Grace - m902 - Reference Headphone Amplifier - Balance Line Outputs

General Information

"Pretty Miraculous" The m902 reference headphone amplifier from Grace Design is built upon the remarkable success of the companys venerable model 901, with the addition of many new and essential features. It is designed to be an invaluable tool for any critical audio application for which reference quality headphone amplification is required. A trio of Stereophile critics all treasured their time with the m902. "Grace Design's m902 impresses me as a preamplifier-DAC every bit as much as their 901 impressed me as a headphone amplifier," reports John Marks in the June 2005 issue of Stereophile. "The Grace's presentation was airy, detailed, and grain-free. Soundstaging was spacious and stable," says John Atkinson in the April 2006 Stereophile."I highly recommend the m902 as a D/A preamp." "The Grace m902 Reference is pretty miraculous," notes Wes Phillips also in the April 2006 Stereophile. "I really enjoyed it as a headphone amplifier. As a workhorse in a prosumer digital work station, it's hard to beat." Professionals and audiophiles alike will be simply floored by the m902s latest generation, high performance 24/192 DAC, which includes the company's unique s-LockTM dual stage PLL (Phase Lock Loop) for extremely low intrinsic jitter and rock solid digital performance. A full complement of analog and digital inputs are included (AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and USB), and all are selectable via a front panel rotary switch.


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