Grace Design m902b reference headphone amplifier (balanced output)

General Information

Where Hi-Fi meets Hi-End. Simply plug in your favorite headphones, cue up your best reference tracks and get ready to hear, literally, what you’ve been missing - courtesy of the m902 reference headphone amplifier.

At the core of the m902 is our audiophile, high-current transimpedance amplifier circuitry, which effortlessly drives even the lowest impedance headphones and provides the high-resolution and low-level ambient detail for which all our products are famous. This circuitry makes familiar recorded material become at once transparent and alive, while critical details in editing and mastering become obvious and easy to manipulate.

Professionals and audiophiles alike are continually floored by the m902’s high performance 24bit/192kHz DAC, which includes our unique s-Lock™ dual stage PLL (Phase Lock Loop) for extremely low intrinsic jitter and rock solid digital performance.

A full complement of analog and digital inputs are provided (AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and USB), which are selectable via a front panel rotary switch. And we offer an optional infrared remote control, which provides the essential controls for anyone working out of reach of their m902.
m902 remote

The m902 cleverly adds stereo balanced (m902b) analog line outputs for connection to powered studio monitors or amplifiers. This allows it to double as an elegantly simple high fidelity monitor controller or even a purist audiophile preamplifier / DAC. And, similar to our larger studio monitor controllers (m906, m904), the m902 provides some essential user calibration settings which help it to integrate into any playback environment.

The m902 includes a crossfeed circuit, or XFeed, which simulates the natural acoustics of a loudspeaker listening environment and HRTF (Head Related Transfer Functions). This circuitry, designed by Dr. Jan Meier, can significantly improve imaging, while reducing listening fatigue when using headphones.

Celebrated by audiophiles and audio engineers alike, the m902 is a crossover smash hit and a must have for anyone searching to discover new depths in music and sound.

Latest reviews


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Powerful, crisp and clear - great soundstaging
Cons: Can become too bright with some phones
I write this as a regret selling it off... It really gave me the most thrilling headphone experiences I have had - together with my HD650's that is. With Beyer T1 it was too bright. But I think I am exceptionally  sensitive to brightness. My friend loved the combo (m902 + T1), so don't take my word for it. 
Anyway - be careful if you are sensitive to brightness in headphones, otherwise - this is great stuff. It's crisp and detailed and very much involving. With the HD650 - everything is great about it. Didn't use it as a preamp. The DAC seems OK - but I was not overwhelmed when a/b ing it to my budget CDP (which I also used as a transport)
In sum, all I have to say is: m902 + HD650 = fabulous


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