Goldring - GX-200 iPod/MP3 Player Ear Phone

General Information

The uniquely designed GX200 is constructed from high quality materials, including satin-plated die-cast zinc bodies and machined aluminum jack plug. These babies are built to last. They're very comfortable, too. They're supplied with patented Comply? canal tips constructed from memory foam and expand to create a comfortable seal within your ear. The tips are three times softer than skin and offer unprecedented levels of noise reduction and comfort. Goldring's Comply? screw locking system ensures that the tips are securely mounted to the earphones and cannot come off in the ear. A Widescreen Sound Experience Despite their small size, the GX200 phones boast widescreen sound. The 9 mm drive units have neodymium magnets and titanium film diaphragms for a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. That means plenty of low bass for dance music plus smooth, detailed highs. The flexible, high performance cable has OFC high-purity copper conductors plus shielding to eliminate airborne interference. For ultimate versatility, the triple-method cable management system lets you wear the earphones three ways: symmetric (both earphones on the same length of cord), asymmetric (one long cord, one short to reach around the back of your neck), or necklace-style. Use the method that feels the most comfortable. They Stay Put While You Move If you're looking for an earphone that will stay with you while you exercise, look no further than the Goldring. Use the Comply tips, or use the supplied soft silicone earbuds in small, medium, and large sizes for optimum fit no matter how much you move around. Isolation from Background Noise The GX200's ergonomically designed speaker housing with angled front ensures easy insertion of the tip into the ear canal. The patented sound isolation technology offered by the tips significantly reduces outside noise. This lets you enjoy your music at lower listening levels, especially in noisy commuting and traveling envir


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