HD229 - Closed Back On Ear Headphones with Dynamic Bass - Black

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  1. spitfire77
    Pros - Great sound, Good comfort
    Cons - Very Breakable
    These are great!  I only paid 40 dollars for these!! They should be priced at 60.  They sound amazing, great bass and are so comfortable that after a while you don't even feel them on your head.  Some On Ear headphones fall off you head easily but these do not.
  2. BBBS
    "Surprisingly alright"
    Pros - Sound similar to Portapro
    Cons - Nasty shiny plastic looks cheap, although appears durable
    I bought these in a sale, and I was so impressed that I considered buying other Sennheiser on-ear until I settled on going for the Amperior and calling it a job well done.
    They have a good sound that's somewhat duller and more closed in than the Amperior, and alike the Amperior, you need to push them well back on your ears so that the drivers line up with your ear canals, although they are not as sensitive to position as some IEMs. For the price I paid these are stunning, and make a great pair to throw in a bag if you're going out and don't want to risk taking something more expensive with you. However, they don't come with their own carry case or even a 6.5mm adapter, and their cable is too short to use for home listening anyway. The cable is also very thin and the plug is bulky and has no strain relief.
    If you want something more comfortable than Portapro, and less likely to snag your hair, these are great. People also seem to think they're expensive too, which they certainly are not. They also make an "i" model with iPhone controls and a mic that also work on other Apple products.