FOSTEX T40RP mkII DJ Headphones

General Information

The new Fostex T40RPmkII now join the acclaimed T50RP in offering the true and accurate headphone monitoring crucial for recording studios, post houses, remote broadcast facilities, project studios and DJ. Here is a range of headphones which have been designed from the outset to offer the widest frequency range, to minimise listening fatigue and to allow you to accurately pinpoint and analyse all aspects of your creative output. Headphones which faithfully reproduce all aspects of the program material, free from any sonic coloration and distortion. And headphones which combine supreme clarity and audio performance in a comfortable, sophisticated design.

All RP Series headphones deliver this uncolored reproduction and natural clear sound right across the full frequency range with full bass and sparkling highs. But it?s the sonic quality at high sound pressure levels which really sets these headphones apart. Whereas lesser headphones struggle at high sound pressure levels, the RP Series have no such problems. The bass is always powerful and distortion-free even at high levels. - Essential when headphone monitoring in noisy environments such as ENG recording, DJ work, and in applications where you need to concentrate totally on your the program material. The Design of the leatherette padded ear cushions enhance the excellent sound isolation and superb deep bass reproduction

Latest reviews

Pros: Planar magnetic, well balanced, accurate.
Cons: Need amped, headband uncomfortable.
The T40rp mark 2 is a very fine headphone. My first impression's of them where positive although your ears might take a while to get use to the very unique sound signature. They are very well balanced, with no tendency toward a particular frequency but the bass is particularly well refined.They are lacking in sub - bass.This absence in sub - bass is why i cannot give them 5 stars combined with comfort issues regarding the headband. Lastly, they are much quieter than most other headphones i've tried...more than likely due to them being planar magnetic, but they additionally only have a sensitivity rating of 97db/mW, so quieter still...
I recommend the T40rp mark 2 if you work in a recording studio, that is what they where designed for. If you like to listen to music leisurely at home, then be aware that you may find them bland, flat sounding and soulless!
But they are still a very, very fine headphone.
( After an hour of use i measured bass response on my computer, they measured as low as 20hz, as advertised. After 4 month's of use now this has got lower! they now register as low as 18hz. Not quite low enough for me to rate them 5 stars though).


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