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  1. Zelda
    "Budget IEM from HisoundAudio"
    Pros - Comfort, isolation and price
    Cons - Build quality could be better; mild driver flex

    REVIEW: HisoundAudio E300

    Type: Dynamic 
    Size of the driver: Φ 7mm
    Impedance: 16 Ω
    Sensitivity: 100 db
    Maximum SPL: 125db(1khz,1 Vrms)
    Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
    The length of the cable: 124 cm
    Cable wire :High quality OFC
    Price: U$D 19.99

    As mine are just a sample, I didn't receive any extra accessories, but according to HSA there'll be other 2 eartips sizes (S and L) and a shirt clip.
    The eartips are of good quality, well sealing and isolating.

    Build & design:

    Starting from the housing, they are thin and long; similar to Etymotic and (some) Klipsch designs. The front part is made of aluminum (like the old Crystal model was), while the rear part is made of rubbery (soft) plastic. And here's my main concern, as they don't look very well glued together and seem like they could split apart with not much effort. 
    The cable is pretty good. Thick and rubbery cable, soft but not very tangle-prone. Microphonics are about average, but a shirt clip should do the trick.
    Lastly, it's ended with an angled plug.
    Overall it could be better, but nothing to really complain about. And considering the price you won’t do much better.
    Oh, and they are available in different colors.

    Comfort, fit and isolation:

    Despite the long design, the earpieces are very, very comfortable. The stock eartips already provide an instant fit and seal. Isolation is quite good, too. But a mild driver flex is present.





    The E300 present a typical V-shaped sound. And for the price it's a well achieved lively sound. 
    Bass is full and strong, with good texture. Sometimes it can be overly boomy on the mid-bass, but not to the point of being tiring. Sub-bass is well extended and offers quite a rumble. A bit loose compared to higher priced earphones, but by itself it is well controlled and detailed. While it may not be enough for true bassy tracks, it will match most genres.
    As expected, Treble is not very different from the Bass. It is prominent, and can be harsh at higher volumes and/or brighter music. While this gives more energy to upper vocals, it also makes them more sibilance prone.
    And in the middle of all this are, the Mids. Apart from being a bit recessed, they are on the dry side of things. Detail and clarity are decent, but not the main attraction. Vocals position will depend on the music. With bassier tracks they may sound very distant, but on more mid-centered genres they won't be missing.
    Both the overall detail and speed are pretty good. 
    The E300 are a very nice choice for EDM and electronica and similar, but definitely not meant for those who are looking for a sweet and thick midrange.
    Full review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/679608/review-hisoundaudio-e300

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