iBasso IT01

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iBasso IT01 Dynamic Driver Audiophile MMCX Detachable HiFi IEMs In-Ear Earphone


iBasso IT01 delivers precise and sweet sound in a compact form factor.

Its internal 5um graphene diaphragm, close to 1 Tesla magnet, dual cavity and other acoustic cutting-edge technology enable it to provide high-quality sound performance on the device.

Approaching 1 tesla

Special small high-energy magnets, near 1 Tesla's magnetic flux to 5um ultra-thin diaphragm has a greater driving energy and rebound characteristics, bringing more detail and dynamic performance than the normal dynamic driver.

Dual cavity

Unique Helmholtz resonators, dual cavity bring deeper low frequency dive and flexibility, absorb high frequency standing wave, and make the sound more rounded, rich and plump in the low-frequency.

5um multilayer graphene diaphragm

Graphene is composed of carbon atoms, its hardness is 100 times that of steel, ordinary diaphragm needs multiple attenuation of the signal to ensure that the diaphragm itself is not broken, and graphene can better restore the current signal, the distortion is smaller . It is thin and sound conduction speed is very good.

4N high-purity oxygen-free copper, four shares hand-woven

iBasso IT01 uses 99.99% multicore star-shape four braids of high-purity copper wire, standard detachable MMCX interface .It can produce condensed and mellow low-frequency and structured high frequency, form a deep sense of space.


  • Driver:10.0mm Dynamic driver
  • Multi layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff.
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-42kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108+/-2dB
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Noise Attenuation: -26dB
  • Rated power: 10mW
  • T.H.D.: <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
  • Plug size: 3.5 TRS gold plated
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Connection: MMCX
  • Weight: 8.0g without cable

  • IT01 IEM
  • 3 pairs of silicone eartips(S/M/L)
  • carry case
  • S/M foam eartips

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Pros: Great Value
Great Quality Cable
Micro Details
Excellent Fit
Cons: Driver Flex
Ibasso IT 01

Ibasso IT01 can be found in the XTenik Store.

Xtenik Store: https://www.xtenik.com/product/ibasso-it01/

Originally posted:

First: Sorry for the bad english.


Today after more than a year using and abusing this IEM, I will finally do a review and give my honest opinion about it.

The market for headphones in particular of the In-Ears is very agitated, every day more launches and prices varied, I am always very judicious in the hour of a purchase and it was not different when choosing the IT01.

Ibasso is a brand famous for its Daps, it already has some In-Ears that are successful in the market. Some of his releases such as IT01, IT01S, IT03 and IT04 drew a lot of attention from audiophiles around the world.

Accessories & Design

Ibasso IT01 is an in-ear equipped with a dynamic driver with a multi-layer graphene diaphragm developed by iBasso itself. It has two color options, blue and red and a black option. The shells are made of translucent plastic, the nozzles are stainless steel and the connection to the cable is MMCX, the shell is small and universal, lightweight and ergonomic.

The IT01 along with its copper cable really draws attention to the beauty, you do not find other headphones with a premium copper cable in this price range. In Aliexpress a similar cable is in the range of $ 30 to $ 80, remembering that the IT01 costs $ 100 and you will not need to buy a better cable as in the case of several headphones that are sold in the market with poor quality cables.

Together you will find a large variety of nozzles of all sizes and 2 pairs of foam tips, more comfortable than the Comply and in my opinion more durable as well (after 1 year of use continue as new).

In addition, a round metallic case with enough space to store the handset and some reserve tips are included, I think this type of case is very important, allows you to store the IEM in the backpack without worry.


The manufacturer suggests burn-in for more than 100 hours before analyzing, I've already done that and have more than a year of use I do not need to worry.

This In-ear has a slightly V or U signature, it's fun and musical allows me to stroll through all genres of music I like, get to Thrash Metal, Jazz, Acoustic and Pop.

Bass of this IEM are beautiful, but it's not that gross, muddy and loose bass it's controlled beats hard enough, brings a great clarity and is fast. Listening Get Lucky from Daft Punk the bass does not take the whole song, it's there with a great definition and makes you dance and hit the foot, you feel it. Who likes a bass, but does not give up listening to the music without him disturbing the other instruments, surely will like.

Mid range are slightly retracted due to the signature, but what struck me was that they are not so retracted, female and male voices sound well with the other instruments. Listening to Agnes Obel brings a very warm intimacy to listen, the vocal is not behind the instruments.

Treble are very clear, detailed and have good extension, bright at the right point. At no point did I feel the highs being wheezing. The drum plates have a good brightness it is easy to identify the actions of the drummer.

The sound stage is wide enough not larger than the FLC8S, has a width that allows to identify each instrument and an intimate depth, as if you watched the band a few rows ahead. This width brings a good image and gives you more immersion in the songs, allowing you to travel in some songs.

The level of detail of IT01 is something impressive, every detail of the music you can hear, from listening to your fingers slip by the strings of the guitar, to those idiophones that are there in the music that most of the time you do not even hear. To feel the beat of the bass and the drum all this with a great definition and detailing is something magnificent.

I opted for it not only for the price, but for being able to use in public transport something to listen next to the smartphone that I did not need a portable amplifier or a Dap.


Ibasso IT01 impressed me with the complete package, comfortable shell, premium cable, case and assortment of tips all for $ 100.

It's a fair price, the sound is incredible and it definitely leaves me with a smile on my face. To this day paying attention to some songs, I catch myself hearing some detail that went unnoticed.

I am sure that anyone who knows this great IEM will like and be impressed, whether it has been a year listening to them daily on their return trips and continuing to be in love. Thank you Ibasso for this jewel.

You can buy the Ibasso IT01

Xtenik Store: https://www.xtenik.com/product/ibasso-it01/


Driver 10mm Dynamic driver
Multiple layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff
Frequency response 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity 108+/-2dB
Impedance 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation -26dB
Rated power 10mW
T.H.D. <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
Plug size 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length 1.2m
Connection MMCX
Weight 8.0g without cable


Pros: Warm and balanced sound, thick timbre, great bass extension, clear mids, good details, great quality cable, generous accessories
Cons: Average Imaging & Soundstage, average definition, recessed mids


VALUE: 8/10


TODAY we will take a look at the well received IBASSO IT01, wich is the entry model of IT serie and sell for 99$ at XTENIK store.

Compared to IT03 and IT04 that have multi drivers, the IT01 have a special single dynamic driver made of ultra thin graphene, helmhotz dual cavity resonator and an ultra powerfull magnet going up to near 1 tesla. This isn’t your normal dynamic driver and Ibasso really work hard to use last cutting edge audio technology and create a very capable earphones at a very competitive price.

Having discover the potential of high tesla magnet with an obscure chinese earphones call Zhiyin Z5000, I was utterly curious to see if the Ibasso IT01 will be even better than this bass monster. The answer is a big yes, because even if V shape as the Z5000, IT01 have a more present mid range and less oversized sub bass.


Only other earphones I know that use Tesla magnet are the Beyerdynamic Xelento that sell for 900$, so if you are curious about what a super powerfull magnet can do, the IT01 is the best buy you can make. The magnet is responsible for moving ultra thin graphene diaphragm, promising a very fast and precise transient response and the dual cavity resonator is there to avoid distortion of high frequencies and permit a wider bass response, this alone give you a hint about soundsignature you will get with the IT01, wich is warm, thick, bass and accurate but not mean to be very sharp or extremely analytical.

Let’s see in this review why the hype about this wonderfull earphones is well deserve.

You can buy the Ibasso IT01 for 99.90$ HERE.

Disclaimer: I wanna thank Xtenik for sending me this review sample. I'm not affiliated with this store and do not receive any money in return of my honnest review. All toughs are objective in their subjectivity and I have no difficulties to judge price value because of the fact I buy more than 50 pairs of iem with my own money and my obsession about price value is sincere.


10mm Dynamic driver
Multiple layered graphene, which is Ultra-light and stiff
Frequency response 10Hz-42kHz
Sensitivity 108+/-2dB
Impedance 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation -26dB
Rated power 10mW
T.H.D. <1% (at 1kHz/1mW)
Plug size 3.5 TRS gold plated
Cable length 1.2m
Connection MMCX
Weight 8.0g without cable

P1010220.JPG P1010221.JPG P1010222.JPG

UNBOXING is a very pleasant experience. Presentation is practical and classy. You have a good amount of accessories that include a nice metal carrying case, 3 set of silicone eartips and 2 pairs of memory foams tips. The cable look gorgeous, its an ultra soft all copper 4 cores braided cable.

P1010232.JPG P1010231.JPG P1010230.JPG P1010229.JPG

CONSTRUCTION is well made. The housing is all plastic with the exception of metal nozzle that have changeable filter for cleaning purpose. This type of plastic have the quality of being light, but isn’t particularly impressive for a 100$ iem. Still, construction is well made and the mmcx female connector give a very tigh connection.

P1010223.JPG P1010224.JPG

As said, the braided cable is fabulous too, with a very comfortable earhook that isn’t too tigh and most of all the cable do not creat any microphonic. This is a very soft and flexible cable that will sure please even the most demanding consumers. A big plus is the fact that mmcx connection is very tigh and secure, so it will never disconnect unexpectedly. Nope, we will not put this cable in the trash like we do with lot of chi-fi earphones that include poor quality cable.


DESIGN is specifically over ear, with a universal custom shape that will fit most type of ears even if housing is a little big. The plastic being very slippy, it give an easy and comfortable fit that do not tend to fall whatever the eartips you use. ISOLATION is quite excellent and as the venting hole are in front panel of housing, sound leakage is extremely low even at high volume.



As I read multiple reviews that praise the IT01 sound, my expactation was very high and I think it was unrealistic how high it was for 100$, especially about mid range clarity that isn’t as fowards as I wish.

With the IT01, we got a very well balanced U shaped soundsignature that have beefy mid bass impact and extreme low end extension, this type of sound will please as much basshead than bass lover and audio enthusiast that search for a fun sounding earphones with enough clarity to be a good all arounder.

Bass is bumped exactly in the middle and embrace mid bass kick to give extra weight and roundness, as the mid range isn’t agressively fowarded, it smooth and clear but a little recessed as well. Treble have special tricks in its sleeve to extract specific micro details due to upper highs peaks, this do not make it particularly sparkly but sure help overaly clarity and especially give a good sens of layering even if imaging have restraint spaciality.

Vocal have good thick timbre to it, its polished without too much details or texture even if there a slight upper mids peak to help overall clarity.

I really enjoy listening to signers that aren’t overcrowded by complex instrumentation, this way, it sound near mid centric. As well, piano have wonderfull body, but cello is even better, really full sounding with good transparent thickness.

SOUNDSTAGE is taller than wider and deeper, but do sound around your head in a rather intimate way. Its not an airy sounding iem and have a frontal approach to music.

IMAGING is more talented with layers combination than spacious instrument separation, it sound like a good stereo speakers that site in front of you. There not alot of space between layers so i would say it lack a bit of air, but the transparence do the trick for avoiding any type of congestion in soundstage.

LOWER BASS dig deep, very deeeeeeep and this is very impressive as it never distort and the rumble is well controled even if it embrace mid bass at some extend. Sub bass have good thickness and will sound very good with slap bass or acoustic bass that have texture to its timbre to compensate a little lack of definition and separation with mid bass drum and kick, depending the type of music you listen to.

MID BASS is more emphased than lower end and have good slam to it, thanks to extra lower end extension that offer more body and weight to an already thick punch. As the kick are quite rounded up and beefy, it stole some speed and accuracy so i would not suggest IT01 for fast metal or rock and extremely complexe percussions work, but for rap, electronic, dub and pop it’s more than capable and this extra thickness give an even funnier presentation, a very juicy and lively one.

MID RANGE is slightly recessed with a thick timbre and good transparency, it is quite linear and cover whole 500hz to 6khz with a smooth curve that do not enlight particular peaks, there a little bump in upper mids but nothing drastic that will create sibilance. This type of mids are very versatile and do as good with male or female vocal, wich is awesone. This warm mid range is easy to listen too and sound smooth and natural, sweet and musical. I adore how the saxophone or piano sound with the IT01, its rich but never too grainy, instrument as well as vocal have a wide presentation compared to other V shape earphones I try it do not sound thin or overly shadowed by bass.

TREBLE is on the smooth side with extra emphasis in upper treble. Lower and upper treble are more emphased than mid treble, wich translate to asslightly darkened overall sound as it stole some air for highs decay and sparkle. Still, you have special brilliance to highs that make the IT01 quite revealing for percussion or microdetails that would have been harder to hear with a flat treble response. Ths again make it very enjoyable for pop, rap and electronic wich became more energic and livelydue to fowarded percussions.

SUB BASS : 8/10

MID BASS 8.5/10

MID RANGE :7.5/10

TREBLE : 7.5/10

TIMBRE : 8/10

ATTACK : 8/10



VS IKKO OH1 (130$) :


CONSTRUCTION of the OH1 is sure more sturdy and luxurious looking than the IT01, the diamond shape housing is made of metal and will sure pass test of time, while IT01 housing is all plastic. Cable tough is of better quality with the IT01, even if OH1 isn’t bad at all.

SOUNDSTAGE is more spacious and airy with OH1, but biggest difference is the sens of deepnest.

BASS is thicker in lower end and have more emphasis and rumble than more linear IT01, the sub bass timbre is fuller and richer and give extra juice to the sub line, wich became very beefy and energic compared to IT01 that even with great extension have more emphasis onmid bass. I feel that the OH1 is faster and tigher, even if there more rumble, but the IT01 sub bass will not distract you and feel overall more balanced than more U shape OH1.

MID RANGE of OH1 is more foward and slightly brighter, separation in this area is clearer with OH1 but have a more intimate vocal presentation, in the sens its more centered and less wide than IT01 vocal. Male vocal sound better with IT01 but level of clarity is inferior to OH1. Upper mid range is more emphased with OH1, wich give more detailed vocal but can very rarely create sibilance compared to smoother IT01.

TREBLE is more extended in lower and mid region than IT01, highs have more sparkle and decay too and we have a richer more detailed presentation with OH1. IT01 sound warmer and less accurate but have thicker timbre too. The OH1 have better rendering for acoustic guitar and percussions but to the cost of sounding a little less balanced than IT01.

We have here two very capable earphones, OH1 being more U shape, bassy in sub region and analytical in treble while the IT01 sounding more V shape and balanced with slightly more natural and versatile vocal presentation.

VS VSONIC VS7 (130$) :


So, here we have a fair fight, both using great dynamic drivers this comparaison will be very interesting.

SOUNDSTAGE is seriously wider and deeper with the VS7, spaciality is holographic and airy compared to more restraint panoramic IT01 with a less spacious presentation.

IMAGING is really where the VS7 feel from another league compared to more intimate IT01.

BASS performance is strangely similar with the difference that VS7 sound tigher and better separated from mid bass is if it use more than one driver. This permit to have more accurate timbre and clearer overall presentation. IT01 have more sub presence and bleed that tend to slow the bass attack.

MID RANGE being more fowards as well as less warmed by bass, VS7 offer clearer and more accurate presentation with better instrument separation in this area. IT01 mids are thicker and more recessed as well as less textured. VS7 have slightly more presence in upper mids but avoid sibilance by a magic trick only Vsonic know the secret.

TREBLE is more linear and slightly brighter with VS7, extracting more overall details, timbre textures and giving a more airy and well layered presentation. IT01 have a peak in upper highs that give illusion of more detailed presentation when in fact it will lack low and mid treble to offer an as rich treble than more balanced VS7. VS7 treble is more natural and balanced, while IT01 is more coloured and sharp. For acoustic instrument the VS7 deal better and have more decay and acoustic guitar is not underwhelming like with the IT01.

All in all, VS7 sound like an upgraded IT01 wich would be tuned more accurately and have better imaging and attack-decay.

VS FINAL AUDIO F3100 (130$) :


Well, this is an interesting comparaison, the F3100 being a single Balanced armature while the IT01 have a big dynamic driver, we can expect big difference in bass department.

SOUNDSTAGE of both is similar, not particularly wide but still with an around your head feel, the F3100 have more deepnest due to better clarity.

BASS is without a doubt better with the IT01, its thicker and more impactfull but most of all it dig way deeper than rolled off bass of F3100, still, mid bass is faster and brigther but can make distortion in sub bass region, wich the IT01 deal beautifull with great thickness to it. Yep, dynamic driver are factual better to deal with whole frequency range than a single balanced armature, even if its excellent one.

MID RANGE in another hand is more detailed and brighter with the F3100, wich make for a very realist rendering compared to warmer IT01. Still, timbre is a little thin with F3100 and extra thickness of vocal can be very pleasant with the IT01, but when it come to instrumental music the F3100 offer a more revealing and accurate presentation where every instrument are ultra clear and energic, here, the IT01 sound slow and a little clumsy and subpar in term of overall clarity.

TREBLE is more extended with the F3100, but both earphones aren’t particularly sparkly in highs and have tigh decay to it. Texture is more detailed and fowarded with the F3100. While IT01 have smooth polished thick timbre that give more weight to piano note or cello body, the F3100 will extrac every bit of definition of guitar strings, violin or harpsichord, making it very interesting for instrumental and classical music lover.

Here, the F3100 feel more like a niche audiophile earphones with a more neutral slightly mid centric soundsignature that is less versatile than more permissive warm sounding IT01.


For a first attempt, the IT01 is an impressively tuned single dynamic driver that offer good transient response and a muscular lively sound. Sure, its on the warm side and will not please critical listener or serious audiophile that enjoy top notch clarity and spacious imaging, but this would perhaps sacrifice great and fun musicality IT01 can give as well as its enjoyable versatility.

At 100$ the Ibasso IT01 fall into a very competitive price range where construction and sound are very severly judge (by me at least). As the overall construction is well made and include an high end mmcx cable as well as generous amount of accessories, I can say with confidence that this is a good buy that offer great value in a whole.

If you search for a rich and warm sounding earphones with thick timbre, impactfull bass and clear mid range that achieve a natural yet versatile musicality, you can’t go wrong with the Ibasso IT01 that is among the best buy you can make under 100$.
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Pros: - Price
- Versatile
- Cable!!
Cons: - Source-sensitive
- Might be slightly large for some people

I'm probably a little late to the party, but I felt compelled to write a review because this product is just so awesome. Also this is the first proper review I've written so please forgive me for the rough corners.

I purchased the iBasso IT01 Audiophile In-ear Monitors back in August last year. It was only my second foray into the audiophile realm, the first being my purchase of the Shanling M0. I was going for an entry-level pair of IEMs and my list was narrowed down to MEE Pinnacle PX, Final Audio E3000, and the IT01. I enjoyed all three pairs of IEMs very much, but what pulled me towards the IT01 eventually was its gorgeous cable, and how premium it felt despite its modest price tag of only $129 SGD. I hope this review does justice to the amazing job the iBasso team has done with this product.

The IT01 packs a single dynamic driver with a multi-layered graphene diaphragm developed by iBasso themselves. It also boasts a magnetic flux density of almost 1 Tesla, which they claim will produce better detail with less harmonic distortion even at higher volumes. Here are the specifications:

- Driver: singular 10mm dynamic driver, multi-layered graphene diaphragm
- Frequency: 10Hz ~ 42kHz
- Sensitivity: 108 ± 2dB
- Impedance: 16Ω
- Noise attenuation: -26dB
- Rated Power: 10mw
- THD: <1%
- Cable: 1.2m 4-core OFC, MMCX detachable, 3.5mm gold-plated plug
- Weight: 8g (without cable)

The IT01 comes with some high quality packaging, which again makes you wonder how it is only priced at S$129. I won't go into too much detail here as many have already done so. But TLDR, it's an unboxing experience you would expect to find in much higher price ranges. Here's the list of accessories packaged with the IT01.

- Black narrow bore silicone tips (S/Mx2/L)
- Grey narrow bore silicone tips (S/M/L)
- Grey wide bore silicone tips (S/M/L)
- Comply foam tips (M/L)
- Carrying case

The IT01 comes in two colours, a red/blue option and a black option. I went for the black option as I found the red/blue option to be rather eye-catching, and I wanted something more subtle. The overall design has extremely good build quality, albeit not at the expense of aesthetics. The shells are made of translucent plastic that allows you to see the 10mm driver powering the IT01- a small detail but one that I find incredibly pleasing. It connects to the gorgeous 4-core OFC cable (which I will go into later) via a copper contact point. The nozzles are made of stainless steel, with a lip on each nozzle to ensure that ear tips can be fit on without falling off. I use my IT01 with Acoustune's AET07 ear tips, which I found to feel better in my ears as well as enhance the higher frequencies.

This stock cable provided by iBasso has got to be one of the main highlights of this product. It certainly does not look like something you would find with entry-level IEMs. In fact, (correct me if I'm wrong) these look like those upgrade cables I see hanging around my local audio cafe which cost S$200 or more. I recall being extremely excited to see such a beautifully braided cable, as I was new to this community and had never been exposed to such a cable before. The softly braided cable also offers another benefit- microphonics are virtually non-existent! At the point of purchase I did not know what microphonics were, although after getting some KZ IEMs as beaters I did find out, and was all the more thankful for this amazing cable. The cable is reinforced by a translucent bit of plastic nearer to the ears, to help with putting these on. This reinforcement is hardly noticeable, and works way better than those dreaded memory cables in my opinion- another nice touch by iBasso.

Overall, the build quality is solid and you are unlikely to run into any problems with it. However, one thing I discovered is that the IT01 is rather large compared to most other IEMs. I had no problems with it, as my ears are considered slightly larger than average. However, my friends with smaller ears had issues with the fit.

Okay, now to what you've been waiting for. If there was one word I had to pick to describe these IEMs, it would be "versatile". It handled everything I threw at it without much trouble. Maybe it's the multi-layered graphene diaphragm iBasso were going on and on about.

The IT01 offers a very nice V-shaped tuning that provides a very fun take on genres like EDM. It is quicker than your typical $99 single DD IEM, and also boasts impressive clarity at this price point. Despite it using a V-shaped tuning, the dip from 30Hz to 1kHz is a very steady and slow one (looking at the FR), which explains why there is no feeling of heavily recessed mids, despite the tuning. Even though there are peaks at 5kHz and 8kHz, the treble has never sounded harsh nor sibilant to me, something that is quite commonplace at this price point. The stage is not the widest, but it still is impressive together with its impressive imaging abilities.

The bass on this thing is its highlight. It is punchy, strong, and pacey enough so there is no sense of muddiness. Its subbass:midbass balance is just right, allowing for a very good rumble without losing its crispness. Despite the bass being enhanced, I hardly find it overpowering, mostly thanks to how well-controlled the bass is.

The mids, as shown on the FR curve, are clearly recessed. However, when I first listened to these, I found that the instrumentals were actually pretty full and satisfying, leaving me rather confused as to what was going on. I listen to quite a bit of classical music, and I had no issues with any of French Horns, Trombones, Clarinets, Cellos getting lost while listening to Atterberg or Nielsen's symphonies. I only noticed female vocals lacking a little bit of air at times, although it made up for the dryness with its level of detail.

The trebles are not as forward as your typical V-shaped tuning, as found in IEMs like FiiO F9. However, they still do provide that articulation and sparkle essential for picking up the crispness of percussion instruments say a triangle or a glockenspiel. Treble extension is impressive- now go listen to that favourite violin concerto of yours. Oh, and the way a crash decays oh this is phenomenal- check out Dr. Chesky's Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc's cymbal track.

Stuff to note
I have been listening to these with the Shanling M0, and I have to say that this is probably the best entry-level combo out there. That being said, the IT01 is quite a source sensitive pair of IEMs. When plugged in directly into my Macbook Pro, there is an audible hiss that does not disappear. Another potential issue is that listening on the lowest volume from a Macbook is already pretty loud. However, these issues can be easily resolved by purchasing an iFi iEMatch.

It also loves power, despite the low power value. Try plugging this into a Chord Hugo and you'll know what I mean.

This is an absolute no brainer for anyone looking for their first pair of IEMs. For its price, this is really a force of nature. To be honest, the build quality and design of the IT01 could probably justify your purchase. And yes, the cable is just... that 10/10 girl you finally managed to go out with.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review of the iBasso IT01, and I would like to thank iBasso again for bringing me into this community, and for the past eight months of enjoyable listening. =)

P.S. the photo attached is an old photo, taken before I got my Acoustune AET07 ear tips. Attached are the stock silicone tips.
Otto Motor
Otto Motor
I agree that the iBasso and the Shanling harmonize well!
The Upper Mids/Lower Hieghs on IT01 are realy bad. Female vocals etc. sound very distant, there is no energy on this frequency. I've sold IT01 prety fast. (I have Shanling M0.)
Otto Motor
Otto Motor
I found the responses to the iBasso very polarized. Some people with really good ears loved them, and others with really good ears sold them asap. It took me a while to find the right tips.


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