HeadRoom Total BitHead A BitHead is the perfect entry-level headphone amplifier to use with your...

HeadRoom Total BitHead Headphone Amp / DAC

  • HeadRoom Total BitHead
    A BitHead is the perfect entry-level headphone amplifier to use with your computer, iPod, or portable player & high-quality headphones. The bass tighten up, the highs become clean & articulate, & the music in between will sound much more coherent, detailed, & liquid. The BitHead can be used 2 ways: w/USB output of computers; or as battery powered headphone amp to improve your iPod, MP3 player, DVD/CD player, or other portable audio device. The BitHead is sort of like a sound card for your computer & headphones. You'll find the sound quality improved employing the killer digital to analog converter (DAC) of the BitHead, and having the digital conversion & analog electronics that drive your headphones done outside the noisy environment of the hard-drive. Just plug the USB output of your desktop, laptop, or notebook computer running Apple, Windows, or Linux operating systems into the Bithead---most computers will automatically recognize the BitHead as its audio output---then plug in your headphones, play some music, & enjoy. Your computer may be one of your favorite ways to listen! BitHead runs on 4 AAA batteries to drive your quality headphones & amplify the signal from the headphone output (or line out) of your player. BitHead will power your headphones with greater musical authority, & it will isolate the player's wimpy output amp & power supplies from the complex load of the 'phones. BitHead will make both your headphones & your portable player sound better. (If not interested in using with computers, check our AirHead Amp.) BitHead has 2 headphone jacks, both you & a friend can listen together. It has a Crossfeed switch to make your headphones sound better. You'll find a tiny gain switch by the batteries allows a perfect match between the BitHead & headphones/earphones of any impedance. Also has volume control & room for 4 AAA batteries to power the BitHead for 30 hours, depending on the headphones. Batteries NOT included.

Recent Reviews

  1. PetrosT
    Great amp, not so great DAC
    Written by PetrosT
    Published Apr 12, 2011
    Pros - Affortable, portable, great amp
    Cons - Not impressive DAC for desktop
    I bought the BitHead as a replacement for my work laptop, where it is a big improvement over the cheap onboard sound card. Trivial to install and sounding very good. Highly recommended for this kind of job.

    On my desktop though I get mixed feelings. There I have an Asus D2X and a cheap Behringer HA400 headphone amp. Compared to that the BitHead working as a DAC+amp sounds clearly worse (using Sennheiser IE8 - the cheaper DAC and the noiser USB power is to blame I guess). However, when I connect the BitHead on the D2X directly everything sounds impressively good; it gives additional clarity, soundstage and you will notice new details on favourite songs.

    If you are looking for a cheap audiophile soundcard replacement for your desktop, this is not it. You can do better with a D2X or an E-MU 1212M (still far the best sounding source I've owned, Bit-God rest its circuits) - in this range of money.

    If you want a sound solution for a work computer or laptop this will be a very good choice.
  2. maverickronin
    Great Sound on the Go
    Written by maverickronin
    Published May 28, 2010
    Pros - Small and rugged
    Cons - No EM shielding
    I purchased my BitHead mainly to bypass the dismal onboard soundcards on the computers I use at work, and the better but still not so great sound on my netbook and I've been quite pleased with it's performance. It's completely plug and go which is nice if you move from computer to computer on a daily basis. Being driver free is also very nice if you can't install drivers on your work machine. (Though that doesn't apply to me since I'm one of the IT guys.) I didn't expect it to do much for much for my Cowon D2+ and SE530s but much better bass response was just the beginning. I also hooked it up to my Nintendo DS and was impressed with the results, despite the space restraints imposed upon the music.  The BitHead's only real flaw is the lack of any EM shielding. I tried velcroing it to the lid of my netbook but the CCFLs put out so much noise, it makes the BitHead sound considerably worse than the onboard sound. Moving it somewhere else solves the problem, but also makes it much less convenient.


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