious result.
Yep, midrange balance is done really well.

Vocals are generally a bit further in the back in the mix and not intimate or “in your face” due to the rather v-shaped frequency response nature the IT01 has.

There is a hump both at 5 and 9 kHz, giving the IT01 an overall somewhat bright middle and upper treble reproduction with good air.

The 5 kHz lift could have been just a little lesser in order to lose the very slightly metallic flavour it brings, but the highs don’t appear harsh or overdone, which is really good. And while they are just slightly on the metallic side due to the 5 kHz lift, they aren’t too unnatural and don’t appear unpleasant. Sure, they are not smooth or linear. But they’re a good bit more even and realistic than on other in-ears such as the TFZ Series 2, Shozy x AAW Hibiki or RHA T20, and therefore only make the treble reproduction seem somewhat coloured, however without some sharpness/harshness or too many and/or too narrow peaks, and without emphasised sibilance. Overall, I would characterise the treble as having a moderate clarity lift, done tastefully.

Extension past 10 kHz in the super treble is really good, with some elevations around 12 and 14 kHz in my ears. Subtle sparkle and air are therefore also present.

- - -

Good job, iBasso. The IT01 is an in-ear with a more fun, v-shaped tuning, but not to the extent of overshadowing anything, and has got a quite realistic midrange timbre that takes a step back in the mix, coupled with a deep extending bass (I would say that it is deeper than the “Fritzl-Keller”, but it was filled with concrete in 2013) and a bright but definitely not sharp or too unrealistic treble.


Detail retrieval is surprisingly good – the IT01 is definitively a capable in-ear.

It features a tight, fast and precise presentation with good, precise note separation. Yep, it’s really good for a dynamic driver in-ear. Based on the pure technical presentation, I would rather place it in the $200+ range than what it actually retails for.

On the technical level, the IT01 is an in-ear that surpasses (rightfully) popular and good models such as the Shure SE215, ORIVETI BASIC or MEE audio Pinnacle P2.

The bass is really fast, tight and controlled for a dynamic driver in-ear. Definition is still good down in the sub-bass and bass details are certainly there and well-resolved.
Muddiness? Softness? Slowness? Boominess as a result of lacking control? Certainly not here.

The highs are separated nicely precisely, with single notes not sounding mushy even with fast, complex and crowded tracks. Thanks to the high level of treble details, the IT01 is also able to easily pull off an elevation in this area without being off, as it might appear with lacking precision and separation.

In fact, the really good note separation was one of the first things that I noticed with the IT01. A really good in-ear for the price that is technically more capable that one would expect, and definitely deserves some applause.

Midrange details are there as well and speech intelligibility is good, too, but generally the midrange seems to slightly take a step back compared to the lows and highs when it comes to resolution, which is mainly due to the v-shaped tuning that pushes voices a bit more into the background in the mix.


In terms of soundstage, the IT01 is neither the weakest nor the strongest in-ear when it comes to pure size.

Lateral expansion is good and the iBasso has got a somewhat wider than average imaginary soundstage.

There is also a bit of depth and layering, but it isn’t as pronounced as the width and appears more like an effect of the tuning than actual z-axis depth, which is also represented by my impression of more of a front-back loudness difference projection instead of “true” front projection.

Separation, placement and layering are precise and sharp.


In Comparison with other single Dynamic Driver In-Ears:

Shure SE215m+SPE:

The Shure is the warmer, thicker and darker sounding in-ear.
The SE215 sounds a bit thicker and fuller in the midbass and root. Sub-bass quantity is comparable.
The Shure has got the warmer, darker midrange that is closer, more intimate in the mix.
In the highs, the SE215 is the noticeably darker and more relaxed sounding in-ear. Generally, both have got a rather different treble approach – the Shure is smooth, dark and laid-back in the highs, whereas the IT01 is on the bright and forward side here.

When it comes to resolution, the iBasso is ahead. Not only in the mids despite being less intimate here, but also in the highs and lows.
Even though the Shure has got a nicely tight, fast and punchy bass for a dynamic driver in-ear, the IT01 manages to be even a bit tighter and faster in the lows. But it definitely doesn’t stop here, since its definition and details are also on a higher level in the lows.
Precision and separation are generally sharper and more precise on the iBasso.

The Shure’s stage is slightly wider while depth is comparable (it might appear to be a bit more present on the iBasso, but the actual difference is negligible). Instrument separation and precision are where the IT01 somewhat wins though.


I fully admit to preferring the ORIVETI’s carrying pouch.

The BASIC is a little more forward in the sub-bass while the iBasso is a bit more impactful in the midbass and lower root. Since the ORIVETI has got the softer and looser bass in comparison, both are subjectively rather close with the BASIC showing more decay while the IT01 has actually got the slightly “fuller” midbass and low fundamental range.
The ORIVETI sounds warmer and darker in the mids, and has got the darker, but also smoother treble. So while the iBasso has got highs that are on the forward, revealing, bright side, the BASIC’s are tuned for smoothness and a laid-back, dark-ish nature.

In the bass, the ORIVETI sounds audibly looser, softer and slower comparison compared to the IT01.
Resolution in the mids and highs is where the iBasso has got a mild to moderate advantage, and it also features the somewhat cleaner and more precise separation.

The imaginary soundstage the ORIVETI reproduces is wider and more open than the iBasso’s, wherefore it creates a more spherical, larger and more holographic sensation. Instrument separation is slightly more precise on the iBasso’s side.


The price-to-performance ratio is very strong with the iBasso IT01 – you get an amazing copper cable along with technically really capable single dynamic driver in-ears that feature a tonal tuning that makes sense while being more on the fun side, with (really) good note separation, speed, tightness and precise instrument separation.

- - -

It’s a good in-ear. A really good one, and modestly priced in relation to the technical performance it delivers. Additionally, it features a tuning that heads into the fun, more consumer-oriented direction, but isn’t overdone or overshadowing. Oh, and the included cable is by the way superb when it comes to aesthetics, flexibility and softness.

Does this sound like something you might like? If so, then the IT01 might be a great choice for you.

Subjective tonal preferences aside, objectively regarded, iBasso has definitely got a winner with the IT01.
Nice Review! But can't access the frequency graph in your blog.
How would they compare to Etymotic ER3XR?

Hi, another great review. Any chance you might try to review KZ ZSN pro, it's a decent sounding V-shaped iem that's very cheap. While it probably won't beat the Ibasso, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Pros: Great fit, excellent cable, solid build, great sound, tip rolling contours the sound to taste
Cons: MMCX connectors are a bit tight
IBasso IT01 Earphone Review
- Expatinjapan

iBasso IT01 review


I would have liked to have spent more time tip rolling and even cable swapping but the end of year is upon us!

Available from the iBasso website and also Penon Audio

(From the Penon Audio website)
`iBasso IT01 delivers precise and sweet sound in a compact form factor.
Its internal 5um graphene diaphragm, close to 1 Tesla magnet, dual cavity and other acoustic cutting-edge technology enable it to provide high-quality sound performance on the device.

Approaching 1 tesla
Special small high-energy magnets, near 1 Tesla's magnetic flux to 5um ultra-thin diaphragm has a greater driving energy and rebound characteristics, bringing more detail and dynamic performance than the normal dynamic driver.

Dual cavity
Unique Helmholtz resonators, dual cavity bring deeper low frequency dive and flexibility, absorb high frequency standing wave, and make the sound more rounded, rich and plump in the low-frequency.

5um multilayer graphene diaphragm
Graphene is composed of carbon atoms, its hardness is 100 times that of steel, ordinary diaphragm needs multiple attenuation of the signal to ensure that the diaphragm itself is not broken, and graphene can better restore the current signal, the distortion is smaller . It is thin and sound conduction speed is very good.

4N high-purity oxygen-free copper, four shares hand-woven
iBasso IT01 uses 99.99% multicore star-shape four braids of high-purity copper wire, standard detachable MMCX interface .It can produce condensed and mellow low-frequency and structured high frequency, form a deep sense of space.`

Build and design

*Also available in black.

iBasso DX200 with Amp 1 and iBasso IT01.

Driver:10.0mm Dynamic driver
Multi layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff.
Frequency response: 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity: 108+/-2dB
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation: -26dB
Rated power: 10mW
T.H.D.: <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
Plug size: 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length: 1.2m
Connection: MMCX
Weight: 8.0g without cable

iBasso DX200

Sound impressions

Out of the box impressions, and at 25 and 50 hours marks.

Using standard FLAC 16/44.

A variety of Daps was used for listening.

iBasso IT01 being tested with a headphone switcher box, ALO Audio connector cables, iBasso DX200, FiiO X7ii and Exchobox Explorer X1.

Initial and brief impressions:

Straight out of the box. take it with a grain of salt.

This is with dx200 and amp 5 which is a sweet sounding amp.
More treble a bit.
Forward vocals, medium bass, with a small to mid v shape.
Fairly good separation with JVC Spiral Tips.

Large bore tips (thin skin).
Stock tips have a better seal, for a more full sounding experience.
Less tinny, more coherent. The JVC were a bit core loose.
Small bore /thinner skin tips.
Nice and airy.
Less v shaped.
Thick skinned small bore now.
More rounded, bass and treble more well matched, mids coming up,
Vocals are still forward, but so is some music.
The tips they come in the box with are these. So I guess they are recommended.

*I preferred the large bore tips overall and continued to use them.


Same with Opus#2 A bit more of mids warm action though.
Thin skinned L bore tips.
Larger sound stage. A bit more low rumble.

At the 25 hours mark

FiiO X7ii, iBasso DX200 and Opus#2.

The iBasso IT01 is a clear and even, linear earphone.
It has good to great separation between the instruments.

The IT01 is pleasant, smooth and natural to my ears.
I prefer it on medium to 70% volume, as that is where their sweet spot of control lies.
Overall they have a fast response and are coherent.

The sub bass lingers nicely at times - such as when listening to Kruder and Dorfmeister.
The bass power can be surprising, as when transitioning from Norah Jones to the Smashing Pumpkins `Rocket`.
The vocals are presented well and have clarity and consistency. Forward at times.

The is a slight sibilance on the usual tracks such as anything by Coldplay...so..fergetaboutit.

The IT01 can lose a bit of overall control when the music gets too busy, although when playing Dire Straits `Sultans of swing` the IT01 is effortless, accurate and reproduces the track beautifully.

Listening to the Foo Fighters `Something from nothing` I detect that the sub bass and bass are fairly responsive and quick.

I would like to have a bit more body at times, but that could be tweaked with a bit of tip rolling.

With classic vanilla test track favorites Adele, Norah Jones, Sting, Dire Straits etc the presentation is accurate and clear, the imaging and timbre are great, the sound stage is medium to sub large, it veers from an even linear to a small v shape sound signature at times. Overall the control is very good.

Then veer to badly recorded busy tracks such as Discharge `A Hell on earth`. The IT01 handles it nicely, it of course doesnt improve on the original recording, but it certainly keeps it listenable.

Hole `Doll parts` is a nice medium as the track goes from soft and silky to guitar screeching, and the IT01 handles it well.

PJ Harvey `The Whores hustle and hustlers whore` goes from a sweet level of clarity and detail, with smooth vocals to a bit congested and lose some consistency when all the drums and guitars get going.

Gnarls Barkley `St.Elsewhere` has a nice bass thump, resounding brass and tinkling cymbals.

Mountains `Messages to bears` sounds simply divine, well balanced, smooth, rich and warm.

An interlude...
I did some listening with an ipod touch 6G and found that the weak amplifier didn`t really satisfy me with the IT01. The IT01 certainly enjoys a bit of extra power.
The bass was a bit weak, and the treble was emphasized too much.
It certainly has improved response, imaging and timbre when paired with a dedicated dap.

At the 50 hours mark.

FiiO X7ii, iBasso DX200, Opus#2 and Echobox Explorer X1.

Incredibly smooth sound scape.
Luscious and rich mids at times.
Sweet lingering sub bass, and a tighter thudding bass.
Coldplay seems devoid of any pesky sibilance.
As it often the case a few more hours tightens up the low end to appear faster and concise and the rough peaky edges treble edges get shaved off a bit.
Separation is still near top notch. great detailing, although don't expect a technical earphone.
Vocals are realistic and clear. One of the outstanding features and pleasure points of this earphone.
The over all control at various volumes has improved also, at the 50 hour mark, I still recommended to listen at not ear splitting levels.

I finish this section listening to Nirvana - Unplugged in New York. 'The man who sold the world'
Smooth, supple, and sweet.


US$99 from the iBasso website and US$109 from Penon Audio.


The IT01 is a pleasing earphone to listen to in the US$100 range.

It is mainly even and linear earphone with a hint of a v and/or L shape at times. Its not an earphone that has too much body to it. Just enough to please.

Most everyone loves a Dynamic Driver earphone as they play nicely with most daps.

Sound stage is medium+ and is pleasing, vocals are slightly forward and well controlled and smooth.
Clarity, detail and separation isn't of course as excellent as some of the TOTL earphones in the higher price brackets (as to be expected, but the IT01 is being reviewed according to its place in the market) but is more than satisfying to the ear.

Control can vary here and there, or perhaps my listening volume is too loud at times. I found overall coherency and control to be improved after 50 hours.

The iBasso IT01 favors a dedicated dap or a phone with a decent amount of amplifying and driving power. They certainly benefit with a great source.
Weaker powered sources will bring out the treble and can cause it to be thin.

The sound signature can be fiddled with quite easily by a simple act of tip rolling. Luckily the IT01 comes with a decent selection of decent tips to use. Play around until you get a good match with your dap and ears.

The listening fatigue is low and I could easily listen for a lengthy time.
The shells are quite small so a comfortable, fit is easy and they don`t require too deep an insertion.

The cable is very, very soft, supple and ergonomic.
The MMCX connectors are a bit tight. They revolve easy, but for removal I had to tug a bit.
Some might purchase the earphone for the cable alone I expect, iBasso certainly make great cables.

The iBasso IT01 is well priced entry level earphone that will please many with its smooth signature that although fairly linear overall with a good dap, it can have a slight bass emphasis which yields a small v shape or L shape to it.

I like it. I think it is wonderful for $100. At the risk of rolling out the old review cliche of ‘great performance for the price’ - it will surely leave many purchasers of the IT01 quite satisfied.

The iBasso IT01 might be an all rounder that can please many a listener. When its good its very good.

Thank you to iBasso for sending Head pie the iBasso IT01 for review
Pros: Fit, clear sound, comfort, price/peformance ratio
Cons: Did not found any worth to mention
iBasso is one of the most known players on portable HiFi markets. Their DAPs DX100, DX50, DX90 become nearly legendary. And they are still keeping straight direction on the journey to high quality portable audio equipment for reasonable price.

Some time ago iBasso open new chapter and introduce on the market IEM signed as IT03. 3-way hybrid designed earphones with one dynamic driver and two ballanced armatures and these gained shortly after introduction high attention between audio community and start collect positive rating from many respected reviewers. This year just before Xmas iBasso offered new model IT01 and after experiences with previous model, got IT01 even higher level of attention and expectation. Are these fulfilled? According to me absolutely yes.

IT01 are only one 10mm dynamic driver earphones, but there are few tricks. Biggest one is, that driver is iBasso in-house developed and is combining 3 technologies ( quotation from iBasso site ):

Approaching 1 tesla – with customized magnet, approaching 1 Tesla magnetic flux, that efficiently drives 5um diaphragm, there is an improvement in resolution, bass, dynamics and speed

Dual Helmholtz resonators – a dual Helmholtz resonator driver provides deep and powerful bass, that prohibits standing waves and ensures full natural sound

5um Multi layered graphene diaphragm – graphene is form of carbon consisting of planar sheets with the atoms arranged in a honey-comb shaped lattice. Graphene has a breaking strength 100 times greater than steel. And as an earphone diaphragm, instead of being artificially damped as other material diaphragm are, the graphene diaphragm can be damped by air itself. Of the many benefits from graphene´s ultra thinness, extreme speed and low distortion of sound waves works extremely well for audio

Top of that iBasso packed together with IT01 4-wire high quality braided OFC cable. Cable itself looks great, only hand braiding is not looking same great. Specially part between Y-split and 3,5mm jack looks somehow ”quickly made“. On other hand this cable is very comfortable. Is nicely flexible and there is no any memory wire in ear-hooks, which is great, because I hate memory wires. In the package you can find also few bags with different ear tips and solid case to protect your IT01. According to me is this case much better solution, than “wallet“, which was packed with IT03.

Ergonomics of shells are superb. At least for my ears is much better, than IT03. After some testing I took Comply tips and comfort is superb. I can hardly feel earphones in my ears and can wear them for long sessions without any marks of pain or discomfort. Shells are made in two color variations. Black and Red/Blue. I chose black. It look elegant and well made. I did not found any flaws in workmanship. Shells are plastic, nozzle is made from metal and it have right length for proper seal. Shells have two vent holes on inner side. On face plate are mentioned mark and model.

iBasso recommend burn-in time around 120 hours. I´m now about 100 hours and I do not hear any further sound changes. In fact I do like IT01 straight out of the box. My current main earphones are CA Andromeda, so I can compare those two directly face to face, which may look as the unfair comparison, but it is not in deed.

IT01 has same openness and wide space feeling as Andros. Of course Andros are a bit better in these aspects, but this different is not mirror of huge price gap between these two. It seem that IT01 with more playing time lost bass a bit, but I would rather say, that they are more aligned. Sound is not strictly neutral, but non of bands is dominating the others. Nothing is really missing and even, when I mention decrease of bass during burn-in time, is not missing at all. Bass is deep enough, articulated and is well balanced with midds and trebles. Trebles are worth to mention separately. Their presentation gives IT01 high level of transparency with no any signs of sibilants or sharpness. Midds sound natural and vocals are very smooth. General tonality is slightly warmer and is very close to Andros sound. It has same level of fun and musicality, only with a bit less resolutions. Andromeda have deeper and well controlled bass, than IT01, but honestly these difference are only minor. As I wrote above, in blind test will be hard to find price tag justification. I do not mean this wrong against Andros. I love them and I consider them as best earphones I ever had. I only try to express my pure enthusiasm for latest iBasso attempt IT01.