An in-ear, universal fit headphone


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  • An in-ear, universal fit headphone

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  1. Azdian
    "I don't like IEM in general but this one is good/"
    Pros - good midrange and details, warm
    Cons - bulky cable, needs an amp, not that comfortable.
  2. angevoi
    "A nice piece of heated meatloaf"
    Pros - Well detailed, never harsh, sweet midrange
    Cons - Rolled off treble, not an all-rounder, not as engaging
    I liked them much with instrumental music or whatever that does not require a large soundstage.
    Others mentioned that it has a large soundstage for an IEM, i agree. It doesn't have the crisp, lively sound my most of music requires so i sold them.
  3. FatmanSize48
    "A Nice Find"
    Pros - Great forward mids, tight, controlled base, smooth treble
    Cons - Right channel does not work out of iPod Classic on these headphones ony
    I was really looking forward to enjoying these. After plugging them in, I quickly realized that there was very little sound coming from the right IEM. I plugged them into my Fiio E11, and wow. These are far better in each and every respect than my B&W C5s, which were far too bass heavy for my tastes.

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