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Compatible with Most Bluetooth Enable DeviceThese Bluetooth earbuds are Bluetooth V4.1+EDR, fully...

HAVIT® Bluetooth 4.1 Portable Wireless Sports Sweatproof Bluetooth Headsets with CVC6.0 Noise Cancellation,Hands-free Calling,and In-ear / Ear-canal-fit Design for iPhone and Android Phones with Bluetooth Function.

  • Compatible with Most Bluetooth Enable DeviceThese Bluetooth earbuds are Bluetooth V4.1+EDR, fully compatible with V4.0, V3.0+EDR, V2.1+EDR, V2.0+EDR, V1.2, V1.0 etc.

    Connect with Two Devices at the Same Time Won't miss your calls when you have two cell phones

    Full 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty All HAVIT products are built to the highest quality standards and we stand behind our products with a full 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

    Bluetooth version: V4.1 + EDROperating Range: 10MTalk time: about 6.5hCharging length: about 2hMusic Duration: about 6hVoice prompts: SupportChannel: two-channel stereoSupport Agreement: A2DP / HFP / HSP / AVRVP Functions: answer / end / reject / redial, mute, volume control / switch songs, multi-point links, music, noise cancellingCompatible with: Apple, Samsung and other mobile phone, Ipad and other mainstream tablet PCs, notebook computers, desktop computers with Bluetooth or Bluetooth adapter Charger Port: Micro USB
    How to use:
    1. Long Press the MFB button for 4 seconds until the blue and red LEDs flash alternately with the voice prompt of PAIRING2. Turn on your BLUETOOTH FUNCTION in your phone, and set to scan for Bluetooth device3. In the pairing device list, select our headset H925BT to continue to pair with it 4. The voice prompt of CONNECTED when the pairing is completed
    Note: If the pairing is not succeeded, please repeat the steps above.

Recent Reviews

  1. Army-Firedawg
    Awesome budget wireless workout bud that considerable consideration should be given to
    Written by Army-Firedawg
    Published Oct 18, 2015
    Pros - Great battery life, comfortable, inexpensive
    Cons - Overwhelming bass, doesn't isolate too well
        I’d first like to thank @Havit for choosing me to be a reviewer for them and also for sending me the Bluetooth Sport Earbuds for me to keep free in exchange for an honest review.
    The Opening Experience
        Considering the price of these is only $28 AND they’re bluetooth, I honestly wasn’t expecting much on an experience. Upon opening the package you’re greeted with very basic cutouts that have the instructions and a pretty decent amount of tips behind the monitors packing.
        Pretty impressive actually. Though this is made of very cheap plastic, I don’t feel any worries when wearing them or then I toss them on the couch or floor after I finish my 2 mile run. Which on that note, these (as the long amazon title says) really are sweatproof. When I do my  PT I’m a super sweater, as in I’m asked if I jumped in a pool quite frequently when I finish working out., and such expose these to a great deal of sweat and they haven’t so much as sputtered. So despite the inexpensive cost to these, they’re built very well.
        Also, they possess a tangle free flat cord which is respectably thick and too feels sturdy in my hands. Lastly a small negative to its build and it’s that they stick out of my ear a little too far. So from the end of the wing there is still a good ¼” of arm before the frame starts and that’s all sticking out in air, I understand why there’s a need for an arm but not one that long.
        Also something that I haven’t had any issues with, despite them protruding a little parther from the ear than what I’d like I’ve found no discomfort in these whatsoever regardless if I’m wearing them for enjoyment or using them to boost my workout. The pleasant supply of ear tips and various wing sizes allowed even me (who almost exclusively uses comply memory foam) to find a size that fits competently.
        So how well do the Havit Sport Earbuds perform their job at reproducing audio? Very respectably is my answer to that. For these are both wireless AND sweat proof which both in their own regards raise the price of a product so to be this relatively inexpensive the audio quality is quite respectable and even gains points with me when I’m doing the job they're designed for, which is to be used when working out.
        For regular musical enjoyment however they were sometimes difficult to listen to because since they’re geared for working out (and perhaps this price point doesn’t really give you much either) the soundstage is very close and very very narrow. So the notes quite often blend themselves together.
        For the average consumer, especially those who’re budget conscious and are just looking for an inexpensive workout earbud this won’t be a problem whatsoever as well will these complement lower tier audio files very nicely. But let me describe how I feel the individual aspects sound.
        The highs on these are very recessed and peak extremely early in comparison to the heavy bass punch. But I will give these their due credit for the treble is nicely clean overall. I find female vocals to come through nicely as well as the recessed highs blend very well into the mids.
        My personal favorite aspect of audio for this is the area of the frequency graph that the vocals lie and what gives the audio piece it’s “soul”. Though I understand the field these are focused on I just couldn’t ever grow to like the mids. They’re not only greatly subdued but they’re also overtaken by the bass hit, and for me who’s absolutely not a bass head, it was never something I could grow to enjoy. BUT these are awesome for techno/electronic.
        Immediately and without a guess needed the absolute focal point of the Havit’s. This is actually quite preferred in a workout geared earbud for, at least for me, it allows one to really get into the groove of the music and pushes one to work harder.
        The surprisingly heavy punch these possess help with that a good bit. So if you’re a bass head and are on a budget seriously look into getting these.
        Though these by no means could be considered an “audiophile” earphone, they bring a very nice niche to the audio world and excel in what they are engineered for AT a very comfortable price point. During my review time with them (and much longer still to come) I never had any issues with them during my workout nor did they ever let me down.
    The battery life lasts a consistent 5 ½ hours and gives an audible vocal warning when it’s pairing, has been paired and is close to dying.
    If you’re one who’s looking for a budget wireless earphone to use when working out I will absolutely recommend the Havit Wireless Sports Earbud to you. Also on an ending not the microphone for phone calls, is quite good with respect to its other features.
    Till next time my friends, also make sure you check out my unboxing video here, my full review video here, and by request of Havit, I also posted this review to their Amazon page which you can view here!


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