Ibasso D2 Viper

General Information

The first in the iBasso D2 series, the D2 Viper is a miniature USB DAC/AMP combo for headphones intended for music lovers looking for a quality source and amp combination for a mobile laptop / computer setup. Powered by a 12V power supply or on-the-go with an internal lithium ion battery rated up to 12 hours, the D2 accepts a USB connection for digital input or an aux 3.5mm input for line-in amplification. Shortly after a run of 200 D2 Vipers, the D2 was replaced by the D2 Boa, a slightly smaller device which could be powered or charged through the USB connection as well as a separate AC/DC power supply. Heralded for its opamp customization options and good price:performance ratio, the D2 Viper was among the first wave of miniature DAC/AMP combos.


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