HiSoundAudio Rocoo D Power

General Information

·ROCOO- D Power is one of the most powerful DAP in the market.

·It can work well with wide range of earphones which are covered from the IEMs to the most of the full size headphones.

·ROCOO- D Power applied the exclusive high power earphone amplifier which has 50mW rated out put power.

·ROCOO- D Power is inherited with the circuit design of our flagship player of STUDIO. So, it has the excellent sound quality.

·Plus the “modern music” oriented auditioned, make ROCOO- D Power is specially suitable for the electronic music. You will hear the punch bass with deeply extended.

·it is overall balanced. Also, ROCOO- D Power basically is neutral sound signature which is not over to color some frequencies.

·ROCOO- D Power is fit for most earphones and most music genres which make the DAP has big value for extracting the potential of you collections of earphones.

·Slim body, strong power, stylish appearance, wonderful music reproduction and reasonable price


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