Halfmman Tokkan Virtual 7.1 USB Headset

General Information

Official manufacturer details:

- 7.1 Channel (Highest) Audio Decoding Chip
- Vibration increasing BASS Speakers
- Closed-back and total ear-fit design

Halfmman Tokkan 7.1 Sound effect gaming headset, Professional Game Gear with high definition speakers brings clear sound and amazing feeling with the vibration increasing Bass Speaker! Now even the simples sound with feel like rocking! Made by professional factory and passed kinds of critical quality tests, good in quality.

Latest reviews

Pros: Good microphone, a bit confortable
Cons: Complete lack of highs and lows, harsh and distorced mids, excessive vibration, awful surround and
When people say awful things about gaming headsets, it's most likely due to products like this one and Razer's.
These, gentlemen, are some totally overpriced low-quality USB crap.
I know they're supposed to be made for "gaming", but even on gaming they completely and utterly fail compared to other gaming headsets (such as Ozone Strato Evo, Somic E-95 v2010, Roccat Kave, Steelseries Siberia...) which are actually the same price. And do I really need to get started on how many professional gear there are for US$ 70?
What you get on gaming, is a total lack of surround and soundstage and just about the harshest and fakest sound quality you could've ever imagined. All metallic sounds sound just awful, the vibration is excessive and there's no immersion whatsoever into the game, since not even the surround works.
And when you try listening to music, dear god.... The vibration just distorts all of the sound and there's like, ZERO audio quality.
Actually, it's pretty easy to notice how good their quality is. Just turn off the vibration, pressing the switch on the headset. All I could hear were mids... Just about as good as stock phones for iPhone, meh...
They're also known in China and on some retailers as "Somic G909". It's the same headphone, even Tokkan's identification code is "HLF-TK-G909". They're developed and made by Somic and distributed on Europe by Halfmman, just as some of Ozone's products are also made by Somic.
Anyway, this product is not worth US$ 70. Hell, it could be sold for US$ 20 and you'd still have better choices available to you.
Thank heavens I don't own it, I only ordered it for a friend who wanted it, and paid US$70 for this crap.


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