RE272 is the top product in HiFiMAN in-ear headphone models. Crystal clear detail, neutral sound...


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  • RE272 is the top product in HiFiMAN in-ear headphone models. Crystal clear detail, neutral sound signature, wide soundstage, and easy to drive.

    Driver Size: 9 mm
    Impedance: 20 Ohm
    Effeciency: 103 dB
    Freqancy: 15 Hz to 22K Hz

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  1. k186
    "The venerable RE272."
    Pros - Forward, resolving, rich, clear mids. Smooth, extended, clear and resolving highs. Very well balanced neutral sound
    Cons - Not enough low end presence.
    Holds a special place in my collection as it has consistently been my daily driver for several years.  Sad to think if anything happens to my pair I won't be able to get another one.
  2. maguire
    "Re 272"
    Pros - Great sound
    Cons - Tips can be troublesome.
    The 272 would have to be one of my favourite IEM's ever. To get the best out of them I prefer it amped.
    The detail these things have is nothing short of outstanding. Bass is quick well defined and refined.
    So if you like your bass in ya face....not for you. These are about quality not quantity. Only negative for me was I found the tips did not suit my particular ear shape, so getting the right kinda seal is always fiddling about for a while, but once found and then paired with a decent amp you forget about the hassle.
    The 272 is special, Its a sure shame they stopped making these.
  3. Loquah
    "Amazing sound for the price"
    Pros - Magic sound, great detail, non-fatiguing, neutral sound, source-friendly
    Cons - A little shy on the bass
    My full review on Passion for Sound is here:

    In summary:
    1. A bit light on the bass - tight and clean, but lacking some oomph
    2. Sound is so clean and detailed, but not fatiguing
    3. Staging is excellent - on par or better than much more costly IEMs
    4. Makes music engaging and enjoyable without colouration
    5. Not for bass heads, RnB / Hip-Hop / Electronic (with deep bass) fans
    6. Awesome value of money given their performance

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