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Cons: NONE!!!!!!!
My name is Mochill on Headfi but in real life I am called Mohammad rabi, I recently found this hidden company called Heavenly Sound from Indonesia made by Joshua Winsu. he is the maker and owner of the company and all the earbuds looks so well built that I instantly wanted them. I contacted Joshua about the earbuds and had a friend from Indonesia named nino send it over to me . in the package was 4 earbuds of which the one i am reviewing is called the groove ($16.50) , I paid for all of the earbuds and in no way working for Joshua and this is my honest opinion about the earbud.
Product Details
Heavenly Sounds GROOVE, Entry 30 ohm Line-Up, for All Rounder with good performance

Model: HS-Basic30v3
Codename: Groove
Characteristics: Entry Line-Up for All Rounder with no compromise for price to performance
Impedance: 30 ohm (Low Impedance)
Housing: Type Z in plain black abs plastic shell
Driver: 15.4mm Hi-Fidelity Driver
Cable Materials: Oxygen Free Cooper (OFC) Cable, Solid Core with PVC Shielded, straight (Non Braided)
Cable Length: 120cm (estimation)
Cable Colour: Black transparant
Input Plug: Stereo audio plug 3.5mm, High Quality Gold Pin
Frequency Range: 16-18:000Hz
Package Contents: Exclusive earphone case, 3 pair various foam (donut foam, & full foam)

Sound Signature: Warm to bright, natural flat balance tonal for all round music.
Low: Great bass Impact, controlled attack, firm punchy, & good speed
Mid: Presence, detail, & good centric vocal character
High: Open, clear, with good controlled details with no sibilance
Imaging: Good staging & instruments positioning.

the earbud is in the shape of the sennheiser mx500 shell but with a hand build cable with metal y-splitter and jack. also came with some foam pad which i have not used.


The groove needs some decent amount of power to driver and it scales well good sources.

The sound quality is natural and big with good amount of detail. I am using the fiio x7 with am3 module to driver it with volume 35 on high gain.

the bass on the groove is tight in the subbass and has a slight lift in the midbass area the does not bleed into the midrange. The bass is textured well and is clean at the same time.

the midrange of the groove is the star of the show and it can cause emotional attachment to the music and take you deep inside of a song or album. both the male and female vocals are equally full and clear with a 3d soundscape imaging . instruments and well separated and easy to pinpoint.

the treble is clean clear and well extended with no peaks at all, it has an airy feel and blackness to it.

grand and out the head experience is what I heard from the groove, very wide and deep and has a great height to it. it never sounded compressed and that was an amazing experience from them.


for the price of $16.50 , the groove has a sound value of at least 100 dollars to my ears and that is an amazing feature for these earbuds. The sound was a natural and beautiful experience to me and I will definitely buy more earbuds from Joshua in the future.
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Thanks for your input Gideon.

Btw, Mo, how would you compare Groove with Monk and TY 32 on the same price range?
the blue is in the same price range as the monk, I should be getting it as the same time as the king and queen .
Also i dont believe there is any way of purchasing these outside indonesia. Wasnt able to google any ebay or aliexpress or amazon links...