Goldring NS-1000 Active Noise Reduction Headphones

General Information

The NS1000 noise cancelling headphones combine all of Goldring's award winning hi-fi experience with the latest in Active Noise Reduction technology. The noise cancelling isolation attenuates annoying and unwanted background sound, including the drone of a train or airplane engine, leaving you to enjoy your favourite music.

ANR (Active Noise Reduction) technology
Ultra-comfortable ear cushions ideal for extended listening
Advanced neodymium magnet drivers deliver exceptional hi-fidelity performance
Closed back design reduces sound leakage
Detachable, single sided 1m cable, designed by Britain's leading hi fi cable manufacturer, QED
Pack includes: Protective durable travel case, aeroplane adaptor, battery, Gold plated 3.5mm stereo jack with 6.3mm adaptor

Active Noise Reduction ON
Frequency response: 15Hz - 23kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3% (1mW @ 1kHz)
Sound Pressure Level: 101dB (1mW @ 1kHz) Max input power: 260 mW Impedance: 300 Ohms

Active Noise Reduction OFF Frequency Response: 15Hz - 20kHz Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.1% (1mW @ 1kHz) Sound Pressure Level: 93 (1mW @ 1kHz) Max Input Power: 300mW Impedance: 100 Ohms

Latest reviews

Pros: Good sound with noise cancelling on.
Cons: Poor sound with noise cancelling off, build.
When my third pair of JVC HA-NC100s finally bit the dust and I found out they had been delisted I began a search for a replacement. Sadly, the NC100 were pretty unique with the retractable cord, there just wasn't anything to replace it.
Whilst researching for a replacement I found various reviews for these Goldring noise cancelling headphones that all seemed very positive. I found a pair online for £43 plus shipping.
I am not going to go into how they sound much more than what I stated in the Pros/Cons as I am really crap at that sort of thing. I will say that I was very happy with the sound quality when noise cancelling was on, and I was also very happy with the noise cancelling itself. One other negative, they leak  a lot of sound.
My main reason for writing this review is to highlight the build quality of these headphones, which I have found rather lacking. Almost from the start, a plastic plate above the left ear cup popped out of place at the top and weakened the ability of the expansion bar to fully close. Then, whilst boarding a crowded Underground train, the doors closed on my headphone-covered head, instantly snapping the the phones in two, just above the right earcup. OK, it could be that many other headphones would have suffered the same fate in such a situation, but I have also found photos on the net of others with the same popping plate problem and pieces of plastic breaking away. Also came across a lot of postings on regarding the plastic cracking/snapping on these headphones in the same spot that mine broke.
Had I known then what I know now I would have avoided these like the plague.
Pros: Very effective noise cancelling, good design, comfortable, fold down into hard case. Multi compatible cable.
Cons: Noise cancelling system sometimes hisses the in the left cup. Can get uncomfortable after a LONG time using them.
So I was lucky enough to get these very cheap from They seem to be on there a lot of the time at around the £55 mark, compared to their RRP of £160, this is a real steal personally. I think that is something like around $85-90? Again, compared to what is probably a couple of hundred dollars upwards brand new. It might be different across the pond.
First impressions:
Well packaged and protected. Inside you also have the hardcase which is a great bonus due to the velcro pouch inside for storing accessories and cables etc.
First impressions of the audio were also good, even before they were broken in at all as well. Personally, the sound is definitely more muddy without using the NC system, but once you turn it on it sharpens up considerably.
Audio quality: I am quite impressed by the audio quality of these headphones for the price. Although the mids can be a tad muddy and the bass doesn't always shine through, the quality is still very good. The main advantage is that they don't need much power to drive them, so you can achieve decent sound quality from most sources, although obviously you get more kick and punch from an actual amp. I did compare them to other noise cancelling headphones, namely the Bose QCs as my friend got conned into buying a set. I would definitely take the Goldrings over the Bose in this case. I also had the audacity to try out some NC Monster Beats as they were on show in HMV. I nearly cried at them. They didn't come close, considering price they were asking for them. So yeah, definitely a good level of audio quality over all, but definitely keep NC on all the time.
Design: the design is pretty standard stuff, solid headband, swivelling over ear cups, single sided cable on the left (the cable is also detachable which is great if you can find one with a small enough jack as you can then extend it without needing extension cables). I do find them very comfortable as I like my travel headphones to grip quite hard (in comparison to my K701s which are blatantly my hi fi HPs). The leatherette ear pads are very comfortable in my opinion as is the leather covered headband which feels sturdy and firmly reassuring but doesn't grip your skull in a pincer grip. This combination does make them good for bumpy car and bus trips as they don't take off when the going gets tough. Obviously there are occasional creaks for the swivel cups but the main reason I marked down the design is the plastic does feel a bit tacky and cheap in some ways, finished in a slightly shiny finish although the matt black on the cups is a nice tough in contrast to the blue LED. I have had one small piece of plastic come away from the headphone too, but that was nothing a dab of super glue couldn't fix.
Comfort: I more or less covered comfort in the design. They are comfortable, not a word of a lie, but they can get a bit too tight over the head after a very long time wearing them, like maybe a few hours, but then how often do most people have headphones on for upwards of 3 hours without a single readjustment?
Noise cancellation: the NC is truly great. I think it's rated at -20dB but don't take my word for it. However, it is very effective. Headphones greatest bane is sub sonic and low bass rumble in the real world which can demolish a good deep track. The NC here seems to focus on filtering out unwanted bass but does a great job of it. Obviously, it isn't dead silent, but for example, a noisy bus engine is filtered away to a gentle wash of mid range in the very distance, even when near to said bus. I used to despise NC systems as I found they made music very clinical, but actually, the sound is still very natural, even with the NC. So again, effective NC. One small issue I mentioned in the overview; there is a slight hiss in the left can. I guess this is some minor feedback due to NC system messing with the driver? It really isn't an issue though, unless you are listening to a) music very quietly or b) music with lulls and quiet sections.
Overall: a great entry level NC headphone at a truly affordable price if you can get for it sub £60 like on They are reasonably sturdy, quite well made, but they do shine when it comes to compatible and very good sound quality even from (dare I say it) an iPod, obviously within reason of the mp3 quality. Also, the NC is very effective I personally feel, it does a great job of filtering an incredible percentage of noise on say a busy high street. Definitely worth the amount paid for them. 
Pros: Dynamic and detailed sound. Portability. Work with NR on and off.
Cons: Large ears wont fit, short cable, creaking noise from head band, leak noise.
Goldring are a long established company who make headphones and phono cartridges. Originally German the company moved to the UK in 1933. The NS1000s have been consistently rated as one of the best NR headphones by What Hifi. 
The RRP is £150, but have been regularly selling them for £50 and at that price they are excellent.
The pros outweigh the cons of these headphones. The sound is dynamic and detailed and closer to my Grado SR80s than my AKG K702s, but without the sound stage as they are closed backed. The travel case is great and fits an ipod classic and lod and spare batteries, so it makes an idea prospect for travel. I prefer the sound with NR off, it is a bit too bright with NR on and there is a slight hiss sound with NR on. Isolation with NR on and off is excellent.
I find them comfortable, but large ears wont fit into the cups. The 1m cable is too short for me, but works for travelling. I also find that the head band, which allows the cups to swivel for packing can creak. They also leak too much sound to be used in a quiet environment and they would annoy other travellers.


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