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Genuine Lg Quadbeat3 Hss-f630 Premium Earphones for Lg G4 Official Earphone (Red)

  • Genuine LG QuadBeat3 HSS-F630 Premium Earphones For LG G4 Official Earphone

Recent Reviews

  1. tomscy2000
    Incredible Value
    Written by tomscy2000
    Published Sep 6, 2015
    Pros - Truly GREAT Sound Quality at a Very Affordable Price
    Cons - Plastic, Remote Doesn't Work with iDevices, Included Ear Tips Feel Cheap
    I borrowed my friend speakerphone's (@speakerphone) LG QuadBeat 3 for this micro-review. Thanks to him for the loan. You can check out his measurements (two separate units) of the QB3 on his personal blog: (A) http://clarityfidelity.blogspot.kr/2015/05/lg-quadbeat-3-sample-measurement.html (B) http://clarityfidelity.blogspot.kr/2015/06/lg-quadbeat-3-sample-b-measurement.html
    I've always been intrigued by the LG QuadBeat series of in-ears. They're meant to be bundled with their smartphones --- afterthoughts that many assume can be thrown into the trash. However, the Quadbeat series has garnered consistent praise for being excellent sounding and relatively accurate despite their flea market price.
    Packaging on these is no surprise: paper cardboard and cheap-feeling ear tips. However, the build on them, albeit of plastic, feels pretty good. The cloth-sheathed cable seems fine in thickness and strength. Good stuff.
    Comfort is very good. They're shallow-fitting and and have angled ports, which means my ears are happy campers. The plastic contributes to a light weight in the ears.
    At first listen, I was impressed indeed --- they were most definitely living up to their reputation for excellent sound quality --- and the LG QuadBeat 3 was making my music sing, whether it be bass, midrange, or treble. As per my usual standard operating procedure for products <$100, I listened exclusively to overcompressed popular music. Namely, in the spirit of the QuadBeats, I listened to K-pop, pretty much all the way. Because of this, however, I was able to detect some minor treble splashiness (not serious). The ear tips were also a little scratchy feeling.
    So, I switched to my one of my favorite ear tips: the RedGiant 'natural acoustic' tips. More treble smoothness (taking away some of the residual splashiness), more open soundstage presentation, and less perceived bass. Awesome.
    I checked EXID's 'UP AND DOWN' (overplayed) single 'UP & DOWN' for any issues with bass and sub-bass. Nope. Boosted, but tasteful. Awesome. Okay, it didn't give me the kind of texture and layering I was used to at the most upmarket of things, but it was plenty respectable --- I can name plenty of $250+ earphones that don't do bass nearly as well and don't even come close (but I won't). Granted, yes, I was using speakerphone's modded version with the vents taped, but you can do that too!
    If I had to nitpick --- which would be splitting hairs at the price the QB3 is being offered --- the one thing I could really ding it for is that it cannot replicate timbre as well as other (much, much more expensive) earphones. Imaging is also not precise. What am I saying --- these things are bundled earphones! It's absolutely astounding what LG got their ODM/OEM to produce at this price! If you look at speakerphone's measurements, both samples have excellent channel matching and excellent distortion measurements! These earphones do not sound "plasticky" at all!
    In short, the LG QuadBeat 3 are amazing bang-for-buck. If you don't want as much bass, tape up the vents, switch out the tips, and you're all good. Maybe convince that friend of yours who just got the LG G4 to give you a freebie. It's totally worth the guilt of swindling a friend. [​IMG]
    I leave you with some choice K-Pop so you can 'vibe' to the LG Quadbeat 3s...


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