100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Crystal clear sound
Easy to drive
Cons: Not the best bass
Not available all the time
Tiny L&R indicators
I bought these about 5 months ago on Massdrop and just thought of posting my thoughts here. I have been using these almost daily since then. I use a Oneplus 3 to drive these.

Sound Quality

the highs and mids are beautiful in these. they sound crystal clear and very detailed. Especially acoustic guitars. they sound very lively. Vocals sound crisp and clean. The bass on the other hand is sub par. It is present but there is no umph to it.


they feel okay in the hand. Nothing extraordinary. the first half of the cable from the 3.5 mm plug to the y split it is braided and then it goes to a rubber shielding.
I have seen people complaining about the cables coming out of the earbuds, but I have not had such issues with my unit. I have had it pulled it harshly out of my ears a few times but so far everything is intact.

What's in the box

the Hifiman RE-00
extra pair of double flange silicone ear tips


I compared these against the Shure se215 which cost about $80 or so. So almost two times the cost. The only thing that the se215 does better than the RE-00 is the bass and the sound stage. the se215 has a wider stage than the Hifiman does. Other than that the RE-00 sounds better in the highs and mids.
Oh and the cable is not detachable on the RE-00

these are totally worth for $34.99


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: beautiful sound, great build, great fit and comfort
Cons: L and R labels are tiny, Could be called "Slow"
Ok so you know when there is a product out there that is just ridiculously well priced? Like you almost feel like you are taking advantage of some loop hole in the system that makes you feel bad for anyone else that doesn't use it? That would be the RE-00's. The RE-00's are spectacular sounding.... Heck if these were $100 bucks I would be writing the same review. 
Lets jump right in to the sound... My benchmark for headphones is the HD650's. That's the best I own and have lots of experience with them. I tend to feel that the 650's sound correct and are basically what a headphone should sound like. With that being said the RE-00's are more similar to the sound of the 650's than they are different so that right there gives them an A+. Comparatively I would say they are a little more lively in the mids and have a tad more forward highs. Can't complain about that. Biggest thing to point out here is that these sound thick and full. Not something I have found in lots of IEMS I have tried. 
Lets talk about each....
Highs - Crisp and detailed and right on the edge of smooth. Nothing harsh or sibilant but definitely not smooth enough to say easy listening or non fatiguing. They could get you after a few hours but this is a far cry from lots of IEM's that are out there. 
Mids - Very lively and fun. Lots of detail and quite thick and full sounding. For lots of genres with vocals and acoustic instruments this gives them a very pleasing sound but this makes them not quite fast enough for fast paced music such as house or trance. 
Lows- Lows are perfectly acceptable. Bass is fairly tight and present and the thickness of the mids flows down nicely to the bass. It packs a nice little punch and for my ears it is plenty. If you are happy with the bass of the HD650's or basically any sennheiser can you will be fine with these. It's not missing like lots of IEM's.... RockIt R50's/Knowles I'm looking at you. Eww. Anyways the only thing missing bass wise is the sub bass but again for anything acoustic and non modern electronic that doesn't go down that low these are great! 
Sound Stage - These actually have a pretty good sound stage. This is one of their charms. They don't really sound like IEM's to me... At least the ones I have tried. They sound more like a good open back headphone than any other IEM I have tried. Plenty of space. Nothing feels like it's right on top of you like some IEM's. 
If someone who claims to be an audiophile or even have any audio sense claims they don't like these for the price I would completely loose all faith in anything they have ever or will say.
Pros: The most outstanding sound quality that is beyond imagining at this price.
Cons: I don’t love the cable. The bass level won’t please everyone.
HiFiMAN RE-00 Earphone Quick Review by mark2410
Thanks to Massdrop for the loaner.
Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/823483/hifiman-re-00-earphone-review-by-mark2410

Brief:  OMFG go buy a pair right now!
Price:  US$35 in the US and US$40 delivered for the rest of the planet.
Specifications:  Driver: 9 mm dynamic, Impedance: 64 ohm, Sensitivity: 106 dB at 1 mW, Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Cable length: 53 in (135 cm), Weight: 0.6 oz (17 g)
Accessories:  Err two pairs of tips.
Build Quality:  The buds are nice, the cable is rather less so.  Its tré kinky and not in the good way.
Isolation:  Rather good actually.  Dependant on tips and a good seal but these are totally fine for out and about, on a bus sorta stuff.  Not perhaps Tube or long flight stuff but more than sufficient to make you an impromptu hood ornament if you forget what your eyes are for near traffic!
Comfort/Fit:  I found the big bi-flang tips gave me a very hard seal and it was air pressure issue raising.  However with some tip play I found the big round Comply ones worked great for me.  With them in I was happy to wear all day long.
Aesthetics:  They look alright, nothing super amazing but nice enough.
Sound:  So you may wonder why I said go buy a pair now then have been a little so so about them.  These are in most attributes nothing special, then you come to their audio quality.  Now there will be those who don’t like them because of their neutral sound signature.  People are used to massive amounts of bass and these don’t pander to that crowd. These are for all intents almost perfectly neutral.  Aside from them not being flavoured to suit some preferences the rest is jaw dropping.  The level of audio quality these possess is nothing short of stupendous.  They are near identical to the old RE-0 which was a hair away from the ancient and venerable Etymotic ER4.  These are stunning, simply stunning.  Their price is just so at odds with their audio quality level nothing can touch them.  The detail levels these possess is just mind blowing for the money, these aren’t just excellent for the money but simply excellent.  These are more nuanced than most IEM’s at any price.  The sound quality is just staggering.  Just so flawless, so accurate and detailed it’s incredible.  These are reference grade, quality benchmark setting stuff.
Value:  See Brief. Nothing can touch them.
Pro’s:  The most outstanding sound quality that is beyond imagining at this price.
Con’s:  I don’t love the cable.  The bass level won’t please everyone.
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I have to agree with you.  They are very similar to the original re-0 (which I still have in mint condition).  The bass on the re-00 is slightly more than the original.  That is slightly with a "small s" - in other words you would have to have them side by side to even notice it.  As good as any of my triple drivers in terms of accuracy and transparency.  Not for bass heads though as you pointed out.  Can boost the bass with a little eq if you want as they respond to eq very predictable.  For $35 it is cazzy good.  For $100 its crazy good....