HA-200 High Performance, Single Ended, Class-A Headphone Amplifier (Black)

General Information

As an ultimate high-performance headphone amplifier, the HA-200 starts out with Class-A design and then combines that with a constant current output topology. Furthermore, when it is operated in classic Stereo Mode it also offers true Single-Ended (SE) output performance. As a valuable plus, two units can easily be combined to provide true Balanced Headphone Mode operation, which quadruples the available output power (2X voltage = 4X power) while increasing transient speed and dynamic control over the music.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: perfect dynamics, lovely warmth
Bitesize review:
It's a class-A amplifier that has stellar build quality.
It's a minor shame that you need two of these for balanced output, but for SE output the unit is worth its asking price.
The sound is perfect: clean, zero noise, strong gain, and adds a slight warmth to the music but without distortion. I strongly recommend it!


Modern Modder Man of Manitoba
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Pros: truly superb sound and zero noise
Cons: no supplied headphone cable, difficult to adjust gain individually
Here is the link to my full review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/724153/review-nuforce-ha-200-affordable-class-a-monoblocks
Earlier thread and discussion: http://www.head-fi.org/t/691255/nuforce-ha-200-high-performance-single-ended-class-a-headphone-amplifier
This is the summary from my review:
So it's obvious I'm quite happy with the Nuforce HA-200. As a single ended amp it's fantastic. As dual monos, doubly fantastic and totally worth the price. If you can't afford the mono setup, start with one and upgrade later! Of course if you're just jonesing for monos, as of this writing it's the only dual mono headphone amp option I know of for under $1k so it's really your only option unless you start bridging or go DIY. For $350 it's one of the best amps I've heard in that bracket. For $700 as monos I think it's actually ahead of the diminishing returns curve.
It pairs fantastically with the HD800, and has enough juice for the HE-6. The noise floor is also low enough that you can use it with iems.
Obviously if you're running monos then you'll need a preamp or a dac with volume control. Either that or you'll have to mark knobs somehow and control each individually. Your headphones will also require the appropriate terminations, or have an adapter made.

glamour shot with the sliding xlr cap


DIY cable dual XLR3 to XLR4 adapter for my HE-6
thanks for the review
this is a really good amp