The HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny was developed by DIY (do it yourself} enthusiasts in the purpose of...

HiFiMeDIY Sabre Tiny USB DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter ES9023+PCM2706

  • The HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny was developed by DIY (do it yourself} enthusiasts in the purpose of making a really good but cheap dac that could compete against regular commercial DAC's costing many times as much. It utilises a DAC chip from ESS Technology, whose DAC chips is highly regarded. The ES9023 chip is their simplest DAC chip which keeps many of the features of their bigger brothers at a minimal cost. We made this new familiy member even smaller and cheaper

    What is different from the slightly bigger brother?
    - It uses the PCM2706 USB receiver chip in place of Tenor TE7022, which limits it to max 48Khz/16bit inputs
    - 12Mhz osc instead of a crystal used in uae23.
    - No optical output
    - Might work on more devices (Android etc.)
    - Volume level can not be controlled by system volume/volume hotkeys

    What is the same?
    - Sabre ES9023 chip
    - 2.2Vrms output

    Which one should i get?
    The new Uae Tiny is almost as good at a lower price. If you don't mind paying the additional dollars, go for the uae23 version (Hifimediy Sabre DAC). If you want to save a few bucks and don't need 96/24 this newcomer should be a good option.

    Highlights about Sabre ES9023 dac chip:
    - The sound go straight out of the DAC chip and into your headphones or amplifier. It is not needed that the sound signal go through a capacitor to remove a DC voltage, there is no DC voltage to remove! This omits the need of a coloring cap which adds costs and reduces sound quality.
    - Jitter Eliminator! The ES9023 utilised patented HyperstreamTM architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.
    - 112db DNR
    USB (receiver) PCM2706:
    - Accepts up to 48Khz/16bit

    Output levels:
    Open 2.2Vrms
    4.7Kohm 2.1Vrms
    1.8Kohm 1.9Vrms
    510ohm 1.5Vrms
    330ohm 1.3Vrms
    30ohm 1Vrms
    Note: Normally amplifier inputs are from 10K to 100K ohm. Normal headphones are from 32 ohm to 250ohm.

Recent Reviews

  1. laughingbuddha
    Baby Sabre Usb Dac for Android.
    Written by laughingbuddha
    Published Mar 5, 2014
    Pros - Small Compact,Well buit for price,well balanced,cheap not much on the market can touch it at this price point !!
    Cons - usb only, 3.5 mm output only ((no RCA's,could of been a higher spec dac in a small form factor (similar to Dragonfly) but has max res only @ 48KHz
    I have this Dac restricted to 48 KHz res designed primairly for Android devices for £19. I tested with a Macbook Pro (instantly recognised) and JDS Labs Cmoy using pair of Koss KSC75 It's definately a stocking filler.Compared to the Fiio D3 original version utalizing the wolfson chip now out of production it can't come as near the level of seperation and detail of the D3 but this is mainly due to optical & spec differences for it's size and price biggest bang for you simply can't go wrong with a Sabre chip inside ! 
    I also use it it with tiny moded pair of Sony Ericsson Speakers MPS- 70 brings out oodles of detail nice portable dac/speaker setup from mac or tablet.


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