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Hong Kong Handmade Cable - Bianca II (Mk2)


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  1. Zelda
    Hong Kong Handmade Cable - Bianca II (Mk2)
    Written by Zelda
    Published Feb 7, 2018
    Pros - Build Quality
    Cons - Fixed earguides for over-ear use
    A bit microphonics
    Hong Kong Handmade Cable - Bianca II (Mk2)

    bianca 2.jpeg

    Website: Hong Kong Handmade Cable

    Product page: Bianca Mk2

    Price: U$D 280~380 (depending on the plug and connectors)


    The Bianca II (or Mk2) is one of the mid-tier cables among the HK Handmade products. It uses a less common six strands configuration instead of the typical 4 or 8 wire options on many upgrade cables. The wire material is 6n occ copper and there’s a good amount of copper on each strand, indeed. The six wires are finely braided at the lower half and then separates into the three braided setup for each channel.

    The whole build quality is superb, starting from the plug, standard L-shape in this pair, well attached and very solid with a short tube acting as strain relief. Right in the middle, the y-split consists on a classy wood tube, but there’s no slider. At the top, the silver MMCX connectors are well covered by the metal tubes, and there’re plastic heatshrink tubes placed as fixed earguides. They might be too tight for larger ears, though.

    The cable itself is strong yet flexible despite the multiple strand configuration. It has zero memory effect, easy to wrap and tangle resistant. It shows some little extra weight, and microphonics are around the average when moving around, despite the strict over-ear style. The Bianca II does look very good, elegant, not too flashy, but not too discreet next to the darker colored upgrade cables.

    Sound Impressions

    Main IEMs used: DK-3001, 1216 3RM, Shure SE215 and SE535, MeeAudio M7Pro and P2, Lear Turbo, Westone UM 30.

    Sources: PAW Pico, Xduoo X10, Aune M1s, Hidizs AP200, Headamp Pico Slim (amp).

    Similarly to the previously reviewed Hadou cable which offered a stronger focus towards the lower frequencies, this Bianca II cable also takes a certain region as its priority and shows the HK Handmade cable company goal within their different cable models.

    The multi strand copper wires on the Bianca II brings extra rich and fullness to the overall sound. First of all, it is more effortless and clearer over the whole frequency. There’s improved and more natural extension on both ends, with cleaner low end notes. But apart from that, the bass response is not affected, just a bit tighter but also thinner at the sub-bass region. Unlike the Hadou, the Bianca II doesn’t contribute much to the upper bass bloat on bassier IEMs (such as the Lear Turbo or M7Pro), but pairs well with the more lively P2 MeeAudio. However, I found it pairs better with BA based IEMs over dynamic sets.

    Midrange and lower treble get more interesting. The Bianca cable adds clearer instruments separation, better texture and more dynamics. Lower instruments are perceived with less weight, whereas the more focus is toward the upper instruments such as guitar, cymbal, trumpet or saxophone; better bite, crispier and more engaging. Female vocals are also slightly sweeter and highlight, though sometimes the sibilance can be more obvious.
    Presentation is airier and better extended with a darker and cleaner background that helps to catch up more details.
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