Grado SR325is Headphones

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What does the i stand for in the new SR325is from Grado? Improved, that`s what! Yes, Grado has taken one of the world`s most acclaimed headphones and taken it a few steps further. The new SR325is has an upgraded driver design, and they have enlarged and improved the mass distribution in the metal housing. The way the SR325is new driver and metal housing move air and react to sound vibrations are now less affected by transient distortions. With the SR325is you will notice improved control of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum with both better supporting Grado`s world renowned midrange. And why the Gold color? The new SR325is is in honor of their 50th anniversary celebrated recently. The SR325is will produce a sound that is pure Grado, with warm harmonic color, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. Listen and Enjoy!

Latest reviews

Pros: Full of enery
Cons: Looks like a 30 dollar headphone
For the first few months every time I use my ears hurt because of the ear pads are really uncomfortable. But I still listen to them because they sound really good.
I always listened to rock, edm, and pop music. These types of music perform very well with the Sr325is.
Pros: very detailed clear sound
Cons: harsh and bright. if you mix with these, you'll think your music sounds grating.
The harsh brightness also removes some of the depth and dimensional space you'd expect from Grado headphones.  I'm sending 'em back and buying the reference 2 for 499.  If those are similar fatiguing and unwearable for more than an hour, then it's back to my BeyerDynamic 880's for me.
Pros: The most open I have listened to, Energetic Fast Attacking, Mids, Detail,
Cons: Comfort, Treble response, sub-bass is lacking on some recordings
The sound on these is absolutely stunning directly through the headphone jack. It may or may not benifit from an amp, all I know is that I have spent about 30-40 hours listening to Pink Floyd like a complete fool. Over, And over again, So I can tell you these headphones sound really, really, good. Initially, the treble was a bit harsh but since I like listening to music at low to moderate levels the sibilance really is not to a (Headache-like) level. I don't care what anyone here on HEAD-FI says, These are some worthy cans.
Now is this going to play skrillex without being harsh?
Absolutely not, The treble is too strong for electronic music. I will say however, Slightly more moderate electronic music related genres like Trip Hop and Acid Jazz (Flying Lotus, Massive Attack,) sound absolutely stunning. On the soundtrack "me Yesterday//Corded" by Flying Lotus I could have sworn the paino was playing right next to me and that the vocals were placed  infront of me. The bass was very pleasing and controlled without muffling vocals and the soundstage was well seperated.
Is this a bass-head can?
Not really, But the bass behaves very well during good recordings. It is, however, lacking sub bass but most open cans are not very good in that department un-amped anyways. For being un-amped you really can't ask for more ha ha.
Will this satisfy my audiophile needs ?
I don't know man are you picky about sibilance?
Can I use this as a studio monitor?
It's treble is elevated by about 5db, why would you want something that someone else is not hearing? I also notice the grado boosts some frequencies for general music enjoyment so no. 
All in All 4.5 because (Bad Comfort )
I've been listening to new SR225e's for about 2 weeks.  I'm used to Senn HD598s so it's quite a bit different.  What I am finding is that I'm getting ear aches which is obviously a problem.  I've been using a couple of different small amps (Modi/Magni and microStreamer) but am now testing them running straight out of my iPad, without external amplification. I hope that will help. Or maybe they are just too energetic for me. Or maybe I'm too old or too used to those laid back Senns.
Well GRADO really does not need amplification.
People say that an amp can make a diffrence but sometimes an amp can make it even more aggressive and with an  impedance below 50ohms I don't think your missing much in the dynamics department. 
My schiit vali is a bit more on the brighter side so using it with an already bright headphone is retarted. 
Listen straight off an ipad for about a week and if you still don't like it then turn it in. YOU DON'T want gear just gathering dust! Dueces!
I think it's the amps that will be gathering dust for a while.


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