Graham Slee Solo SRG II

General Information

The Solo stereo headphone amplifier started life in 2001, has seen a decade of continuous improvement and on its way What Hi-Fi? gave it five stars, warning customers to "be prepared to buy it there and then" if they dared to audition it.

Made for studio monitoring, the Solo is often used in commercial editing suites where it captures edit points so elusive to other headphone amps. It was also supplied to the BBC, modified to accept PO 316 (BPO) jack plugs. It is best partnered with studio headphones — for a headphone amplifier geared to driving the most difficult hi-fi headphones see the Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition.

The Solo SRGII is the result of our "Green Solo" beta-test program, where over 100 customers took part. Where energy conservation is a must the Solo SRGII is the only high performance headphone amplifier in the running.

Latest reviews

Pros: Smart
Cons: Still not clear enough for me
It's sound is nice, but still not  precise  enough for me.
Pros: hand made, great sound quality, high detail
Cons: pricey
"The Solo SRG II headphone amplifier has two line level inputs and a front panel input selector with centre off. It is housed in a strong anodized aluminium eurocard style enclosure. The volume control also acts as sensitivity adjuster and therefore the full rotation can be used . The Solo SRG II headphone amplifier is suitable for use with headphone impedances from 16 Ohms to 600 Ohms."
I bought this amp unheard based on the rave reviews from English hi-fi magazines and it did not disappoint. It runs my Grado 325i's as well as my HD650's beautifully. As stated above the volume acts also as a sensitivity adjuster so with the 300ohm HD650's i run it at the 3 or 4 o'clock position and the 32ohm grados at 12oclock.
My reviewer vocabulary is not good enough to describe sound characteristics but i do know it was leaps and bounds better than the Firestone fubar IV Plus that it replaced. (Please see the professional reviews in the link provided for better information)
A  word of advice for anyone wanting to purchase one of these. Buy the PSU1 power supply that is available as a combo. It is cheaper to purchase than if you are buying separately which I did.(US$350) After listening to my amp with the walwart type supply i decided to spring for the upgraded PSU and it made a significant and very noticeable difference in sound quality. Everything was suddenly more vibrant.
Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and am happy knowing that if i decide to keep it for many years it will still be a good quality amplifier.
Please note prices are converted from New Zealand dollars based on today's exchange rate. It may be available cheaper in the US.


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