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iBasso IT00: Big surprise!
Pros: Balanced on the warm side; more than sufficient and well controlled bass; extended but generally
not harsh highs; alive vocals; very engaging presentation; substantial soundstage; nice image;
great dynamics; excellent separation; very high quality.
Cons: Its warm sound maybe not the preference of some listeners; little excessive highs in some cases.

iBasso was founded in 2006, and in a mere 15 years became one of the most respected designer and manufacturer of digital audio players (DAPs), headphone amplifiers and digital to analog converters (DACs). In 2011, it successfully bypassed the Android ALSA driver and developed the world's first 24bit / 192kHz Android audio player. This was a milestone for high-resolution portable audio players, that enabled high-resolution online streaming.

However, iBasso also designs and manufactures in-ear monitors (IEMs), and full-sized headphones. It essentially has two series of IEMs, the IT series (IT standing for “In Tune”) and the AM series (AM standing for “All Music”). The IT series is characterized by the fact that each model has either a single dynamic driver (DD) only or a dynamic driver complemented by one or more balance armature (BA) drivers. In the AM series, all drivers are BA drivers.

I have always been fascinated by single driver IEMs. The fact that a DD or a BA driver can produce the whole of the audio spectrum in an articulate way makes me really admire a manufacturer, and in the past 12 years that I am reviewing IEMs I had the chance to audition some truly exquisite models, with either a DD or a BA driver, some of which had a stellar performance.

One such single DD model is iBasso IT00, which is up for review. Its MSRP is just $69.00, so it would be very interesting to see how much an IEM of such a moderate price can achieve.

Earpieces and cable

iBasso designs with meticulous care all its IEM models, and all of them are characterized by one or more technical innovations. It was therefore a very pleasant surprise to see that this is the case even with IT00 in spite of its moderate price.

If I wanted to summarize the innovative points in the earpieces of IT00, I would mention three:
  • A multi-layered Graphene diaphragm of 10 mm.
  • A customized magnet.
  • A dual Helmholtz resonator.
Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. The name “Graphene” is in order to distinguish from “Graphite”, and the suffix “-ene” reflects on the fact that the graphite allotrope of carbon consists of stacked Graphene layers. Graphene has been discovered several decades ago; however, it got a lot of attention only recently, when, in 2004, it was essentially rediscovered by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester, who, for that discovery, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

But, what makes Graphene so important? Two things: Its thinness and its strength. It is so thin that IT00’s multi-layered (Graphene) driver diaphragm is only 5 μm; to get an idea of how thin 5 μm is, think for comparison that a human hair is on average 60 μm thick. Also, Graphene has a breaking strength 100 times greater than steel. Thin, and therefore lightweight, and almost unbreakable means two things:
  • It can move extremely fast.
  • It can be damped extremely easy by the natural force of air, without the need of some externally applied artificial force.
Both of these are translated to minimal distortion of the sound waves, and because of that Graphene is ideal for a driver diaphragm.

IT00 diaphragm.jpg

Now, an ultra-hard and stiff diaphragm needs a strong magnet in order to be successfully driven. iBasso designed and made a custom, high flux, and thus powerful, magnet in order to efficiently drive the Graphene diaphragm. This results in improved speed, bass, resolution and dynamics.

IT00 Magnet.jpg

It is well known that a common problem in IEMs is created by the so-called “standing waves”, which can have a detrimental effect on the IEM’s overall sound. A way to prohibit standing waves from developing is by means of a Helmholtz resonator; for IT00, iBasso devised a dual Helmholtz resonator, in an attempt to improve low frequencies while retaining a natural sound.

IT00 earpieces exploded view.jpg

It is hard to believe that iBasso has taken all these steps in developing IT00, as this is an IEM of a very modest price; where many other manufacturers would have chosen a kind of a universal design, iBasso chose a custom made one.

I guess in order to save some money, but also in order to keep the weight of the earpieces low, the housings of IT00 are made from plastic in white color. I have to admit that their quality is outstanding, and the white color looks very nice, certainly, much nicer from what I would have imagined without having a chance to see them.

The cable is a Micro-miniature coaxial (MMCX) connector high purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable. Not only this is a high-quality solution, but it has the extra advantage that one can use an even higher quality aftermarket cable by interchanging the two in a matter of seconds. Here, I have to admit that I don’t know many IEMs in IT00’s price range that use an MMCX connector OFC cable, and this is another quality solution chosen by iBasso for IT00.

IT00 housings-cable.jpg

The sound

The sound signature of IT00 is balanced on the warm side; this warmth is clear, in the sense that there is a good amount of sub-bass and about the same amount of mid-bass, both well-controlled. However, this added warmth has been done in a very careful, and I can even say delicate, way in order to make the presentation engaging rather than imbalanced. So, although the warm sound signature is the main characteristic of IT00, I would not call it “bassy”, and if you are looking for an IEM of this kind, then IT00 is not for you.

On the other hand, IT00 is quite revealing with rather extended highs; there were very few cases where I felt that the highs were excessive, while I was never under the impression that there was some roll off.

The vocals, both female and male, although did not really dominate, were not recessed or lacking liveliness; the overall warmth is reflected to a certain extend in some female vocals, making them more sensual, but never annoying.

IT00 has a very good soundstage, both in width and depth; it is not huge, but it is substantial, and certainly much more from what one usually encounters in IEMs of this price range. Also, the image is nice, the dynamics great and the separation excellent.

I tried to test IT00 with many different genres, and with musical pieces that take an IEM to its limits. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman, from the album with her name, Elektra/Asylum Records, is a beautiful song that I love, which only Chapman could sing that way; here IT00 was perfect for me without the slightest blemish. The classic song “The Look of Love” by Diana Krall, from the album with the same name, Verve, is a very sensual performance of Krall not easily captured by an IEM; not a problem for IT00. In that I guess it helped the overall warmth, which is also reflected in Krall’s performance. “Move” by Hiromi (Uehara), from the album with the same name, Telarc International, is an extremely complex piece, with Hiromi on piano, Anthony Jackson on bass, and Simon Phillips on drums. It is very difficult to catch the powerful and fast playing of Hiromi and Phillips, complemented by the beautiful bass tones of Jackson, and IT00’s performance was great catching very successfully all the fast turns of this complex piece; if I had a complain, this would be that the highs were a bit too extended, and because of that it sounded a little excessive. “Fanfare for the Volunteer” by Mark O’Connor, from the album with the same name, Sony Classical, is a beautiful Orchestral piece composed by O’Connor, and played by him on the violin and London Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Steven Mercurio. It is a very demanding piece with many high and low passages, which is very common in Orchestral music. IT00 had another great performance catching the power of this piece; a couple of times I had the impression that it sounded a bit lean, but it was probably because I had in mind the performance of IEMs costing two to three times as much. All the previous show that, on top of everything else, IT00 is a wonderful all-rounder.

Selected comparisons

There are many IEMs to which IT00 can be compared to. I chose three of them.

I first compared IT00 to Final E3000 having an MSRP of $55.00. The earpieces of E3000 are quite small, aesthetically minimal and beautifully machined from stainless steel. Inside the housing there is a 6.4 mm dynamic driver. The cable is a nondetachable OFC cable. The sound signature of E3000 is balanced on the warm side, but in a very delicate way;its main characteristic is that it is very relaxing, which many people love, and that’s why E3000 is a big success for Final. IT00, on the other hand, has a sound that is very engaging, what many people would call “fun”. Also, IT00 has a better soundstage and is certainly more dynamic, due to its much bigger driver.

Another IEM to which I compared IT00 is the SoundMAGIC E11. This is SoundMAGIC’s latest model having an MSRP of $56.00. E11’s housing is made of aluminum, it has a 10 mm dynamic driver and a nondetachable OFC silver-plated cable. The sound signature of E11 is balanced, but a little bit on the dark side, so it is not always as revealing, and certainly not that engaging, which is the strong point of IT00. Also, IT00 has better soundstage and is more dynamic than E11.

The third IEM to which I compared IT00 is the HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline. This is one of HIFIMAN’s most successful models having an MSRP of $79.00. RE400’s housing is made of aluminum, it has an 8.5 mm proprietary dynamic driver with a Titanium diaphragm and a nondetachable OFC cable. The sound signature of RE400 is what we would call “neutral” and quite revealing, and because of that it is advertised by HIFIMAN as “the perfect balance”. However, it might sound a bit “cold” and lean for some listeners, so here the engaging performance of IT00 makes a big contrast. Also, once more, IT00 has substantially better soundstage and dynamics than RE400.

Accessories and fit

The exterior box of IT00 is aesthetically very nice and inside it the user will find, besides the IEM and cable:
  • 3 different sets of silicon eartips, each set in three sizes (S,M,L). So, finding an eartip that suits you should not be a problem.
  • An extra set of screw on filters, in case that you need s replacement.
  • A plastic case for storing IT00, which is of good quality.
  • A warranty card.
IT00 is very lightweight, weighting just 22.2 gr including the cable, and the earpieces are of a very ergonomic design, which has proven very successful for me. So, assuming that you found the right size of eartips (which is not difficult given the various choices provided), IT00 will fit very well in your eardrum without any feeling of oppression.

Furthermore, the eartips are nicely designed, providing a high level of sound isolation, so ambient noise with IT00 was never a problem.

Finally, as already mentioned, the cable of IT00 is a MMCX connector OFC cable of high quality and not susceptible to microphonics.

IT00 accessories_2.jpeg

In conclusion

Whenever I review an IEM in the low price range, I know that I should not, and actually I do not, expect so much. With that in mind, IT00 was a big, very pleasant surprise. It is hard to believe that iBasso applied so many technical innovations and used so much high-quality materials for all parts involved. The result is an IEM of very high quality, with a sound signature that is balanced on the warm side, with more than sufficient and well controlled bass, extended but, generally, not harsh highs, and alive vocals. Most of all, IT00 is very engaging, while it has substantial soundstage, nice image, great dynamics and excellent separation.

IT00 has (many) more merits than weaknesses, and if you are looking for an engaging IEM in the low price range, then it should be one of your top contenders. I am impressed by its excellent quality and great sound. Most recommended.


Housing: Plastic
Driver: 10 mm Dynamic driver
Frequency response: 10 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensitivity: 106 +/- 2 dB
Impedance: 16 Ω
Noise attenuation: -26 db
Rated power: 10 mW
T.H.D.: <1% at 1 kHz / 1 mW
Plug size: Gold plated 3.5 mm
Cord length: 1.2m
Weight: 8 gr without cable
Price: $69.00

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Reviewer: AudiophileHeaven
iBasso IT00 Entry-Level IEMs Review - Full Experience
Pros: + Excellent Sound
+ Price / Performance Ratio
+ Aesthetics
+ Great Build Quality
Cons: - For the price, nothing really
iBasso IT00 Entry-Level IEMs Review - Full Experience


IT00 is an entry-level IEM / Earphone designed by iBasso. They are priced neatly at 70 USD, making them one of the most affordable high-quality IEMs out there. The main comparisons / dangerous enemies of the IT00 will be 1Custom Junior, iBasso IT01S, and FiiO FH3. It will also get paired with HIDIZS AP80 PRO, Centrance DACport HD, and FiiO M3 PRO.


iBasso's a great company and their pitch for IT00 is creating the best IEM they could on a budget, and making it as enjoyable as possible. They managed to keep a great presence within the audiophile community by always providing excellent service, warranty, and good products. They don't release a lot of products, but the ones they release are always interesting and have an excellent price / performance ratio.

That being said, it should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with iBasso. I'd like to thank iBasso for providing the sample for this review. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in iBasso IT00 find their next music companion.


First things first, let's get the packaging out of the way:






The package for IT00 is good, as it comes with a nice high-quality carrying case, a good number of extra tips. A high-quality dable should be mentioned, although this one is less interesting than the one that usually comes with iBasso IT series of IEMs.

To be more precise, you can expect the following in the package:

  • IT00 IEMs
  • 9 pairs of silicone eartips
  • Storage Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card


Given the really pocket-friendly price of 70 USD, I am really happy to see the case included, and the package is pretty much perfect.

Technical Data

Type - Dynamic IEM (10 mm Graphene Driver)

Frequency Response - 10 Hz - 35 kHz

Sensitivity - 106 dB

Impedance - 16 OHM

Noise Attenuation - -26dB

Rated Power - 10mW

THD - <1% at 1kHz / 1mW

Plug Type - 3.5mm TRS Single Ended Plug Plated

Cable - 1.2m MMCX OFC Cable

Weight - 8g without the cable

Youtube Video

Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit/Comfort

IT00 looks pretty cool, and I always loved iBasso's attention to details. It is glued and matched perfectly, and that fine high-definition font used to write on their products always makes them feel really well made.


The comfort of IT00 is perfect, with no driver flex, no microphonic noise from the cable, but with a good shape / ergonomic for the IEMs. In fact, I would say that it should fit every ear out there, as it is small and nicely designed. There's a ventilation hole as they do use a 10 mm dynamic driver, based on Graphene with dual HelmHolts Resonators (same as what Sennheiser uses in their Ie800S IEMs).

The cable is actually of good quality, but it is the least interesting part of IT00, it looks and feels considerably less premium than other iBasso IEMs, but the price is also more affordable for IT00, so it all evens out.


Despite the shell being a pretty white color, it doesn't dirty easily, it doesn't get scratched easily, and IT00 does actually deliver on the promised 25 dB of passive noise isolation, making them close to a proper Etymotic IEM.

The drive factor is ok, they have a low impedance and are slightly sensitive to hiss, and a somewhat low SPL for IEMs, of 106dB, so you may find yourself pumping a bit more volume than in IEMs with a higher SPL.

Sound Quality

The bass of IT00 is well-articulated, clean and clear. The bass is deep and goes low, with good impact. It is also fairly tip-dependent, and you will get much better bass with foamies, but you lose a bit in the highs and in the clarity. It has a nice thump to it, and fills the entire listening space. Especially with Dubstep songs, you can hear the rumble going through your head if you dial in enough volume, but this is an advantage if you're looking for a fun signature.


The midrange is actually pretty clear and slightly recessed, free from extra thickness or veil. IT00 dips the male voices in particular a bit, and tends to increase the intensity and emotion for female voices, making Jazz and Pop sound really impressive. The upper midrange is pretty enhanced and has a good amount of presence, making the entire sound fairly V-Shaped. The soundstage is pretty deep, and has more depth than it has width. For the 70 USD price, it is more than most competitors offer, with most of the action going on at the edge of my head, not too far, but not quite inside either.


The treble is fairly smooth in texture, but detailed and crisp. Rock and Metal sounds interesting, there's enough air and extension to keep things lively. IT00 tends to be easy for those sensitive to stronger treble, so you won't ever feel like taking them off, even if listening to aggressive metal, despite there being quite a bit of energy in the highs.


The main comparisons will be with 1Custom Junior, iBasso It01S and FiiO FH3. The reason I went with those, despite them being a bit more pricey, is that you need to know what you could get for more money, and it helps establish whether IT00 is a good value or not.


Since there are so many IEMs out there in this price range, please let me know if you want me to compare IT00 with any other IEM, and I'll be happy to help.

iBasso IT00 vs FiiO FH3 (70 USD vs 130 USD) - The overall bass is more in quantity and depth on FH3. The midrange tends to be more colorful, and have a slightly better detail on IT00. There's even a slightly better treble on IT00, which has a bit more air and sparkle, where FH3 feel smoother.

iBasso IT00 vs iBasso IT01S (70 USD vs 200 USD) - Comparing iBasso's better IEM to IT00, I toptally hear a much better clarity and improved soundstage. The higher price totally leads to a much better experience, and IT01S is better indeed, but I brought up this comparison because IT00 sounds like a downsized IT01S. It has the same overall tuning, similar sound, but in a mini mode. If you can't afford IT01S, you can totally go for IT00, it has some of the same DNA, at a much lower price.

iBasso IT00 vs 1Custom Junior (70 USD vs 140 USD) - The best part about this comparison is that despite the many configurations of the 1Custom Junior, IT00 still ends up being interesting and worthy to mention. Not only worthy to mention, but it wins in terms of detail and how engaging it is, although the Junior has slightly better control and a larger soundstage.


The main pairings will be with FiiO M3 PRO, Centrance DACport HD, and HIDIZS AP80 PRO.


IT00 also pairs nicely with iBasso DAPs like the DX120, but I wanted to explore how it pairs with even less pricey sources, since if you're going for IT00, you're most likely to have an entry-level source too. It is not very picky with the source, so you could easily use a smartphone, with the note that my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is almost at maximum volume to sound ok in terms of loudness.

iBasso IT00 + HIDIZS AP80 PRO (70 USD + 170 USD) - With AP80 PRO, the sound is really lively, detailed and clear, but you can dial in a bit more midrange or a bit more bass if you wanted to. The MSEB feature of AP80PRO sure comes in handy, and using it revealed that IT00 can take quite a bit of EQ without distorting.

iBasso IT00 + Centrance DACport HD (70 USD + 170 USD) - I really enjoyed the aggressive and forward presentation of mids and bass with the DACportHD. Especially when it comes to the overall detail and clarity, this DAP is a master, but please be careful with the switch and the volume, as IT00 is really easy to drive, and you may end up giving a bit too much if you're not careful. There was no major hissing either, so I was able to enjoy IT00 on a punchy, full Class-A amp, all while taking in the delight of their wide soundstage.

iBasso IT00 + FiiO M3 PRO (70 USD + 70 USD) - M3 PRO is the best way to make IT00 more neutral and flat, if you want to experience the maximum detail you can pump out of them on a budget. It gives them a really clear sound, but with a flatter presentation, more emphasis on detail and less on dynamics. I can totally appreciate it with technical death metal and math metal, but for classical and rock, I prefer FiiO M6 or iBasso DX120.

Value and Conclusion

Value will always be strong for IEMs and products priced below the 100 USD mark, and IT00 is no exception. It is a tiny IEM, made well, and priced nicely, comes with a ton of accessories, so value is really strong for it.


The build quality and the default cable are excellent for the price paid, and it is an IEM that looks as good as it works. In fact, it even has a place in Audiophile-Heaven's Hall Of Fame, for the ergonomics, package and sound it is able to deliver at 70 USD.


The overall sound can be described as mildly V-Shaped, but with good detail and clarity for the price paid. I'm not exactly easy on it either, as I've been dealing mostly with flagships lately, so I'm coming from having reviewed some better IEMs.


At the end of today's review, if you have 70 USD and want to get yourself an awesome IEM with a V-Shaped sound, IT00 should be perfect for you. It comes with excellent build quality, a nice default cable, and an engaging, lively V-shaped sound that defies its price point considerably.

--- Please remember to stay safe, and always have fun while listening to music!---

Full Playlist used for this review

We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature. PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality are all revealed by those songs. We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music!

If you have a dime to spare (donate), it would make my day much brighter, as it would help me improve things around the website and increase the frequency of my posts.

Youtube Playlist


Tidal Playlist

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Meaty and rich tone, air and extension, smooth, price
Cons: sound is heavily ear tip dependent - I urge you to experiment!

Once more into the breach, dear friends! :)

Back in the day, as a well-known and respected manufacturer of DAP’s, it came as a bit of a surprise when iBasso suddenly announced that they would be releasing a new IEM (the excellent IT03).

Well, that was back in 2018, if I recall correctly (correct recall being something I do not take for granted these days!) :)

Fast forward a couple of years, and I think it would be fair to say that iBasso have similarly established themselves as a name of note in the world of IEM manufacturers too now.

Their last IEM release – again – was something of a surprise, an all-BA affair with a pristine pure neutral-reference sound, contrasting with their existing line-up, which featured IEMs all based on dynamic drivers, either in solo or hybrid formats.

Today, I’ll be reviewing their latest offering, the IT00.

This is a new addition to their ‘In Tune’ line-up, and is another single dynamic driver IEM.

All details can be found on iBasso’s website (link below), and the IEM can be purchased there and delivered to locations around the globe. It can also be purchased from various other dealers of course too.


The IT00 IEM features a 10mm graphene dynamic driver, along with their dual Helmholz resonator technology and ergonomically designed shells.

See the link above for all the details :)

The RRP at time of writing was a very modest $69, placing it – financially speaking - at what I suppose these days would be close to the bottom of entry level pricing and making it the cheapest iBasso IEM to date

My sincere thanks to Paul and the team at iBasso, for providing me with a review unit to keep in exchange for an honest review.

Enough verbosity and verbiage; it’s time to get vicariously visual and have a look at the IT00 (!) :)


Unboxing, packaging and accessories:

The packaging and accessories are nicely done, albeit not quiteat the standard that I’ve become accustomed to with iBasso; perhaps unsurprising given the very limited budget they are working with here.

There’s a case that appears to be made of leather or PU leather. It’s pretty decent and looks nice, but I have to say I do prefer the metal cases bundled with their other IEMs.

The cable here is an OFC cable of unspecified material, thin, glossy black and supple. It feels fine in daily use and I haven’t noticed any particular issues with it. It’s terminated in 3.5mm SE, which I think is a logical choice at this price point.

The shells are smooth and very comfortable in use.

They feel pretty much identical in shape and feel to those of the IT01s.

The Fit:

They have a very good insertion depth for me personally; neither too shallow nor too deep. I started with New Bee foam tips in the Large size, and I suspect if I were wearing mediums or smalls, I would be able to insert the IT00 even more deeply, so there’s room to roam, as it were :)

Later, I switched to Sedna Xelastec tips (in ML size), which fit just fine too.

All in all, they are extremely comfortable and I have been able to wear them for extended listening sessions with no discomfort or fatigue.

The Sound:

I listened with a modded Sony WM1A, using a variety of test tracks, in FLAC lossless format (some hi-res).

The IT00 features a nicely impactful low end; I started with Romeo and Juliet (by Dire Straits); not to be confused with the Romeo and Juliet by that other writer.. Ooh, I forget his name.. :wink:

I then moved to Italian hip-hop outfit Poison’s ‘Dove Sei?’ as my go-to track for bass extension and impact and the IT00 presents the thunderous synthetic bass/drums of this song with a fair degree of rumble and around a medium amount of impact and slam.

I’m not hearing too much texture in its presentation of this synthetic beat, but it presented the thumping drum roll in the opening chorus of Romeo and Juliet with a nice amount of tactility and thump.

I tried another song featuring synthetic beats, keyboards and sound effects, ‘Skin’ by Swedish popsters Club 8. And then ‘Hush’ by the same band, because they are too good to just listen to one track :)

The IT00 did well with both ‘Skin’ and ‘Hush’, and it did especially well this time with the synthetic beats on ‘Hush’ and the lovely female vocals on both.

Moving on to ‘Chan Chan’ from Buena Vista Social Club, I notice it handles the acoustic bass on this song surprisingly well; I’ve listened to IEMs far more expensive than this that don’t capture as much texture and timbre on this particular detail of the song.

The song itself is quite intimately mastered, and the IT00 does a very nice job of separating out the various instruments and allowing me to hear the main vocal and its backing vocal accompaniment distinctly.
It also passes the ‘trumpet test’ for me on this song, where a little trumpet solo appears about ¾ of the way through, and there is no sharpness or peakiness to be heard with the IT00.

Switching to Hong Kong opera singer Alison Lau’s rendition of Handel’s ‘Lascia la spina’ (24-96 HDTracks FLAC) the intakes of breath of the musicians at the very beginning of the song aren’t especially prominent as they are with some IEMs that feature great detail retrieval and technical ability – albeit at much higher prices of course – but the opening strings have a nice amount of body and weight to them. There’s a very nice touch of soft sparkle and a subtle brightness on display here, and I really enjoyed the weight and body in the IT00’s presentation of the stringed instruments and the vocal.

It’s got a nice timbre and manages to avoid becoming shrill or piercing when she hits the high notes.

For experimental purposes I switched to a fairly brightly-mastered track; Miranda Cosgrove’s ‘Disgusting’, which is a piece of pure pop with quite high-pitched female vocals.
If an IEM has a good amount of brightness or sparkle, it will usually be very much evident on this track.
Here, the IT00 sounds spacious, open and with good extension and a nice touch of air in the treble.

Ok, enough of this pop-type-stuff; Layman1 feels the urge to rock, and who better with whom to do so than melodic power-rock outfit The Ataris?

Answer: nobody. :D

I settle on their track ‘Fast times at Dropout High

NB: I am listening here to the re-arranged version of the song from their album ‘Silver Turns to Rust’, which I love way more than the original. It’s a favourite track of mine, chock-full of variously crunchy or chiming guitar goodness, thumping and clattering drums, and husky male vocals.

These dense rock tracks do benefit from a big, open soundstage and separation, and this aspect of the IT00’s tuning is good enough to achieve the desired effect.

Furthermore, it has the faithfulness of timbre to bring out the texture in those electric guitars and in the vocals, which are perfectly positioned slightly forwards of centre.

Similarly, it really captures well the dynamics and the melodies in the song, and the rhythm section sounds spot-on.

And now time for something completely different!

My joint-favourite Bollywood song, Thodi Der, featuring the vocals of Shreya Ghoshal, and Farhan Saeed. In that exact order, because Layman1 is nothing if not precise :)

Ok, this sounds great on the IT00. The way it positions vocals – a little forward of centre – and they way it presents them with its faithful timbre, makes them quite captivating.

It handles both the rich male vocal and the high female vocal with equal aplomb.
The instruments – of which there are a great deal, as befits any good Bollywood number – are sounding rich and engaging, with all the little details picked out delightfully by the IT00.

Ok, time to wrap things up like a mummy, ancient Egypt style!


In conclusion, I’d describe the IT00 as follows:

It has a solid low end with a medium amount of slam and rumble and a good extension. It lends some warmth and timbre to the mids, but without any feeling of bloatedness.

The mids enjoy some of that low-end body and are fairly warm and rich, full-bodied and engaging, handling both male and female vocals pleasingly well and imbuing both vocals and instruments with a realistic timbre. There’s a really engaging meatiness and musicality here, which is the highlight of the IT00 for me.

The treble is smooth and non-fatiguing, with a fair amount of sparkle and air.

Technical performance is accomplished; the soundstage and separation are at a good level, the imaging and layering are performed notably well and the detail retrieval is done well for this price point.

I think they offer a very good price-performance ratio, which – along with “performs like a product significantly more expensive” is probably something of a mantra for iBasso by now!

I should conclude with another mantra – perhaps not unique to iBasso – that “tips matter”!

I started out doing this review with my usual New Bee foam tips.

I was rating the IT00 at about 3.5 stars by the end of it, since I felt that whilst it had delightfully meaty and musical mids and lows, there was just a real lack of air, separation and soundstage size, that really held it back on several songs (and which seemed atypical of the normal iBasso house sound). I think this might have been improved significantly by wearing a different size of foam tip, to change the insertion depth.

After, I switched over to Sedna Xelastec tips, and have had to go back and re-write most of the review. Never let it be said that Layman1 is unafraid to admit when he is wrong, nor to go the extra mile when required :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With this change in tips (which also are not as deeply inserted as the New Bee foams), I hear the sub-bass impact and mid-bass rumble to be diminished a little bit, with a small decrease in the meatiness and richness of the mids. However, what you gain in return is a sizeable increase in soundstage size and separation, and a lot more air and extension in the treble.

Frankly, there are things to be loved about both sound signatures. There’s a captivating musicality about the rich, weighty and full-bodied mids with the New Bee foam tips, and this combination works especially well if you are treble-sensitive listening to music that might normally have the potential to trigger those sensitivities.

Conversely, with the Xelastec tips, the whole sound opens up, and that enlivens the whole signature, without diminishing too much the great qualities I found with the New Bee tips.

So it’s a bit like you’re getting two IEMs for the price of one, which surely only makes it even more appealing at the price :)

And on that joyful note, it is time to draw things to a close.

Thank you for reading and best wishes to you all :)
Great review! Just got these in the mail today after a 5 week wait, I have nothing bad to say about the IT00. It's an excellent budget IEM that gives the Moondrop Starfields and other popular budget IEMs a run for their money.

Cable and case are above average for it's price point too, I've seen the IT00 retail for as low as $60 USD on Aliexpress which is a complete steal.
Thank you and I'm glad you're enjoying yours! :)


New Head-Fier
IT00 eh 🤔
Pros: Sounds good with spc and eq adjustment
Looks cool and good build
Cons: Not worth 79.99$ given competition
iBasso IT00 Review 🤔🎧😕👍🏼

Natural and smooth refined and soft

Not harsh or fatiguing

Good sub bass but not the cleanest

Bass could be improved, sounds slightly

Muffled to me with stock cable and flat eq

Needs major treble boost on Eq and spc to come alive and be fun.

Stock sounds like someone turned the eq all the way down or something is blocking the mids and highs slightly.

Great build and awesome shell and color

Awesome package and accessories

Cable is fine but spc sounds better to me

At 79.99$ it’s too expensive, kbear diamond and blon 05s are better options.

Half recommend if this is your sound signature.

With adjustments it turns into a good iem.
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For shure it is NOT a WOW!


Reviewer at hxosplus
A little gem
Pros: - Effortless and natural sound
- Bass extension
- Detachable cable
- Full accessory pack
Cons: - Cable could be much better
- Bass could be a little more refined
iBasso IT00 - A little gem


The IT00 sample was kindly provided by iBasso and does not need to be returned.
This is my honest and subjective evaluation of it.

You can get from here

iBasso needs no introduction as it is now a well establish brand from China , very popular among Headfier's especially for it's excellent and much acclaimed digital audio players like the DX120 or the DX160.
Lately they have ventured into the iem and headphones territory with products like the SR1 , the AM05 or their latest entry level iem the IT00 which is being reviewed here.



IT00 is a single dynamic driver iem with a diaphragm made of graphene.
Graphene is a form of carbon which has a breaking strength 100 times greater than steel and when used as an earphone diaphragm it is naturally damped by the force of the air.
Graphene's ultra thinness , extreme speed and low distortion of sound waves makes for a material which is extremely suitable to work for audio.
Other than the graphene , iBasso has added a high flux customized magnet to drive the 5μm diaphragm and dual Helmhotz resonators that prohibits standing waves and ensures a full natural sound.

All the above are housed inside a white colored shell made of a special plastic with enhanced acoustical absorption.
It is molded into an anatomical shape with a low weight of 8gr for both the ear pieces.
The IT00 feature a woven detachable cable with MMCX connectors made of high purity OFC cooper and an over the ear wearing style.
The cord length is 1.2m and it is terminated with a 3.5mm plug.
The IT00 is very easy to drive due to its low 16Ω impedance and high sensitivity of 106dB but this characteristics make it susceptible to amp internal noise.


The IT00 comes with a beautifully rounded , semi hard portable case of faux leather and inside we find three different types of ear tips with three sizes for each one.
Of special note is that the IT00 is featuring a screw on filter in it's nozzle and we are provided with an extra spare pair in case we need a replacement.


Comfort and build quality

IT00 is very much to out liking with it's white glossy appearance and the shell is very well made with a good finish and female MMCX connectors that they are sturdy fitted.

The cable itself is of a rather average quality seeming that it will not be able to withstand the test of time as it is thin and very prone to tangling.
The cable insertion inside the plugs is a bit loose and fragile as for the ear hook reinforcements they are made poorly with some kind of a plastic heat shrink.
Now we understand that this is an entry level iem but we are a little bit spoiled as other brands offer a tad better cables at the same price point.

Regarding the fit of IT00 we think that it is just great , at least for our ears , with excellent comfort , good insertion and secure positioning making it for very adequate passive noise attenuation.
We were able to use it for hours without a hint of discomfort or sweating.


We have tested the IT00 with our phone and various entry level to mid priced devices like the FiiO BTR3K , the EarMen Sparrow , the Cyrus soundkey and others.
Our tests dictated that although it is good out of the box running from a phone , it benefits greatly and really shines from a dedicated sound source as it is scales very well.

From the first listening tests it became apparent that we were dealing with a very naturally tuned iem focused on musical pleasure rather a sterile technical approach or a fancy self imposing display.

Overall tonality is natural and not neutral without any annoying peaks or deeps and excellent extension to both ends.

Bass reaches very low down to the first octave with just a bit of emphasis more than being neutral but very tastefully done without bleeding at all into the mid bass.
This is an impactful and dynamic presentation with good overall scale and technicality.
The IT00 can portray with success multi layered low register instruments without loosing it's pace but sometimes we felt that we would like some extra layering , definition and speed.
Care should be taken with ear tip selection because the narrow bore tips can make the bass sound hollow and boomy.
After testing all the supplied tips we ended up using the white ones.

Mid range is for a treat with a nice overall balance , just a hint of needed warmth and crystal clear clarity.
Voice and mid register instruments are presentd very persuasivelly with a lifelike feeling and great proportions to the rest of the mix without being too upfront.

Up higher the performance is exemplary with one of the best tuned treble we have ever heard.
It is the perfect balance between being smooth and detailed , lively without being bright , fast without being offensive.
iBasso have managed to tune the IT00 for long listening sessions even for treble sensitive people without loosing much in technical performance.
Overall decay is just perfect especially at high pitched percussion instruments and as for the headstage it is quite wide , with enough air to breath and good instrument placement.
Don't expect though holographic sound , 3d layering or ultimate detail retrieval and space allocation but then this shouldn't be expected at this price point and the IT00 already manages to reach a lot higher than it's entry level status.
All in all an excellent performing iem with a natural sound , correct and lifelike timbre suitable for long listening sessions and all kinds of music that it is very easy to fall in love with it.

Compared to FiiO FD1 and FH1s

FD1 and FH1s are FiiO's entry level offerings at almost the same asking price.
Build quality and comfort are on the same ballpark with FiiO using a semi transparent celluloid shell which is a little more bulky than the iBasso.
For our ear shape and personal tastes the IT00 is a little more comfortable and better looking with it's compact body but your mileage may vary.
The FiiO's cable is of much better quality regarding the overall construction and the material used but it is the 2 pin plugs rather than the MMCX ones.
Accessories are great for both companies and should be congratulated for their generosity at this price point.

As it is to be expected the three iems have a slight different sound signature and personal tastes will determine the final choice.
All three are naturally tuned without exaggerating their frequency response and with great overall performance reaching higher above their price tag.
Differences are small with the IT00 offering better bass extension and more natural and easy going overall tonality with the better behaved treble of the three.
FD1's bass is more neutrally tuned and it is of better clarity and definition with more in depth layering but whith a little upfront mids and brighter treble.
The FH1s lags behind in the bass department and it is more strident up higher but it posseses better overall clarity and detail retrieval with more airy and accurate headstage.
All three are great but at the end we thought of the IT00 tuned more like good speakers in a room and that kind of signature is more to our personal preference.
You can't go wrong with anyone of them and it is a great achievement for the budget oriented buyer that there are three great iems of different flavor to choose from.

At the end

The iBasso IT00 is an excellent entry level iem naturally tuned with an easy going timbre without lacking much in technical performance.
It reaches well above it's price tag with a great price to sound performance ratio and it is offered in a fully featured package.
We had a great time with it and we must admit that it is our mostly preferred tuning of the entry level category.
An excellent choice very highly recommend with a 5/5 price to performance rating.

The test playlist - http://open.qobuz.com/playlist/5669033

Copyright - Laskis Petros - 2020.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Review – iBasso IT00
Pros: Solid build quality
Compact and ergonomic design
Very good sound quality - Warm and smooth signature
Cons: A little of driver flex
Can sound a bit too smooth on the treble
Review – iBasso IT00

it00 (1).jpg

Website – iBasso Audio

it00 (2).jpg

  • Driver: Dynamic 10mm
  • Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 35kHz
  • Sensitivity: 106 ± 2 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Cable: 1.2m length; MMCX connectors
  • Plug: 3.5mm TRS gold-plated
  • Weight: 8g.

Price: U$69.

The review is based on a demo unit review provided by iBasso.

Official IT00 page.

it00 (3).jpg

it00 (4).jpg

The box presentation is nothing new for the iBasso product line. The IT00’s box is just a bit smaller than their other earphones’ but keep the same design. A white paperboard cover with the IT00 image at the top and specifications at the back, and then a thicker cardboard blue box. The earpieces are securely arranged by soft foam material and the round storage case holds all the accessories. It includes a cable of 3.5mm plug and MMCX connectors and nine pairs of ear tips all in 3 sizes, 2 sets of them are of wide bore and one set is of narrower bore.

it00 (5).jpg

it00 (6).jpg

it00 (8).jpg

it00 (7).jpg


The IT00 maintains the same design as the original IT01 which was also implemented in the following IT01s. A very universal yet ergonomic shape that differs from the upper models IT03 and IT04 with their more custom-like and fit challenging design. Like all iBasso earphones, the housings are made of polymer for the main body, while the nozzle is of stainless steel. For being made of plastic they look solid enough and they are very light. The IT00 may miss the extra electroplating outer coating of the 01s but does include the removable threaded screens on the nozzle (just without the rubber o-ring). Unlike the IT01 that were available in two color options (black or red & blue), the IT00 arrives in a more plain solid all white color.

it00 (9).jpg

it00 (10).jpg

The use of just a single dynamic 10mm driver also allows the IT00 to keep a compact form that shouldn’t compromise with fit or comfort for most people and personally had no issues in that regard. There are two vents on the inner part of the shells. Not sure how much impact they have, but isolation is decent enough. The only issue would be the bit of driver flex effect, noticed on both sides. Not a major noise as with other IEMs, and mainly when adjusting the earpieces.

it00 (11).jpg

it00 (12).jpg

The nozzle diameter is quite standard so changing ear tips is very easy with the IT00 and the package includes two options of tips. I have used mostly the ones already attached on the earphones, the wide bore M size tips, and had no need for tip rolling to find a ‘better’ sound quality.

it00 (13).jpg

it00 (14).jpg

The cable should be the main downgrade on the IT00. It is quite basic, and cheaper looking, unlike the more attractive cables on the IT01 and IT01s. A 4-wire twisted all-black cable and more tangle prone. It reminds of the cable of the IT03, which wasn’t great either, though for the price it is more forgiving on the IT00; even so, you can see manufactures including nicer cables nowadays. The jack is terminated in standard 3.5mm plug, L-shaped. On the earphones side, the connectors are of MMCX type and like most of the iBasso cables they have 4-split design for a tougher connectivity. Once attached, they won’t disconnect or rotate with ease, though I found them easier to detach than with the IT01, IT01s and IT04, when applying a bit of force. Both jack and MMCX plugs are well covered by outer metal pieces. It also has pre-shaped guides installed and red and blue rings at the base of the connectors to differentiate the right and left sides.

it00 (15).jpg

it00 (16).jpg

it00 (17).jpg

it00 (18).jpg

Sound Quality

Sources: iBasso DX220 & DX160, HiBy R3 Pro, Shanling M6.

The IT00 goes back to a single Graphene dynamic driver. It was the first IT01 where iBasso applied this driver for full frequency response, and later mixed in the IT04 hybrid setup. The IT01s, while took different tri-tech single driver, still followed a well balanced tuning. For the IT00, it technically may follow a very similar overall frequency balance as the IT01, but subjectively brings an improved better tuning for what I would already rate higher than the IT01 and more enjoyable than older more expensive offers. It offers a warm sound keeping a decent overall balance that can perceived as a v-shaped response, but mild not sharp.

From various graphene diaphragm based earphones, they usually present a very favorable low-end response. Not only in power and speed, but more in a good balance from the lower sub-bass to mid-bass quantities. And this is clearly the case with the IT00 too. The bass is still more dominant and impactful but not heavy. There is plenty of rumble, good layering and texture that save it from being too thick. Instead of a sudden mid-bass lift it starts already from the sub-bass region and maintains a very equal linearity through the whole low frequency. It is fast in attack, not in a balanced armature level, but then it is more natural and realistic in decay and depth.

The midrange is positioned more distant next to the greater low-end. However, it is not thin sounding but rather has a warm tonality and fuller notes more noticed at the low-mids. Neutral it is not as carries some obvious coloration, though in a positive way adding a richer texture for a more musical and enjoyable presentation. Instruments' separation is decent but not very airy. Instead, the IT00 brings vocals more forward, and in fact, this a most noticeable change and improvement over the IT01. Lower vocals sound weightier and thicker with the warmer tonality; female vocals are smooth and detailed but less forward.

Treble is tuned soft and smooth. Less dominant than the low-end and not as entertaining yet complements well as to avoid being dull or dark sounding. On the IT01 it could sound sharper and not most refined; where here the IT00 offers a more natural texture while being smoother. It is not a bright treble nor too energetic. The extension may sound less obvious than on the low-end side due its smoother nature but it is still there.

Soundstage is moderate. It scales properly with the DX220 player which excels in stage dimensions, and so with the Shanling M6, but otherwise do not expect an ample, spacious presentation. With the more intimate midrange and warmer tonality it also not too airy; even so, the level of detail is very good enough for the asking price.

it00 (19).jpg

it00 (20).jpg


iBasso IT01s

Compared to the first IT01, I think the IT00 is already a much better option at an even more affordable price. The tuning is more coherent and natural even keeping a similar freq. response.

A more interesting comparison would be the IT01s. I found the IT01s to be a good upgrade over the IT01, though in a different flavored sound but technically better. The IT00 would rate something in between for sound quality. The IT01s has tighter and less prominent bass, especially in the mid-bass region. It also goes much brighter and less forgiving than the smoother IT00, and brings details more forward. While bass extension is similar on both, treble extension is greater on the IT01s. On the midrange, the IT01s is richer, more fluid and airier; for vocals, the IT00 is more suited for male vocals, while the IT01s is leaner on the low-mids and plays much better with female voices. Sibilance can be picked easier with the IT01s, whereas the IT00 is safer. Where the IT01s loses is in ‘value’ – set at a ~$200 price it has very strong competition. The IT00, on the other hand, now offers the best value among all the iBasso earphones so far.


The DMG was a popular model when it first was released. Regardless the multi drivers hybrid setup and the added filters, it was tuned with v-shaped, warm signature and good soundstage. Compared to the IT00, the DMG is even stronger in bass, thicker and warmer. The IT00 is tighter and better layered. On the midrange, the DMG is fuller though more articulated with the BA units inside. It is sweeter on the upper-mids so better match for female vocals. The IT00 is leaner in comparsion but capable of showing more air and natural texture. Treble is brighter on the DMG, it may extend more but also be more sibilant. Soundstage is wider on the DMG.

The DMG may offer a bit more isolation with the larger shells and be tougher built in all metal. The IT00 is more compact and more comfortable, safer bet for medium to small ears.

it00 (21).jpg

Bqeyz Spring 1

The Spring 1 is more recent than the above BGVP, with a more interesting triple driver hybrid setup (dynamic, BA, piezoelectric). The sound is quite different to the IT00’s. The Spring 1 is a more accurate sounding earphone overall. It is softer in bass quantities and impact but it is more accurate and detailed. The midrange is a bit colder but more open and resolving. IT00 is smoother and more ‘musical’. The treble is bright on the Spring 1, even more than the IT01s so quite the opposite to the IT00. While the level of detail is greater, it is also less forgiving.

Build quality is again more solid on the Spring 1 with all-metal shells and includes a nicer (though heavier) cable, of course, at almost double the price of the IT00. My issue with the Spring 1 was not the comfort but achieving a proper seal with the stock ear tips and even with extra tips. The IT00 is lighter and more compact with a bit higher isolation.

it00 (22).jpg


All-in-all, the IT00 now presents the 'best value' from iBasso earphones so far. As I found the IT01 to be very good for its price back a couple of years ago, the IT00 is now even worth more and at an even more affordable price. Good build quality and very comfortable design (in a more refreshing white color). I'm not aware how much the audio quality has improved in the sub $100 range, though the IT00 preforms quite well against previous pricier models. Sound-wise, it has its own signature that may not offer a complete balance for every music genre, but it is nicely tuned nonetheless.
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Headphoneus Supremus
IBasso IT00 - when Zero is greater than One.
Pros: good build quality, great sound, forgiving of poor source, VALUE
Cons: cable is average, not as detailed as 01s (but almost)

disclaimer: I requested the ibasso IT00 for review from iBasso. I had previously purchased the IT01, 01s, and 03 for review and had heard that the IT00 might eclipse the IT01 in the sound quality department so was more than a little interested to try it out. IBasso kindly provided the IT00 for purposes of this review. I have no financial interest in IBasso or any of their resellers, nor have any of those had any input in this review. If you are interested in the IT00, visit the IBasso Website or follow them on Facebook. The IT00 can be purchased directly from the IBasso website.

Unboxing / Packaging:
Those familiar with Ibasso products will recognize the packaging immediately. A white slipcover with picture and name on front and specs on reverse covers the standard blue understated box inside. Lifting the top reveals the warranty card and beneath that the earpieces in the upper section of the foam surround and the soft clam shell case in the lower portion. Inside the clam shell you will find the cable, 9 pairs of various silicone tips, and a set of replacement nozzle filters. Let me state right up front, these are not tuning filters and swapping them wont alter the sound unless the original pair is pretty clogged up, still its a nice idea to provide these with a budget product like the IT00. The cable does have a velcro tie as well which is another nice touch. About the only thing missing in the kit is a shirt clip and honestly I have a drawer full as I very rarely use them so it won’t be missed in my case, but some may be more upset over the omission.

Shells on the IT00 are white polymer with aluminum nozzles. The faceplate has ibasso IT00 in small black print on the lower edge while the inner shell has an L/R indicator on the top edge over the nozzles. Shape is quasi semi-circular with the curve fitting against the rear of the ear and the flat housing the mmcx connector at top front. Size and thickness are both about average with the IT00 riding partially in and partially on the ear. Nozzles have a removable screen for replacement or cleaning if/when they get dirty. This screen also doubles as the lip retention device as it is slightly larger than the nozzle body and has knurling to improve retention. There are two vents on the under side of the shell, one immediately adjacent to the nozzle and the other at the rear edge of the inner face. Nozzles exit the lowest point of the shell with a distinct forward rake similar to the it01 and it01s that precede it. I found comfort to be very good with no rough edges or fatigue from long term wear, but did find isolation to be limited at best as they sit fairly shallow and do not obstruct the ear canal very solidly.

Inside the shell, the IT00 relies on a single 10mm dynamic driver to do its work, but almost every aspect of this driver has been tuned and customized by iBasso. The driver utilizes a customized high flux magnet, dual Helmholtz resonators surrounding the magnet to improve bass, and a 5um multi-layer graphene diaphragm for enhanced stiffness, lower distortion, and enhanced speed. Nominal impedance is listed as 16Ω with a sensitivity of 106 dB/mW. Those numbers suggest the IT00 should work well from lower powered sources and I found it to work quite well from a phone, but to scale considerably with higher quality sources as well.

The provided cable is listed as oxygen free copper and is a double twist pattern in black casement from the 90º 3.5mm jack up to the splitter. Fixtures are all polished metal with a black gloss finish. A chin slider (rubber bead style) rests neatly on top of the splitter. Twisted pairs run from the splitter to the earhooks and mmcx connectors at the north end. The mmcx connectors are also gloss black with L/R markings on the sides and red/blue rings around the actual connector for easy indexing. Earpieces also have a large L/R labeled immediately above the nozzles for quick reference. The cable is fairly pliable but does have some tendency to tangle so the addition of the cable tie is welcome as it helps (but does not eliminate) the tangles.

The IT00 comes with 3 different styles of tips that I define as wide bore black, wide bore white, and narrow bore black. All are silicone and all share similar construction other than bore diameter. I traded tips around several times while listening and impact is subtle to the treble but more notable in the lows by ear, kind of the exact opposite of what the FR shows in my comparison below. I chose to use the black narrow bore tips for my review notes as they gave the most neutral signature of the three for me. As always, your mileage may vary.


Sub-bass is elevated on the IT00 with good rumble when called upon, is fast enough to avoid getting muddy, and has good extension. Like the models before it, the IT00 isn’t for those seeking a perfectly neutral reference as the bass is big even at lower volumes. It isnt lose or sloppy, but it is prominent. There is some mild bleed and decay is a touch slower than attack, the combination of which adds a little warmth to the sound. The IT00 is a good option for movie watchers on cell phone as it doesn’t take a ton to drive it and get those deep rumbles and booms as cars slam into each other or bombs go off on-screen.

As previously mentioned, lower-mids are colored by a bit of bleed and warmth, but retain good clarity in spite of it. Lower vocals are a touch thin so the extra warmth is welcomed. The IT00 does seem to give up a little detail in favor of a smoother presentation and the mids are where, to my ear, that is most evident. Guitar growl is good, but edges are not quite as ragged as perhaps they would be in real life. Acoustic guitar timbre is a bit better as it tends to be less aggressive in its presentation anyway. Strings are well voiced, although I found the higher strings lacked that last bit of energy needed to really sound natural. Vocals are a step in front of the instrumentation with good clarity and the ability to cut through even heavy/complex passages.

FR charts will show a mild climb in the upper mids/ lower treble but honestly it is gradual enough that it doesn’t listen like a big V and doesn’t feel particularly treble forward. Lower treble does have good energy and detail is good but again that smoothing is in effect. Snare rattle is slightly blunted on the attack but finishes well, and cymbals lack any hint of metallic click to them, but again fall a hair short of lifelike due to the tuning. I found no tendency to stridency or sibilance and even tracks that are inherently somewhat harsh were generally cleaned up slightly and a little more palatable as a result. This is probably a great tuning for entry level as it is very source forgiving, but it wont please those looking to get massive detail retrieval. Extension is good with it easily reaching past the limits of my hearing. Air and sparkle are quite good for an iem at this price point.

Soundstage / Imaging:
Stage on the IT00 is wider than deep with some height, but it stops a bit short of feeling 3D. Seating the orchestra is fairly straight forward as well with no large anomalies. Instrument separation is good, but not spectacular and this is one place the IT00 falls just shy of the IT01s in my estimation. Movements around the stage are easily tracked but at times placements are more area than spot in nature. There is some compression as well as tracks get overly complex and a tendency to thicken particularly the mid-bass as a result.

Well we have to start off with its siblings so first up, how does the 00 compare to the 01 and 01s.

IBasso IT01 – this is the one that started the line and while the two share some similarities, there are some distinct differences as well. Shells were a bit more polished and upscale on the 01, while they look a bit more mass production on the 01. The cable was a bit higher end looking on the 01 as well with heavier strands and the copper visible through the clear casing. I also think the 01 cable was a bit less tangle prone. Sound wise, bass is bigger on the 01 and cleaner on the 00, Mids are a bit fuller on the 00 as well as being a bit tighter, and treble is more polite on the 00 while the 01 is brighter and a bit more lively up top. Overall, the 00 is smoother, warmer, a bit relaxed, and better balanced than the 01. In this case 0 > 1.

IBasso IT01s – Build notes from the 01 compare still hold true here so no need to repeat. Sound wise, the 01s and 00 are more like fraternal twins. While they share a lot of common DNA, they have definite personality differences. The similarities between the 01s and 00 are a shared tonality and similar mids. The big differences is the 01s is a bit brighter up top, more detailed, and has slightly less boost in the mid-bass. Stage is larger on the 01s as well and while still not perfectly dimensioned, it comes closer to depth equaling width.

Now on to the competition: I tried to gather the best current sellers with single dynamic drivers (or close) and similar price points and came up with the KBear Diamond, the BGVP Zero, and the Moondrop Starfield that fit the bill.

KBear Diamond – both have single dynamic drivers, both have similar shell shapes, both have similar price points and both are packaged with similar bundles. These couldn’t get more directly aligned at the same market. Shells on the Diamond are slightly larger and heavier due to their metal construction vs the 00’s polymer shells. Cables are a wash with both being acceptable and neither spectacular. Sound wise, the 00 has more sub-bass quantity, and slightly better overall bass quality when compared to the diamond. Mids are more recessed on the Diamond as well and a bit thinner compared to the 00. While mids are more forward on the 00, they have a touch more clarity on the diamond. At the top end, the diamond has a much larger upper-mid/lower treble push giving the diamond a more V shape and the 00 a more neutral listen in comparison. This is a double edged sword as the diamond can have more detail in the treble, but also can get a bit bright at times. The treble sensitive will likely prefer the 00 for that reason alone.

BGVP Zero – The Zero is a bit more of a departure in that it is a hybrid with both a dynamic driver and an electrostatic but it otherwise fits the bill here. Kit is similar, shape is similar, cost is within a few dollars of each other, and both are definitely gunning for your dollar right now. The BGVP is thinner front to back and slightly taller than the 00 so while the 00 sits on the ear, the Zero sits mainly in it. Sound wise, the Zero is much more mid-bass oriented and a larger V shape by far than the 00. The Zero does show off more top end with its eletrostat and has a more detailed treble but is also considerably brighter than the 00 which may put some people off. The mids are better on the 00 vs the Zero with better clarity and a more natural tonality as well. These two share almost nothing in signature so personal preference will decide the choice.

Moondrop Starfield – This has been the darling of the <$100 market of late (deservedly or not depending on who you ask) so without doubt the question will come up as to how the 00 compares. Shells are roughly the same size with the starfield being slightly heavier with its metal vs the 00 polymer shell. Cables are about the same with neither feeling particularly special. Bass is more extended on the 00 and a touch faster to my ear, particularly on decay where the starfield has a bit more lingering decay and a bit smoother sound if less textured as a result, the 00 has more clarity in the low end. Both have good mids with the Starfield having slightly better lower mids but a bigger upper-mid push and vocals stand out more. The 00 has slightly thinner lower-mids but female vocals more inline with the rest of the instrumentation and a bit more detail than the starfield can muster. The IT00 has more top end extension but a thinner less emphasized presentation than the starfield which has more lower treble emphasis. Stage is wider on the 00 but deeper on the starfield so that will come down to personal preference as neither is perfectly dimensioned.

Thoughts / Conclusion:
I’ll have to admit a bit of confusion as I write this and if you stop and do the math, I think you’ll understand why. The IT00 is cheaper than the 01, rivals the o1s in many respects in sound quality, has a premium kit but is billed as entry level, has really good bass impact but is not heavy or dark, has good detail but is fairly laidback. You can see where the confusion comes in, right? The good news is that identity crisis only benefits the consumer as you get all those things mentioned for entry level money. So yet another quandary comes up, 0 is greater than 1 at least in this case. To my ear the IT00 has the highest cost/performance ratio of any of the Ibasso in-ears to date (I’ve owned or tried, it00, it01, it01s, it03, and it04). At $69 it makes a compelling argument as one of the best budget offerings available to date and is highly recommended for those looking to take that first step into better audio. It is forgiving of poor source material and at the same time brings enough detail to the mix to please seasoned audiophiles. I had declared the Starfield as a potential product of the year candidate earlier in the year, turns out Ibasso may well have something to say about that as the IT00 makes a compelling argument for taking its throne. You owe this one an audition, if nothing else to show just how good budget audio has gotten, it will surprise many and please even more.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Bass extension/rumble
Sub-bass quantity/quality
Male/female vocal balancing
Fatigue-free treble
Instrument separation
Cons: Plastic shell
Uncomfortable pressure
Driver flex
Too warm/thick
Not very versatile
Bad cable

EDIT 2021-07-11: demoted the rating from 4.5/5 to 2.5/5 due to the GS Audio GD3A.
: I bought this at my own expense on Advancedmp3players (paid more than it costs on AliExpress). FIY, my first unit had channel imbalance, fortunately my replacement doesn’t have it. Burned in 50+ hours and no channel imbalance, so hopefully the few cases that popped out were just some early batch problems.

Price: 70 usd on AliExpress (paid 70 gbp…)


Driver type: Graphene Dynamic Driver

Frequency response: 10 Hz - 35 kHz

Sensitivity: 106 +/- 2 dB

Impedance: 16 ohms

Cable type: MMCX



Carry case

1 pair of replacement nozzle

S/M/L wide bore black silicone tips

S/M/L wide bore white silicone tips

S/M/L narrow bore black silicone tips


Cable: Measures at 1.46 ohms, change it ASAP. Really high measurements, although the divider and connector are made out of metal, has ear hooks and has a working chin-slider.




Build: Plastic build but feels solid and compact. Although the nozzle and mesh filter are made out of metal. It is vented and the L/R markings are very clearly (white shell + black text = high contrast) visible near the mmcx connection.

Fit: Very good and no need to readjust it from time to time. Works very well during physical activities due to the fit. Size is a bit bigger than average but should fit most except the smaller ears.

Comfort: pretty ok comfort, it fits and stays in without the need to readjust from time to time. Also, since it is plastic it doesn’t get that cold as on metal iems. I get quite a lot of driver flex on both ears though (which is extremely rare for me).

The downside is that due to the vent placement (in and exhaust are right besides one another), pressure builds up more than normal and is uncomfortable for longer sessions.

Isolation: Above average and quite good even though it has a vent.

Setup: Ibasso DX160 (low gain, volume around 33), Faaeal litz copper cable, Acoustune AET07

Lows: powerful but clean bass, more sub-bass over mid-bass but high quantity on both. Tight and pretty fast with above texture.

Mid-bass: Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), Speed and tightness are a bit lacking so it gets a bit muddy, also missing some texture so the bass strikes aren’t very distinct. Quantity is very good though. The (02:55-03:01) section with the chopper sound is quite muddy.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), quantity is very good and makes it fun, speed/tightness are also at a natural level. But texture could be better.

Sub-bass: Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extension and rumble are very good, the punch is also quite powerful but quite clean because of the tightness/speed (could be faster though). Texture is a bit lacking though.

Will Sparks – Sick like that (03:08-03:22), good texture and quantity along with speed/tightness, fun but clean.

Mids: The vocal balancing between male/female vocals are pretty good. But leans a bit too much towards warmth so female vocals doesn’t sound as natural and clean as they should be. Male vocals are a bit better but still a bit too warm.

Female-vocals: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), vocals are very clean and clear, despite the warmth. But the warmth and thickness are a bit too much on this one, so it sounds a bit less natural due to the tonality.

Yuki Hayashi – MightU (01:58-02:55), clean and clear but again, the tonality is too warm and thick to suit these kinds of songs.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), energetic and a bit sharp but still pretty good for something that is usually very sharp/sibilant.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Crescent (02:07-02:26), energetic and a bit sharp.

Male-vocals: Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (00:57-01:17), clean and quite natural but is missing some energy in the vocals due to the warmth.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), natural but a bit muddy due to the bass, the warmth and thickness are very suited for this one.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), the electric guitars are a bit sharp.

Deuce – America (03:03-03:16), shouty but energetic.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cellos are very textured and natural but the violin are lacking both texture and brightness.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), cymbals are very recessed and overall lacking some brightness.

Soundstage: Above average in both width and depth.

Tonality: It is very warm L-shape and musical sounding iem. The naturality is a bit bottlenecked by the warmth and thickness on most of my songs though, so it isn’t that versatile.

Details: Above average details, pretty impressive considering how warm/thick it is and at this price.

Instrument Separation: Above average.

Songs that highlight the IEM:
Good genres: Hip-hop, R&B, EDM, Pop, Kpop,

Bad genres: OST, Orchestral, Rock, metal, Live music


IEM: Blon BL-03 (mesh mod)

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extends and rumbles more on the IT00, punch is also more powerful and faster/tighter. Texture is similar.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), more quantity in the IT00, but a bit faster and tighter on the 03. Texture is a bit better on the 03.

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), more quantity in the IT00, speed is a bit faster in the 03 but can’t keep up and gets muddy. While the IT00 has better control and is tighter and bass strikes more distinct. Texture is bottlenecked on the 03 since it is muddy.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), much more natural and cleaner on the 03.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), a bit sharper on the IT00.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), cleaner, more natural and detailed on the 03.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), a bit sharper electric guitar on the 03.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Violins are more natural (due to tonality, texture is similar) on the 03, while the cellos are more natural (due to tonality and texture) on the IT00.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), more natural and cleaner on the 03.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), while it is cleaner on the 03, it is a bit more chaotic. Instrument separation and details are better on the IT00. Soundstage is similar while timbre is better on the 03.

Overall: The 03 sounds more natural and cleaner while the IT00 is a more technical iem. For my library the 03 sounds better and is more versatile while the IT00 is more of a specialist (for hip-hop/R&B).

IEM: Shozy Form 1.1

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extension is a bit lower on the IT00 but rumbles more, the punch is also more powerful but is a bit slower and looser, so it is cleaner on the 1.1.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), cleaner, more natural, detailed and airier on the 1.1 while the IT00 has more bass quantity (slower and looser and less textured though).

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), Faster, tighter and cleaner on the 1.1. Quantity is higher on the IT00 and texture is similar but control is better on the 1.1.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), cleaner and more detailed on the 1.1 but a bit artificial due to it sounding a bit too bright (vocals). The vocals are more natural on the IT00, while the instruments are more natural on the 1.1.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), a bit sibilant on the 1.1 while it is “just” a bit sharp on the IT00.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), cleaner, more natural and airier on the 1.1.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), the electric guitars are sharper on the IT00.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cellos are more textured and more natural on the IT00 while the Violins are more textured and natural on the 1.1. Overall sounds cleaner on the 1.1.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), cleaner and more detailed on the 1.1 but vocals are a bit recessed and sounds a bit “veiled”.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), much cleaner and more natural on the 1.1. A bit better instrument separation and detail while soundstage is similar but timbre is better on the 1.1.

Overall: The 1.1 is more versatile and doesn’t lean as much towards warmth/thickness as the IT00 does, 1.1 also matches my library better. SQ are comparable along with the technicalities. The IT00 is more fatigue-free though.

IEM: Fiio FH3

Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), Extends a bit lower on the FH3 but rumbles more on the IT00. Both have similar punch quantity, but speed, tightness and texture are better on the FH3.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), quantity is a bit lower on the FH3 but is faster, tighter and more textured so it sounds much cleaner and more natural.

Metallica – fight fire with fire (01:11-01:52), quantity is similar but speed and tightness are much better on the FH3, making the IT00 sound muddy in comparison. Texture is also better on the FH3.

Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), much more natural, cleaner and detailed on the FH3.

Evanescence – Bring me to life (01:18-01:35), the vocals are a bit sharper on the IT00 but the instruments are brighter on the FH3 so they are both as fatiguing here.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), a bit more natural on the FH3 due to it being cleaner and less bloaty in comparison.

Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), the electric guitars are a bit sharper on the IT00.

Hiroyuki Sawano – Lose (string version) (01:22-01:59), Cellos are a bit more textured on the IT00 but cleaner on the FH3 while the violins have more texture and sounds more natural and cleaner on the FH3.

Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), cleaner, detailed and more natural sounding on the FH3, muddy on the IT00 in comparison.

Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), cleaner, detailed and more natural sounding on the FH3. Soundstage, details, instrument separation and timbre are better on the FH3.

Overall: FH3 is just superior sounding for all of my test tracks, if you can get the FH3 I recommend it over the IT00.

Conclusion: The IT00 sounds very good for this price range (doesn’t offend me with sharp treble or bloaty bass), but doesn’t punch above its price due to the Fiio FH3 (and others) and isn’t very versatile in what genres it suits (does not suit my library much). It would have been a great fatigue-free set if the comfort was better (less pressure).

Reference songs:
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@darnyamlein As you can see in my database, I have the urbanfun at A+ while the IT00 is at A-. So I do prefer the urbanfun quite a lot more. (you can check the second page in the database "detailed iem ranking" where I have some numbers for you to easier see which one you prefer.

BUUUUUT with the garbage QC of the urbanfuns I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT!!! Unless you like to gamble :smirk:
Thanks, particularly for the FH3 comparisons. I just bought that one as some of my music was just muddy sounding with the IT00.
@SBranson Np, feel the same way. The IT00 is not a very versatile iem and especially not for my library.


1000+ Head-Fier
Outstanding wired IEM's - easy 5 out of 5 for sound and price
Pros: Nice fit. Superb sound quality. Inexpensive. Efficient. Included extras. MMCX nice and tight.
Cons: Cable could be slightly thicker.
This is going to be a very difficult review for me to do.The reason why is that the IT00 has very little ‘character’ of its own. To my ears they’re ruler flat, detailed throughout the frequency range, fit really well, are pretty efficient and appear to be very well made. Perhaps you can see why I’m struggling. What I have basically described is the perfect in ear monitor.


Obviously there are better IEM’s out there - it would be foolish to describe these as the best you can possibly get as this simply isn’t the case. However, once you take their price into account, it’s not hard to see just why the iBasso IT00 is such a good headphone and, in my opinion, you would have to spend considerably more money before you would see any appreciable return on your investment.

Physical Description

Slick packaging seems to be all the rage at the moment. I think that iBasso is definitely one of the up and coming brands who are desperately trying to compete with the likes of Sony and Apple - and they're succeeding. The IT00’s come in a nicely printed box and also comes supplied with a large array of replacement tips, a rather nice branded round zippered carry case and a couple of replacement filters (really nice touch iBasso). The IEM's are supplied with a rather nice black coated, braided cable that's just the right length for portable use. The jack is high quality and right angled for strain relief. This is a really nice overall package and certainly wouldn't be out of place for headphones costing several times the price of the IT00's. After a bit of tip rolling, I found the right size to ensure a nice seal and was good to go.


Whilst I’m not overly keen on white earphones although I have to say that these do look good. If they were made by Samsung the colour would be described as something like Pacific Pearl White or perhaps Arctic Wind Grey - basically they’re white. They feel very solid and look like they could survive a fair amount of abuse. The MMCX connection is nice and tight - I haven’t had the cables accidentally disconnect on me yet. The stem goes a little deeper into the ear canal than some (which for me is always a welcome feature and definitely helps ensure you get a good seal) and the IEM’s feature a replaceable filter (also supplied with a spare set). The glossy finish will help with keeping the IEM’s clean. With most of my IEM’s I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time faffing around trying to get the perfect seal - I kinda got used to the triple flanges used with the Etymotics - and they go deeeeeep! My experience with the IT00’s is very positive and I have no problems pretty much just ‘plopping’ them into my ears, a quick wiggle and I’m sorted. Nice touch iBasso. The cable is nice and flexible and doesn’t appear to easily get tangled.

Sound Quality

I have to say it. These remind me of the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10’s. This is one hell of a compliment because I rate those headphones very highly indeed. To my ears, the IT00's are essentially flat - perhaps a slight bass ‘bloom’ over the UE’s but not enough to describe them as ‘bassy’. I’ve been driving them from my Sony NW-A55 Walkman (uncapped) and there’s no problems driving these headphones to very high levels with this player. They actually make a really good combination although you shouldn’t have any problems driving these from most portable devices.


I suppose if compared to the Etymotic ER4P, the sound character of these could be described as ‘V’ shaped although this certainly doesn’t come across as exaggerated. Mids come through clearly - perhaps not quite in your face mids. The sound stage is perhaps ‘medium-sized’, but there’s nothing in that sound stage that appears overly artificial - it stays nicely focussed. There’s a wonderful amount of micro detail to the sound and the imagery remains nicely rock solid - I feel that this is always the sign of good quality headphone/earphones as it shows that their drivers are well matched. Whilst I have been listening to the IT00’s for a good few days now, I very much doubt that they have ‘broken in’ yet. To be honest I wasn’t much of a believer until I tried the Tronsmart Apollo Bold’s - they really changed their character over the first couple of days usage. So now, I’m a semi-believer - I’m certainly willing to be receptive to the concept - let’s put it that way.


I’m very sensitive to harsh highs and I’m very pleased to say that you won’t find any of that here. The highs on the IT00’s are perhaps what reminds me the most of the UE TF10’s. Super impressive when you consider that these are using a single dynamic driver rather than multiple driver balanced armatures. Cymbals have a nice ‘shimmer’ to their sound but the top end isn’t overly bright and doesn't fatigue you after long listening sessions. There’s could perhaps be just a tad more detail on the highs - but I personally really like their fatigue free sound character.

I did notice some significant ‘driver flex’ in both of these earphones but it only shows itself when you’re pushing the headphones into your ears - the rest of the time it’s fine. Many in-ear monitors in my collection suffer this phenomenon - especially the bluetooth ones however this has never appeared to have a negative effect on the sound quality.


What the IT00’s clearly show to me is just how far high-quality IEM’s have come. The original retail price for the Triple Fi 10’s was significantly more than the IT00's but both sound remarkably close to each other in my opinion. In comparing the IT00's to perhaps their closest rival, the Fiio FD1's I think they're very close. For me, the Fiio's sounded very slightly more mellow with slightly more forward mids and slightly recessed treble whereas the IT00's sound more engaging and appear to offer a deeper bass as well as slightly more detail in the top end. Both can be highly recommended as their differences really boil down to your own personal preferences. I personally would choose the ibasso IT00's but I still do enjoy the FD1’s (how’s that for sitting on the fence). Great sound. Great Fit. Great value. Very highly recommended.
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500+ Head-Fier
Not my cup of tea
Pros: Cheap, ergonomic, fun sound
Cons: Small - medium headstage, grainy mids, sizzling splashy and spikey treble, mid bass hump, imaging.
Well the pros and cons pretty much sums it up. I like how the price is low but that's about it. They're a fun listen, but the treble sounds un-natural, spikey, sizzley and splashy. The headstage is medium to small and the mids are super intimate. The mid bass hump is not for me either and the mids are a little grainy. They don't suit me in any way except they are perfectly comfortable.

There's a lot of people out there that seem to really like them and that's fine by me. But this is how I hear them and they're really not for me.
I'm enjoying a more musical sound these days, not the robotic, artificial sound these things make.
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Audio Fun
Audio Fun
Thanks for review, I did order the pair, but seems like is not that quick for it to arrive.I think you probably expect to much for the $79 dollar IEM.
but anyway, I will post the review soon if I like them.
I think I am listening to a different it00. I think you've been sold 'a pup'.
Seems like I'm the only one that finds this iem to have a really bad tuning. I listen to rock and every time a drummer hits a Tom it's twice as loud as it should be. There's a spike right at that point in the frequency response and it makes this iem unlistenable for me, as well as the splashy and spikey artificial treble. Seriously does nobody else hear this?


Headphoneus Supremus
IT00 Review
Pros: Affordable, great bass, great impact
Cons: Need the right tips to get the full experience.
iBasso IT00 Review

This month I was sent a beautiful pair of the new iBasso IT00 IEM’s to evaluate and review. I have been anxiously hoping I would get to review these. I want to thank Paul@iBasso.com for sending them my way!


Type: Dynamic
F. Response: 10Hz to 35Hz
Sensitivity: 106 +/- 2dB
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Noise Attenuation: -26dB
Rated Power: 10mW
T.H.D.: <1%(@1kHz/1mW)
Plug Size: Gold Plated 3.5mm
Cord Length: 1.2m
Weight: 8.0g without cable
MSRP $69 USD at iBasso.com

Build Quality

These IEM’s are built in the same manner as all iBasso’s fantastic lineup. Strong, two-piece construction, with air vents on the inner sides. While I would not bang them around, they do feel like they can take a beating on anyone’s commute to work.


For this review I will be using my iPhone 11 along with high resolution tracks being played off the Vox app. I prefer it to the normal Music app on the phone as it allows the playback of FLAC and WAV files. I will also be using my Test Music folder of 138 songs of various genres in WAV format to determine the breadth and scope of this IEM’s abilities. The music I test with is a combination of classic rock, country, heavy metal, classical, and EDM. Lastly, I will not be reviewing this as a sound engineer, but as a budget consumer.


The IT00 comes with a good selection of tips. I have found that with like most iBasso IEM’s the wide bore seems to give the most impactful listening session. The shape of the units is very nicely designed and fit my concha almost perfectly. This IEM is an over the ear cable type, so please be aware of that before you buy.



So, let’s get down to the important stuff, how do they sound. First, I want to remind you these are a budget IEM with an MSRP of less than $70 USD. Prior to this the most affordable iBasso IEM was the IT01, which cost $99 USD. This more affordable model retains the iBasso house “sound” of punchy warmth with a great bass. I think the IT00 has slightly more bass impact than other models put out by the company in the past.

For starters I dropped in Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The iconic wedding song showed just how open these little IEM’s can get. The airy tune made my eyes open as some IEM’s I have played it on made it either sound too flat, or too “brassy”. That was not the case here at all. The dynamic sound brought this piece to life! After this I went on to my go to by the Allman Brothers, Statesboro Blues, Live at the Fillmore. Excellent sound for the price. The soundstage was genuinely nice for this live recording, and the IEM’s have a fast response and clarity. Next, I went into some EDM to see if the response really is as good as it seemed, and I am happy to say it was.

From there I went to one of my go to songs, Redemption Song by Bob Marley. The song was exceptionally clear, and you can hear every strum of Marley’s acoustic guitar on the track. Genesis’s Man of the Corner sounded fantastic with these IEM’s, and it was eye opening how good. The separation of instruments was genuinely nice for an IEM at this price point! The songs continued through Disturbed, Zac Brown, and then came Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me. WOW fantastic. Again, you feel the bass in these guys. The beginning of the song hit like a hammer. A good hammer. The tonal balance is quite obviously bass forward.


I spent a month with these on my daily grind. They sounded better as time went on. The imagery improved as did the soundstage. The more burn in these have, the better they sound. Now let’s face facts, these are not the $1000 dollar IEM’s I usually review, however, for $69? These are a home run for those on a budget or those looking to upgrade from the standard earbuds that come with their phones. I was surprised at the price when Paul@iBasso.com told me.

These IEM’s fight way above their price point. I recommend these wholeheartedly and always remember to enjoy the music.

P.S. I originally gave these a 4 Star Rating, but that was from my notes before they were burned in. The difference between burned in and not is pronounced. These sub $100 IEM's absolutely shine. As I've said on FaceBook, these are the ones to beat in their price class.

Thanks for reading.

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I've almost clicked to order these... so much is coming out so soon that I'm curious about. I'd love to read reviews on the Moondrop SSP when they drop, if they're similar or comparable, they'll be half the price.

I'm impressed that no one can raise an objective "con" to these. Besides driver flex which is a minor nuisance. It seems to do everything most would one in each area of the FR, without any cons that come from overdoing it. I thought we'd be hitting a ceiling soon for performance of great value IEMs, but the standard seems to be improving even now, and most manufacturers seem to be learning from their mistakes and improving across the board!


Headphoneus Supremus
IBasso IT00 - White Knight
Pros: Great price to performance ratio.
All rounder for most music genres.
Good build, light, comfortable, with above average isolation.
Good timbre, organic and coherent tuning, melding bass/mids/treble well.
Airy treble without fatigue.
Excellent and clear vocals.
Fast bass that doesn't encroach into mids.
Cons: Driver flex. MMCX connectors a bit tight.
Technicalities are above average for a single DD set, but may lose to some multi BA/hybrids in this area.
Tangly stock cable.

I would like to thank Paul from IBasso for providing this review sample in exchange for an honest opinion. My views are my own.

  • Driver type: Dynamic Driver 10 mm, (Multi layered graphene diaphragm incorporated in a unique dual Helmholtz resonators driver)
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz - 35 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 106 +/- 2 dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Cable type: MMCX
  • Tested at $69 USD

Other than the IEM it comes with:
  • 3.5mm MMCX detachable high purity OFC cable - the cable is servicable sound wise, although it is on the thinner side and occasionally tangles.
  • Semi rigid carrying case.
  • Silicone eartips of various sizes (10 pairs) - I found the wider bore tips to increase treble, whereas the narrow bore ones boosted bass. The IT00 is very tip sensitive, so it is best to spend the initial few minutes to tiproll and see what suits your preference sound wise.
  • A pair of spare nozzle filters - this can be modded by adding foam/micropore to the nozzle/tubing if you wish, or just kept as a spare pair.
The IT00 is well accessorized, everything is usable OOTB. There's no real need to mess around with mods or spend money on aftermarket tips/cables unlike certain other CHIFI (cough cough, such as a certain hyped set that espouses belief and oppoty and letting music burn).




The IT00 is very well fitting, and is light and comfortable. I can wear it for hours without any issues.

The MMCX connectors on the IT00 are a bit stiff during cable changing, not the worst I've encountered, but as per all MMCX IEMs, I would recommended to minimize cable rolling once you have found an ideal cable for it, as they tend to have lesser longevity than 2 pin connections in my experience.

The IT00 does have some driver flex.
Driver flex is usually due to a too tight seal, and is partially related to the tips we use and/or our ear anatomy. So YMMV. FWIW, I found a few ways to mitigate driver flex on the IT00:

1) Use foam tips instead of silicone tips, works sometimes for me. Probably cause the foam is porous and lets air escape thru the foams rather than going into the IEM shell.

2) Sometimes using another silicone tip that has lesser isolation/seal may reduce driver flex, though at the expense of isolation. Try a variety of different ear tips and sizes if you can, some tips give more driver flex than others.

3) Try opening your mouth and/or pulling down the earlobe before inserting the IEM, this opens the ear canal a bit for more space to insert the eartip, and hopefully some air can escape during insertion with the bigger diameter of the ear canal.

4) Insert the ear tip slowly or at an angle, and do not insert too deeply initially, and slowly make fine adjustments to push it in.

Isolation on the IT00 is above average, it passed my subway commute isolation test without much issues, though it might lose to some unvented pure BA sets in isolation.

I tested the IT00 with a Samsung Note 5 smartphone, a Tempotec Sonata HD Pro dongle, Shanling Q1 DAP and a Khadas Tone Board -> Fiio A3 amp.

The iBasso IT00 is pretty drivable from lower powered sources like smartphones, and amping isn’t truly mandatory, though there is some scaling of dynamics, soundstage and details with good amping.

The iBasso IT00 doesn’t distort at louder volumes, so one might be tempted to overly boost the music, which may not be safe for longer listening sessions!

The IT00 has a very coherent and organic U shaped, warmish tuning, with an airy, yet non fatiguing treble. I really love the tonality on this set, it has no harshness/troughs throughout the bass/mids/treble frequencies, and coherently blends all these frequencies. Some CHIFI get hot in the upper mids/treble, or end up being too bassy with midbass bleed/bloat, especially with higher volumes (Fletcher Munson curve). Whereas the IT00 manages to walk the fine line between having a good tonality, yet being musical and engaging at the same time, without fatigue or compromising any part of the frequency spectrum. Other budget CHIFI may excel at certain frequencies but are weak at others, but the IT00 doesn't have any real weaknesses in tonality from the bass to the treble, and extends quite well at both ends to boot.

Timbre is very natural and well done for acoustic instruments and vocals, in keeping with its dynamic driver roots. In fact this set shines at vocals and will be good set for vocal lovers.

The IT00 has above average soundstage width, but soundstage is not the widest at this price range. Depth is on the shallower side, yet I did not find the music to be overly congested.

With regards to the rest of the technicalities, it is above average compared to other DD gear at the sub $100 mark, but it might lose to some multi BA/hybrids in imaging, instrument separation and details, which is an expected limitation of a single DD transducer at this price bracket. Nevertheless, the IT00 is no slouch in the technicalities department, although if one is looking for an analytical IEM for critical listening, then it might be best to look elsewhere. The IT00 is really a set that lets one sit back and chill and get lost in the music without being OCD about microdetailing or whether a certain ghost note is heard.

On this point, I would argue that it is much easier to find a technically proficient multi driver monstrosity CHIFI at sub $100 than something with excellent tonality like the IT00. A few of these multi BA/hybrid sets at this price point may excel at technicalities, but have crossover/coherency and timbre issues, so different strokes for different folks.

The IT00 is quite an allrounder for most music genres, it sounded natural with rock, EDM, jazz, acoustic and pop and especially vocals. Though perhaps classical purists might want something more neutralish and analytical. I don't listen to metal so I'm not sure if metalheads will like this set, but the bass (which we will describe below) is on the faster side, and I think that might aid somewhat for the metal genre. Though possibly something with a pure BA bass may suit metal better in terms of bass speed.

Bass on the IT00 descends quite linearly from midbass to subbass and the subbass is weighty. This subbass heft adds to the warmth, but don't be expecting a subwoofer like subbass. Bass quantities are north of neutral, but not at basshead levels. The IT00's bass has minimal midbass bleed and doesn't intrude into the mids at all or impinge on the vocals, which is a common offence seen in some other budget CHIFI.

Bass is punchy yet natural, with speed on the faster side for a DD set. The bass is a tinge less textured than I would have preferred, but that's just nitpicking.

Mids are slightly recessed, but are still very transparent and detailed. Guitars sound very natural. Vocal timbre is a highlight on this set, and vocal lovers will dig this set for voices being forward yet without being overbearing, but still managing to sound very natural.

I liked that IT00 does not have the usual CHIFI overly boosted/sawtooth upper mids, so this set is very non fatiguing despite the clear vocals.

Treble wise, the IT00 is on the slightly brighter side and the treble extends well and is airy, yet smooth and not fatiguing, with no sibilance. Cymbals are not splashy or artificial sounding and sound quite natural. I'm treble sensitive and didn't find much harshness here in the treble, I liked how it balanced a tightrope of having good treble extension yet without being harsh.

Having said that, when talking about treble frequencies in IEMs, I find that it is a big can of worms. Cause some have different hearing health (due to age or occupational/leisure exposure), some are treble sensitive/trebleheads, some are using different sources/tips, some are playing the music at different volumes (Fletcher Munson curve), so I think tuners have a very large population to cater for when tuning the treble. Nevertheless, I'm in my mid 30s, and I've tried a few different tips/sources/volumes and so far have not experienced fatigue whatsoever even with marathon listening sessions on the IT00.

I decided to only compare only single DD sets in the budget segment here as multi BA/hybrids have their own strengths and weaknesses among the different transducer types, so it would be more fair to compare similar driver setups. Suffice to say, the IBasso trumps a lot of my more expensive single DD sets such as (in alphabetical order), the BLON Cardinal, Semkarch SKC CNT1 (before firesale prices), Sennheiser IE80S, Shure SE215, TFZ No. 3, TFZ Tequila, Toneking Ninetails, and some cheaper ones too such as the BLON BL-03, BLON BL-05, Cambridge Audio SE1, MEE Audio M6 and Sony MH755.

For the sake of time, I picked out a few commonly owned/hyped single DD sets to compare here:

1) Urbanfun YBF-ISS014 ($69 USD)

The Urbanfun is an excellent set. Coincidentally, I bought a secondhand Urbanfun from a local shop on the same day I got the IT00. It was previously retailing at $39 USD at launch, but the price seems to have jumped to $60 - 69 USD now after it got hyped to the moon (admittedly the hype is legit if you got a working Urbanfun with a beryllium driver).

The problem about the Urbanfun, (credit to and quoting headfier lgcubana [and Forrest Gump]) can be summarized as such:

“My mom always said life was like a box of Urbanfuns. You never know what you're gonna get.” That's the big chocolate stomping mega elephant in the room, one doesn't know if you are gonna get a "noble metal" driver or legit beryllium driver, or whether there are gonna be MMCX issues with it. These QC issues are still being reported on audio forums up till recently even with so-called newer batches. So it is literally playing russian roulette in seeing whether a working set comes in the mail or you get a dud, not to mention the different driver materials, which some have found to affect the sound signature. Partly why I bought a second hand set instead of a first hand one was so I could check out the MMCX connectors and do some listening prior to purchase.

I'm not 100% sure which Urbanfun driver I got, but it came in a black box with a monkey logo, so it is probably one of the older batches. Compared to the IT00, my Urbanfun is more V shaped, and it has more boosted upper mids with deeper subbass extension. The Urbanfun also has better bass texturing and rumble close to basshead levels. The basshead in me really liked the Urbanfun, and these two IEMs are complimentary sets for me, with the Urbanfun bringing more bass to the table but having less treble airiness. Lower mids are thicker on the IT00 with the Urbanfun being a bit too recessed in the lower mids for my liking.

Technicalities wise they are close, with both being above average for a single DD set, but they both won't beat some multi BA gear in the similar price bracket in technicalities. The Urbanfun edges out the IT00 in timbre and perhaps has a taller and deeper soundstage, whereas the IT00 has slightly better clarity and instrument separation. Imaging is about on par. Tonally, I prefer the IT00 for the less depressed lower mids and airier treble.

However, due to the QC problems and doubt about driver type, I can't in good conscience recommend the Urbanfun universally. Perhaps if you are feeling lucky, you can take a punt on the Urbanfun, but at least you get a known quantity and quality (and good service too from IBasso) if you pick the IT00. In terms of music genre suitability, I also think the IT00 is more all rounded due to the tonality, whereas the Urbanfun that I got was more basshead with a rolled off treble (which suits me, but some folks may prefer a bass of less quantity or more treble airiness).

2) BLON BL-03 ($25 USD)

Now, I really like the BL-03 and it is a very special landmark CHIFI showing what a sub $30 USD CHIFI can do, but the IT00 is really in a higher league compared to the BL-03.

The BL-03 is excellent in timbre and tonality, but it is poor in fit, has a midbass bloat and the bass can't keep up with fast or complex bass movements. BL-03 isn't the best in isolation/technicalities also. The BL-03 also gets shouty in upper mids with higher volumes (Fletcher Munson curve), and the upper treble is a bit dull for me. All these factors hold it back from being a "giant killer" for me, but YMMV.

The IT00 has better tonality without being shouty in the upper mids even with higher volumes, and the bass of the IT00 is of better quality and speed. The IT00 also extends better in treble and subbass and IT00 has better technicalities in almost all departments. The BL-03 though has better instrumental timbre.

Anyway, BL-03 is actually not a sub $30 IEM if one factors in aftermarket tips and/or cables (which majority of folks need due to the poor fit with the overly short nozzles and stiff stock cables). After factoring these aftermarket tips/cables, top up about $20 USD and you can get the IT00, which I think is the superior IEM here.

3) TFZ NO. 3 ($109 USD)

The TFZ No. 3 is more V shaped and gets shouty in the upper mids with louder volumes. The No. 3 is a bona fide basshead IEM and has more bass quantity and extension than the IT00, but the No. 3's bass is pretty bloated and uncontrolled when compared to the IT00's faster and tighter bass.

TFZ No. 3 has a poorer instrument timbre and thinner lower mids. TFZ No. 3 also has a more claustrophobic soundstage, with notes sounding quite compressed in the TFZ No. 3. Instrument separation and clarity are better on the IT00. Cymbals sound less natural and more splashy on the No. 3 compared to the IT00.

No contest here, even though the TFZ No. 3 is more expensive, the IT00 is the better IEM.

4) KBEAR Diamond ($79 USD)

The Diamond is a more V shaped IEM and as such has more recessed lower mids than the IT00. Timbre is better on the Diamond, but it has a narrower soundstage than the IT00 (though Diamond's depth and height of soundstage is slightly larger than on the IT00). Clarity and instrument separation are slightly better on the IT00 at the mids, but the Diamond may have a slightly boosted lower treble. There's a midbass hump on the Diamond unlike the linearly descending bass of the IT00, with slight midbass bleed on the Diamond. The bass does encroach into the lower mids on the Diamond unlike the IT00.

Mids and vocals lovers will probably find the IT00 to be a better option in terms of tonality, but the Diamond is more fun sounding.


The White Knight IBasso IT00 is an excellent sub $100 single DD set, featuring a great price to performance ratio, being an all rounder for most music genres and boasting an organic and coherent tuning. The IT00 blends the treble/mids/bass frequencies well, and provides an airy treble without fatigue, meshing excellent and clear vocals, and delivering a fast bass that doesn't encroach into mids.

It is no slouch in the technicalities department too, especially when compared with other similarly priced single DD competitors, though pure multi BA/hybrids at this price range may trump it in these areas. As detailed above, it is very easy to find a technically proficient CHIFI at this price bracket, but much harder to find one that excels at tonality and timbre, yet threading a fine line of not compromising any part of the frequency spectrum.

Other than some driver flex and tight MMCX connectors, the build is impeccable. Sound wise, the IT00 is in my top 3 sub $100 single DD sets for the great tonality it brings to the table (my other 2 being a legit beryllium driver Urbanfun YBF-ISS014 and KBEAR Diamond) and the IT00 is a solid single DD set I would recommend without reservations.
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Im still wondering i should get this, since i got the moondrop starfield, the pricing on the it00 is very affordable or maybe fiio fh3 seen good review buut no comparison yet as for now...
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Fat Larry
Can anyone compare these to the CCA CA16?