Greenhouse GH-ERC-DMS

  1. Raphael K
    Clear and well balanced for non V-EQ
    Written by Raphael K
    Published Nov 16, 2012
    Pros - Comfort and better than UE700, Economic choice
    Cons - Cheap outlook or housing.
    I compared this ultra sound TwinBA IEM with UE700.
    UE700 and GH-ERC-DMS, both are dual/twin BA, but different tuned. 
    audio source : iPod touch 4G 32GB and iPhone4G 32GB w/ ALAC or MP3 320KBps , 93~94dB normalized.
    Outlook and packaging:
    Oh, poor.
    outfit made with plastic and inner is seems to urethane.
    cable is really same as MEElec A151. ( shorter than A151, but same shape, material, connector )
    S,M,L - Shure like silicon tips and carrying case. an adapter. it's all.
    a license paper included.
    It ... was impressed.
    Bass is better than UE700. mid to high freq seems to same like UE700.
    Specially high freq. hears crispy and sharp. really clear.
    It's similar like T-PEOS H-100 on high freq. (bass is better than H-100)
    There's nothing to explained how to fit on my ear. (even L,R not printed !)
    But we know this type of IEM how to wear.
    Wear cable to around earflap, insert  silicon tip into carnal side.
    It is really comfort to me.
    I don't care MSD whatever, payed totally around 80USD in Amazon Jp. (inc. delivery cost)
    Economic choice !
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    2. ayaflo
      i think they are indeed superb value .. i prefer them over the se 535 if you ask me ..
      ayaflo, Nov 16, 2012
    3. Raphael K
      Hi turgid, I bought in Amazon japan. And paid 3990 yen. Delivery and invoice paid included, I paid about 89000 won in South Korea. And it almost around 80 USD.
      Raphael K, Nov 16, 2012
    4. Raphael K
      and it is a new.
      Raphael K, Nov 16, 2012
  2. ayaflo
    Bomb for the Buck!
    Written by ayaflo
    Published Sep 23, 2012
    Pros - Clarity..Detail...Speed, 1 year warranty
    Cons - none for the price, sibilance
    Superb Clarity
    Accentuated Treble but not tiring 
    Superlatively Detailed! 
    Banging the buck baby! 
    Satisfying Bass especially the mid-bass(very much more so than the RE-272s)
    Technically Musical(more musical but equally detailed to the RE-272s)
    Speed Speed Speed
    Instrument Seperation
    Build could be better(nitpicking)
    SQ not quite there yet(in comparison to the RE-272s and the SE 535)
    Average Soundstage
    Products like these especially at the price i got it at...makes me think that sometimes Human economy can simply be Owned :)!! I really can't believe a pair of japanese Iems that is mostly made with the not-used excess by-products can practically sound better than something that is 5 times its price and the heights of human engineering (yes I am talking about you SE-535)
    I have not heard any TWFK knowles sets but if this is one( since theres some speculation that its b2 clone) Im very much happy with the sound it has to offer.
    it more neutral than the se-535, but not as refined .. however extremely detailed...I think it puts up with the re 272 in terms of detailing of sound ...
    the only fault is the sibilance that can be cured with shure olives or comply tips, also using these will make them sound thicker in note and more convincing in naturalism...
    first jazz recording I heard with these and I think they kick the re 272 in timbre
    read comments below for cons