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Hidizs H1 — Mermaid Series Bluetooth IEMs:
  • Driver: signle dynamic, 10.2mm, dual magnetic circuit, dual cavities
  • FR: 20Hz-40kHz
  • SPL: 112dB
  • Impedance: 20Ω
  • Cable connection: 2pin, 0,78mm
  • Weight: ~6g
  • IPX5 dust, water, sweat resistant
Bluetooth cable:
  • Cable: silver plated OFC
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Protocols:
    • AAC (16bit|44.1kHz_320kbps)
    • SBC (16bit|44.1kHz_328kbps)
    • aptX_LL (16bit|44.1kHz_352kbps)
    • aptX (16bit|48kHz_352kbps)
  • Control protocols: AVRCPV1.2&SPPV1.2
  • Call protocols: HFP, HFP1.5,HFP1.7,HSP,CVC
  • Controls: +/-, play/pause buttons
  • Mic: yes
  • Ports: microUSB for charging
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Play time: 8 hours
  • Weight: 13,6g

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Comfortable design
Good sound tuning
Good value
Cons: Very limited volume adjustment on the BT cable
Included ear tips
Shells can be large for some
Sound is well tuned but average in technical abilities
Battery time
IPX5 rate is only for the cable
Hidizs H1

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Website – Hidizs



Bluetooth Chip: Qualcomm QCC3005
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Headphones: MS1-Rainbow
Cable: Detachable 0.78mm 2-pins, silver-coated OFC
Headphones Shell Material: Integrated German Makrolon PC resin shell, aluminum alloy gold-plated sound tube
Call Function: HD Call is supported
Buttons: 3 physical buttons: Vol+, Vol-, Power
Net Weight: Approx.20g
Power Connector: Micro USB
Battery: DC4V 120 mAh
Charging/Battery life: Approx.1H / Approx.8H
Bluetooth Codec: AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX-LL
Firmware upgrade supported in HiBy Blue APP
Android, Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS and iOS are supported

Rated Power: 10Hw
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion Noise: 0.008% (1kHz)
Sensitivity: 112dB
Impedance: 20Ω
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 95dB

Channel Separation: 89dB (@32Ω)

Price: $59 ; $69 w/extra cable (3.5/2.5/4.4mm)

Available in Black and White.

Official H1 page

The H1 unit was kindly provided by Hidizs company for the review.

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The H1 consists of basically the MS1 Rainbow earphone with a Bluetooth cable instead of a standard 3.5mm cable. The earphones are apparently a remake of the original MS1 Mermaid version, now made entirely of resin instead of metal, making it a more affordable option. While the MS1 Rainbow is available in a nice variety of colors, the H1 is limited to black or white. Build quality is about average, which is decent for the price. The resin plastic shells do not look too thick. They consist of two pieces, the main inner part and the faceplate, and the semi-translucent color allows seeing the drivers inside. The nozzle is of aluminum and gold-plated with a standard diameter that should fit many aftermarket eartips.

h1 (6).jpg

The earpieces are very light and rather hollow with just a single dynamic driver. They have a very specific shape that intends to give a more ergonomic natural fit, found on a few other earphones, with a long and angled nozzle. They are fairly comfortable and fit very snugly in the ears with no need to readjust them every now and then. However, they are a bit large; and maybe unnecessarily large considering that there is just a single driver inside. I don’t have too tiny ears but the H1 can cause a little of extra pressure around the outer ear part. Isolation is about average, probably because of the two vents placed on the inner side of the earphones.

h1 (7).jpg

The Bluetooth cable is made of two strands and softly braided. The wire inside is copper and with the outer dark plastic coating it has kind of brown/bronze color. The cable is thin and very light, so despite not having a slider to adjust a more secure fit, it is still very comfortable for more active use. Do note that only the cable has IPX5 rating, and not the earphones. The plugs are standard 0.78 2-pin type. While they attach very strongly to the MS1 earphones, they may not fit as strong with every other IEM. There are fixed guides attached to the cable and help for a more secure fit but they can be too tight and a bit long.

h1 (8).jpg

There are two plastic parts on each side of the cable. They are a bit large and they are positioned too close to ears. On the right side there are 3 buttons. The middle one is for power on/off, play/pause and calls, and the other two for volume if single pressed and to skip tracks if pressed and held. There is also the status LED, the microphone and the concealed charging micro USB port (which can be difficult to open).

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Bluetooth performance & battery

The Bluetooth cable uses a Qualcomm QCC3005 chip with 5.0 BT version and supports AAC, SBC and AptX codecs. The battery time may vary depending on the volume and codec used, but still its best time is short of 7hrs, which is rather low for Bluetooth earphones of this type that easily reach more than 10hrs even on AptX. The Soundcore Spirit Pro with a similar design has much better battery time and there are already several TWS earphones with higher time than the H1. The BT connectivity is good and quickly connects to any paired source. The wireless range is limited though. Also, there is a short noise when skipping tracks via the cable in-line controls. Moreover, the volume on the H1 cable is too limited to just 16, making it very inconvenient to adjust it from the cable side alone; it is either too low or too loud. For me that’s a critical flaw to the H1 as I need to constantly adjust the volume from the player. Even the SpiritPro volume which is limited to ~24 steps is still more usable, not to mention the SoundMagic E11BT.

Sound Quality

The general sound of the H1 is of a very mild v-shaped signature. The overall balance is well kept with a clean sound despite not being too focused into the smallest details. Like with many IEMs, finding the right ear tips is very important, and the included ear tips didn’t provide me a decent fit and seal, so I opted for softer tips with wider bore. While in pure technical abilities the H1 are about average, the sound tuning and fair balance were to my liking and more favorable than a couple of recently released IEMs at a similar price range.

Typically, the bass is elevated but far from heavy and overwhelming. Certainly not meant for true bass-heads neither in quantity nor quality, but otherwise it is well presented in the whole mix with a fun factor. It strikes with good punch and decent speed. Mid-bass more accentuated, sub-bass less obvious. There is also a constant mid-bass bump that occasionally can be annoying. The quantity is sufficient for a variety of genres adding a comfortable sense of warmth to the sound. However, the low-end is missing in quality. It sounds kind of loose and lacks in layering and depth. The extension is average, which can be addressed to the wireless mode.

In spite of the enhanced mid-bass bump, the midrange remains clear. It follows the v-shaped tuning, sitting a little more distant than the lows and highs. There is a slight sense of warmth but still sounds a bit lean and dry at the low-mids, which are even less forward than the upper-mids. Higher instruments and female vocals will sound more lifted; a bit shouty and too energetic, but not an issue of sibilance. The clarity is good and surprisingly there is a good sense of air, but it is missing some texture and emotion; more suited for electronic music than acoustic or orchestral pieces.

Treble is bright and more elevated than the bass. The lower treble is even more pronounced with a small peak, whereas the upper-treble is shier and rolled-off, limiting the extension. The quantity can be a bit fatiguing but it is not sharp. Unlike with lows, the highs layering is better with finer detail; not a very natural texture but it is fairly airy. Soundstage is about average, with just a little more width than the shallow depth, mediocre imaging and generally sounding more 2D.

Brief comparisons

iBasso IT00

The IT00 has much better bass, both in quantity and quality. It is more balanced from sub to mid-bass, better layered, and extends better and more effortlessly to the lower bass area. While it is more powerful and abrasive, it is also more enjoyable than the H1’s bass that offers that continuous mid-bass bump. Midrange is less forward on the IT00, warmer/thicker on the low-mids with thinner and drier upper-mids. The IT00 is quite opposite in terms of treble, smoother, laid-back and more forgiving. Soundstage is wider on the IT00.

Hiby Beans

The Beans has a much sharper v-shaped response next to mild H1 lively tuning. There is more bass quantity than the H1 and is a little more textured, but lower than the IT00 and not as nicely layered. The midrange is more distant and thinner than on the H1, and bleed from the bass. It sounds more muffled and the upper-mids can be quite harsh and sibilant, whereas the H1 is clearer and more comfortable to listen despite its brighter nature. Soundstage is about the same level, though the Beans can show a bit more depth.


500+ Head-Fier
Hidizs H1 — wireless, better than beans
Pros: good sound, excellent fit, convenient form factor, multipoint
Cons: no
TRW or wired? If bluetooth — what is the most convenient formfactor to go with…? I’ve been asking myself the same questions for past few weeks trying to find the best possible solution of having all time access to music, phone calls and videos despite of current activity or working place. Wired are still the best IEMs in terms of audio quality but staying connected all the time with a cable significantly reduces my mobility. What is more important — cable always stays connected to one particular source. I wouldn’t mind if a smartphone was the only working tool. But it is not. There is at least a laptop that also requires a connection. As to the formfactor — current TRW beans (as I name all that numerous, expensive and faceless products that have saturated the market) just do not seem to be comfortable enough, especially with no supports and when it comes to removing one of the beans which should than be placed into its cradle, which should be kept in a pocket, etc… Audio quality in such beans is also far from being astonishing.


Knowing all of that, I’ve been looking for another option that seems to be much more convenient and universal in terms of sound and fit: good, custom-like shaped IEMs with regular type of connectors and detachable bluetooth cable that would have all necessary controls, mic and aptX, at least. At the time when I was wondering which product to go with — Hidizs was watching after me The search was over when they have provided me with the new product for the review — Hidizs H1 — neckband bluetooth IEMs.


Hidizs H1 is still absent at the official website during the time of writing this review since it is a sample unit that should get the initial feedback and hit the market very soon. The specs are already known:

Hidizs H1 — Mermaid Series Bluetooth IEMs:
  • Driver: signle dynamic, 10.2mm, dual magnetic circuit, dual cavities
  • FR: 20Hz-40kHz
  • SPL: 112dB
  • Impedance: 20Ω
  • Cable connection: 2pin, 0,78mm
  • Weight: ~6g
  • IPX5 dust, water, sweat resistant
Bluetooth cable:
  • Cable: silver plated OFC
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Protocols:
    • AAC (16bit|44.1kHz_320kbps)
    • SBC (16bit|44.1kHz_328kbps)
    • aptX_LL (16bit|44.1kHz_352kbps)
    • aptX (16bit|48kHz_352kbps)
  • Control protocols: AVRCPV1.2&SPPV1.2
  • Call protocols: HFP, HFP1.5,HFP1.7,HSP,CVC
  • Controls: +/-, play/pause buttons
  • Mic: yes
  • Ports: microUSB for charging
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Play time: 8 hours
  • Weight: 13,6g

Packaging and design:

First of all, H1 packaging reminds me of TFZ products that usually come in very similar tall boxes. Plenty of item information, good printing quality, dense material, shiny logo — this box certainly deserves good score for its appearance.


The insides are well protected and look neat — couple of boxes with the accessories and a soft podium that has special cutouts for IEMs. The full list of included items:
  • Hidizs H1 IEMs
  • Bluetooth cable with soft velcro strap
  • 3 pairs of silicone eartips
  • soft pouch
  • USB A -> microUSB cable
  • couple of leaflets and user manual

Wondering why Hidizs has not included regular audio cable into this package… Why artificially limiting a potential demand for IEMs that are designed to be used with different types of 2pin, 0,78mm cables? Going little bit ahead — H1 have good sound quality but the full potential is released only in wired mode…


Hidizs H1 possess one of the most convenient design of the shells currently available on the market — custom like shape with very comfortable fit. Shells are made of resin with shiny particles to aid its look.


The design gets even more attractive due to the transparent material. Even black color shells totally disclose the insides. Aluminum alloy gold-plated output nozzles protrude quite significantly from the shells and glued at place. Both covered with the protective aluminum grills.


IEMs are equipped with 2pins, 0,78mm connectors with transaprent resin base, brand name and channel indicators. Just to point out is that H1 are based on Hidizs MS1 Rainbow series IEMs — same signle dynamic driver design, same specs…


Bluetooth cable is claimed to be twisted silver plated OFC, ending with flexible earguides, 2pin, 0.78mm connectors with transparent resin base and channel indicators.


Electronics consists of two separate parts: one is a battery box and another contains all physical controls, LED, mic and charging port.


Both parts are equal in size and shape and both have the same charcoal coating and rough surface feel. Length of this bluetooth cable is ~0.5m. Charging port is protected with a rubber cap.


As far as I understand this bluetooth cable is the next generation of Hidizs BT01 but with some advanced features i.e. bluetooth 5.0 now and slightly different design. I might be wrong, but it seems that the new cable is also based on CSR8645 DAC chip with 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, -115dB SNR and 15mW (32Ω) power output.


As already mentioned — H1 fit is perfect. Long nozzles, flexible earguides and custom-like shape dedicate much to the overall comfortable feel. This shape is much better than any TRW bean-shaped IEMs I’ve played with. There is absolutely no feel that H1 would get lost one day… Such an excellent fit finally results in better protection from outside noise and wider audible response range.


Hidizs H1 setup:

Initial setup means charging and pairing Bluetooth cable with the audio source. Mine came 70% charged and it took about 20 mins more to get the charge up to 100% using laptop USB port. Full charge would take ~1.5 hour which is quite fast.


There is a LED indicator at the front of the control unit that would stay RED during charge. Other LED statuses are:
  • Constant green — fully charged
  • Slowly flashing red — low charge
  • Flashing red-blue — pairing
  • Slowly flashing blue — connected bit not playing
  • Constant blue — no connection
  • Slowly flashing green — connected and playing music/call
There are also some automated functions worthy to mention:
  • If powered but not connected -> would power off in 360 sec
  • If pairing but not successfull -> would power off in 360 sec
Additional voice prompts:
  • Power ON
  • Power OFF
  • Pairing
  • Paired
  • Pairing fail
  • Headset is connected
  • Headset is disconnected
  • Battery low
Button functions:
  • Play|pause 2s press -> power on or off
  • Play|pause 5s press -> pairing mode
  • Vol + | Vol — together -> clear pairing
  • Play|pause short press -> answer call | hang up (in a call)
  • Play|pause 2 sec during incoming call -> reject
  • Play|pause short press druing music -> play | pause
  • Vol + | Vol — long press during music -> previous | next track
  • Vol + | Vol — short press during music -> volume
  • Vol + | Vol — toghether + Play|pause during power off -> USB upgrade
Pairing with a smartphone or DAP doesn’t take long and the device gets recognized as H1 headset. My Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is running Android 10 and shows H1 battery charge level / current audio codec as well. Furthermore, not having it listed among the supported functions, I’ve checked H1 multipoint ability — it can be paired and connected to 2 devices simultaneously which is very welcome.


Tested all controls — no problems here. Stock audio app and Hiby Music both respond to button presses. Mic works good during the calls, voice is clear. Although, in loud environement it lacks the noise cancelling feature and sometimes the other side would complain about that. Other drawback that I have faced is the connection distance — H1 gets disconnected or shows interruptions even at 5m but I would blame my Xiaomi smartphone for that — Note 8 Pro has known issue with Bluetooth | WiFi limited range and poor behavior. My laptop is keeping connection with H1 even at 12m away. DAP also holds better than the smartphone.


I have also tried HiBy Blue app from Google Play which shows current H1 audio quality, volume level and charge and found this app mostly useless unless there would be OTA or wired H1 FW upgrade that can be executed with this app. Or unless you are running old Android version that would not provide you with all necessary information about H1 state.

One more important test is the latency while watching videos — guess what — everything is perfect! No visible and audible lag between the picture and sound. This is absolutely great especially at the time when video is the most consumed media of all.


Sound quality:

Tested with AP80Pro DAP, Redmi Note 8Pro with Bluetooth aptX

Lows and midbass:

Hidizs H1 deep bass extension is moderate with above average texture resolution. Deep bass lacks presence while the emphasis is on the midbass. H1 are definitely closer to dark sounding IEMs but lower portion still might have been better. Situation gets better while using audio cable instead of bluetooth — textures get more evident and lows get more extended.

Midbass shows good dynamics, power is appropriate for engaging drums. It is well balanced to mids and not accented to distruct even with low audio quality tracks.


Mids and vocals:

Quite impressive mids with very good performance. Resolution is quite high while the entire presentation feels linear. H1 doesn’t accent female vocals, not showing any signs of screaming notes here. Instruments and vocals are similarly rich and full bodied. Good level of separation in this range, nothing tends to mix at different volume levels. In overall, H1 mids can be described as warm, thick, quite smooth and well exposed.



Here comes another portion which depends of the type of connection. Bluetooth audio even over aptX lacks the clarity and extension making H1 darker than it is. Quite good for regular listening but far from a standard when it comes to some high quality recording and habits. Treble is just what I call «bit dirty» to be pleased with. Getting wired changes the picture completely — treble gets the appropriate level of details, clarity and extension. In this configuration, Hidizs H1 are quite balanced IEMs that can easily compete with its class rivals from other well known brands. Sorry for that folks, but treble is still the most affected range when getting rid of wires.


Sound summary:

Hidizs H1 sound should be evaluated with both connection options — bluetooth cable and regular audio cable. Sound quality greatly depends of that. Using regular audio cable connection the sound can be described as well balanced, with slightly exposed midbass, moderate bass extension, thick mids and clean treble. Sound signature is warm. Bluetooth connection type reduces resolution, cuts the extension of bass and treble and leaves H1 underestimated. Although, it does the trick for everyday use in all general tasks.



If you are looking for a good bluetooth IEMs product for everyday use but also willing to get high sound quality over the wire — consider Hidizs H1 as the very attractive option. Not only it allows to stay connected to several sources all day long, receiving calls, watching videos with no audio lag and listening to music but also it is capable of resolving high audio quality in wired mode. The fit is great, bluetooth features are up to date, versality is much higher than any bean TRW may offer. Just keep in mind to get the additional audio cable to release Hidizs H1 full potential.

Official Hidizs store: LINK
10% discount for any item at Hidizs store using our promocode: ZMCR10

Official Hidizs Amazon store: LINK
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