German Maestro GMP 160 Lightweight 35 Ohm Open Stereo Headphones

General Information

The German Maestro GMP 160 lightweight stereo headphones meet the highest demands by offering brilliant sound reproduction, the highest level of differentiation, flawless resolution packed in an erganomic and comfortable design. This is thanks to their extremely high efficiency and excellent bass response. The features are superb: transducers with cobalt magnet systems, highly flexible cables made of low-oxygen copper and an additional extension cord with integrated volume control. With the new German Maestro headphone systems, passionate enthusiasts can be assured of hearing supurb sound reproduction. As specialist manufacturers with hundreds of years of acoustic experience, we are determined to establish a new legacy of greatness under the name of German Maestro. Our extraordinary products will deliver superior levels of detail, long term product durability, and exceptional comfort. It is German Maestros's mission that each and every headphone system we build in our Obrigheim, Badenis Germany fatory delivers the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.


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