Grado SR225i Headphones

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  1. HyperDuel
    "The Grado SR225i "
    Pros - A mix of Warm/Bright sound characteristics with an addicted midrange and nice bass impact.
    Cons - Comfort can be an issue, may not have enough bass for some. Colored sound can be an issue for some.
    If you want an introduction to the Grado sound look no further to the SR225i.  The special Grado sound is liked by many but also hated by many as well.  The best way for me to explain the Grado sound that it has characteristics of Warm sound with a nice touch of Brightness.  It is bright but not to the point of hurting your ears.  Because of this you will not find any of the Grado headphones to be netural sounding at all (colored sound).  I like my stuff colored (I like tubes as well, eh) so this is not an issue, but I will say it because that's the fact about any Grado.
    The design for the most part is good but it is mostly plastic (some of the lettering is coming off) and it does take a very long time for the headphones to get comfortable.  I think the only major con of these headphones is comfort.  After a little awhile the headphones fit on my head just fine but it just took too long for that to happen.
    Some people also say that the lower end Grados doesn't have enough bass.  For me the SR225i does a great job with bass (and great bass impact I must add).
    Overall for $200 you really can't go around with the Grados.  The midrange really shines on these headphones. 
    Note as of 06/09/10:  I should had add this in the review but an amp makes a big difference with the Grado headphones (or any headphone period).  Invest in a good one because a good amp will add in the suppose "missing bass" to the Grados.
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  2. mistyfud
    "The Best of the Prestige Series"
    Pros - Exciting and Intimate Sound, Great Deal, Easy to Drive
    Cons - Comfort
    My favorite in the Prestige series, the Grado SR225i is a superb sub$200 headphone. The SR225i is much more controlled than the SR125i and a bit smoother than the SR325i. Retaining the excellent Grado midrange and intensity, the SR225i also adds a bit more space to its presentation than the lower models. Comfort wise, the SR225i can be quite stiff and tight on the head when first worn, but they loosen over time. The build is sturdy without being overwhelming. The SR225i sounds great unamped, but when paired with just a simple hybrid tube amp, they really blossom in the bass department without muddying up the sound.
    Overall, the SR225i is a great introduction to the Grado sound and an excellent addition to any headphone collection.
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  3. sdpm
    "The taste of Grado Sound"
    Pros - Grado Sound
    Cons - Comfort
    I will do later