GoVibe Peak

General Information

Extremely powerful tiny desktop amp, definitely a great sounding amp for the price!

Has a gain switch and bass boost at the rear of the amp

Comes with an AC adaptor, however you will need to use a universal adapter as it's an American plug.

Latest reviews

Pros: High Gain, Detail, Warm, Precise, Well made
Cons: Not very dark sounding like ALO Audio Studio Six
This is a very nice sounding amplifiers better than what you think about it. Please do not judge it by its price is a huge bargain for its price. It could measure up to a Woo audio Wa6 which is a decent amplifiers. Many amplifiers that are more expensive than this, could not even match its performance.
better then 800$ amps? O.0
there is someone else who agrees with him?
can anyone review this in detail?
Looks like one of those Creeks 


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