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  1. Stereocilia
    Chi-Fi Gem
    Written by Stereocilia
    Published Apr 6, 2015
    Pros - Hybrid Tube Circuitry, Bang for the Buck
    Cons - None at this price, however the stock tubes require replacement for best SQ
    HiFiMAN ran this combo deal last year (2014) for $249, HE-300 Headphones and the EF3 amp. What a deal this has been. The EF3 amp is similar to the well known EF2A amp minus the DAC circuitry. The EF3 has a three position gain switch and a black and gold color scheme. A gold colored push button power switch ignites the glow of the tubes and a dim LED surrounds the volume knob in a ring of blue light. It looks good, not chintzy or super cheapy. I use the EF3 a lot, like almost everyday for the last year. I replaced the stock tubes with a matched pair of Radiotechnique (RTC) (EF95/6AK5/5654) valves. Those EF95 tubes take the SQ up a very noticeable notch. This amp adds a touch of tube magic to my tunes, you know the usual adjectives used like liquid or juicy, some tunes sound better wet others dry, e.g. the tune Godzilla by Fu Manchu sounds better on tubes to my ears. Anyway this amp has a great bang to buck ratio, too bad this combo deal is no longer available.                                   
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