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Huawei Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Customizable Ergonomic In-Ear Headphones, Gold (US Warranty)

  1. mark2410
    Huawei AM185 Noise Cancelling Earphone Quick Review by mark2410
    Written by mark2410
    Published Nov 11, 2016
    Pros - ANC tech at a great price. Actually has great audio quality too. Bassy fun time.
    Cons - ANC Tech isn’t a perfect thing. Can get a little too bass happy.
    Huawei AM185 Noise Cancelling Earphone Quick Review by mark2410
    Thanks to GearBest for the sample.
    Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/825516/huawei-am185-noise-cancelling-earphone-review-by-mark2410
    Brief:  A second belter from Huawei
    Price:  £61 or US$77
    Specifications:  Brand: HUAWEI, Model: AM185, Color: Gold, Wearing type: In-Ear, Function: Answering Phone,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Voice control, Connectivity : Wired, Application: Mobile phone,Portable Media Player, Plug Type: 3.5mm, Cable Length (m): 1.2m, Frequency response: 20-20000Hz, Impedance: 24ohms, Sensitivity: 86dB, Working Time: 8 hours for noise cancelling, Battery Types: Li-polymer Battery, Battery Capacity(mAh): 33mAh, Product weight: 0.022 kg, Package weight: 0.220 kg, Package size (L x W x H): 7.00 x 7.00 x 11.00 cm / 2.76 x 2.76 x 4.33 inches
    Accessories:  3 pairs of tips, a soft pouch thing and a USB to 3.5mm charging do dah.
    Build Quality:  Lovely, really can’t fault anything about them physically.
    Isolation:  Practically none.
    Noise Cancelling:  These have ANC built in and for certain things ANC works great, for constant noise like that of a computer fan or a jet engine.  For more random sounds, rather less well.  Still their being otherwise so open means they are non-sealing and super easy on the ear if you can’t deal with that cut off feeling.  Would be highly useful for a long flight but for bus rides, considerably less so.
    Comfort/Fit:  Great.  Pulling the wire through a little bit they could even be worn up perfectly in my ears and I way happy wearing for hours with no issues.
    Aesthetics:  Well they look okay for the most part but, well, that “gold” colour I really cannot say I’m wild about.  It’s not ugly or anything but silver would have been much nicer I think.
    Sound:  With their being open they make all sort of acoustic benefits.  Not least of which the bass, it can rise up and beg huge and with excellent follow through yet isn’t wearing on the ears.  You can let it go wild and it never moves to oppressive from super fun like sealed things can.  A potential fun machine.  Then you ask it to go away and the openness means the bass can stay lithe and subtle.  The mids and treble may decline in quantitate prowess but are of a highly pleasing quality.  Really they are both very nice and even handed.  The highs are a little lacking in quantity for some letting them have an overall easy, forgiving sound but their quality is lovey for the money.  Lots of delicate detail and shimmer at work while never being harsh.  Adapt at poptastic junk as it is some soft acoustic jazz, very versatile and pleasing to the ear.
    Value:  Rather great.  I’m not wild about ANC but you get it cheap here and you get audio quality that is on its own completely warranted for the price.  So even if you never touch the ANC you still easily get your pennies worth, the ANC is gravy so long as you’re happy with their being open which can be a boon or a curse depending on your stance on the matter.
    Pro’s:  ANC tech at a great price.  Actually has great audio quality too.  Bassy fun time.
    Con’s:  ANC Tech isn’t a perfect thing.  Can get a little too bass happy.