Generic prebuilt cMoy amp

  1. Hexidecimal
    Neat Little Toy
    Written by Hexidecimal
    Published Aug 30, 2011
    Pros - Volume Boost, Some Extra Bass
    Cons - Could be fragile
    Stepped up to a CMOY OPAMP 2227 from my FiiO E5. Definitely a nicer volume boost, also adds some bass to my already booming HFi-580s. Fun little amp to have on the go for a good price. Haven't compared it against really high end stuff though, so can't say if it's a great audio quality booster. But for 25 - 45 bucks, they're a nice way to power cans that need it, or give a little kick to ones that don't.
  2. peskypesky
    don't notice much
    Written by peskypesky
    Published Apr 11, 2011
    Pros - not sure
    Cons - not sure
    i bought one of these CMOYS off ebay and really can't say i notice anything. maybe if i had headphones that really needed an amp? but my phones have low impedance, so if the CMOY is doing anything, i can't tell.