I-trigue L3800 (eps Compliant) (eng/fr) - Reviews
I'm not much for speakers anymore, since headphones seem like a more intimate experience.  My big problem with these though is my power cable has a short that still lets it get power, but you must not touch it or I end up having to fiddle with it for a while until I get power.  I've had a tough time finding a replacement too because even if creative still sold these speakers they wouldn't send me a replacement.  This is because according to their help desk they sell them all together so they don't have spares sitting around.  These still work fine and I use them whenever I just don't feel like wearing headphones.  I do think the lows could use better quality though.  Other than that I'll admit I can't say much on the quality of the sound.  This experience though has made me think twice about ever buying a creative product again except maybe a sound card which I'd probably get the auzentech forte xfi card.