Genius BT-03I Stylish Touch Wireless Headset (Grey/Silver)

General Information

BT-03i, Stylish Touch Wireless headset. Genius presents its latest innovative wireless headset, BT-03i, which is the world’s first Bluetooth headset with a touch panel design that is very simple to use. It’s so simple; just use a finger to touch the “phone” icon, and you can answer or hang up a mobile phone call. While listening to music, you can slide a finger lightly on the touch panel to adjust the volume. Wearing the BT-03i brings much more convenience and fashion to your life and lets you enjoy music more comfortably. The totally transparent design makes the headset stylish and elegant. Also, the new unique 30mm driver unit delivers lively and powerful sound to your music. With the advanced cVc (Clear Voice capture) and Bluetooth technology, you get clear, interference-free and high quality sound from this amazing headset when using the phone or listening to music. Check with your salesperson how to pick up BT-03i for your mobile phone.


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