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I-Mego Twister Ti-H High Purity Silver Audio Cable 3.5mm

  1. BloodyPenguin
    Function and Form in Perfect Bliss
    Written by BloodyPenguin
    Published Sep 9, 2015
    Pros - Fully Functional, Flawlessly Built, Beautifully Materials, Great Sound, Multi-Uses
    Cons - None
    This is a VERY fancy cable, both in terms so build and materials.  It is flawless.  http://www.i-mego.com/shop/p-17-twister-ti-h.aspx
    I-MEGO Designed the Twister Ti-H High Purity Silver Audio Cable 3.5mm with both form and function in mind.  They did a fantastic job.
    The packaging itself is simple and classy.  
    You will find a surprisingly heavy box inside.  The box is very firm and smooth.
    Then you open it up.... WOW, this thing is like a case presenting a diamond necklace!
    Now, does it matter that it has freaking LED lights?  No, but it sure is awesome!
    *The Cable*
    Perfection, look at this thing!  From end to end it is flawless.  3.5mm plug on both sides.
    One end is slightly bigger, with a longer strain relief for plugging into a source component.
    The cable itself is strong, yet very flexible.
    How can you go wrong with a 3.5mm Gold Plug with Titanium Housing and a Silver Purity rating of: 99.995%?  Well, you can't go wrong.
    Sound travels through with ease.  Bringing out crystal clear frequencies from the low to the high end.  
    *Overall Thoughts*
    This 1.2m silver cable is multi-functional, well built and looks amazing.  It is a great product to add to ones high end cable collection.