Forza Audioworks Noir HPC Mk2

General Information

Classic top of the line Forza AudioWorks’ copper cable now in new revamped Mk2 version. Sharing the same project and design principles as in the Noir Hybrid HPC with different UPOCC pure copper conductor. Musical and engaging – these are the two words what Noir HPC Mk2 sound signature is all about. Slightly warm tonal balance, with deep, rich textured bass and intimate midrange will make you listen to your favorite tunes for hours and hours with pure pleasure. Highly addictive.

Forza AudioWorks Noir HPC Mk2 is:

- Highest purity, 8 strands of 26AWG cryo 7N UPOCC copper wire in Litz geometry and PE insulation. Best of the best in terms of copper conductors.

- Mk2 design: Improved flexibility, anti-oxidation coating (no more green copper oxide on your wire!), more robust sleeving and what is the most important - superior SQ

- Proprietary 4x2 geometry for superior EMI reduction and reduced stereo crosstalk without the need for bulky screening braid altering ergonomics of cable.

- Pleasant to use thanks to custom formulated PE insulation, 56 individual strands in 7 groups in Litz geometry. With addition of our proprietary braid the cable is pure pleasure to use both at home and on the go.

- Standard Viablue or exquisite, black, CNC aluminum splitter with laser engraved Forza AudioWorks logo. The choice is yours…

- Built like a tank, 100% handmade in Poland with meticulous care and proudly covered by 3-year warranty.

- CUSTOMISATION: No matter if it is 1m or 5m, Switchcraft or Viablue, balanced or not, we can do it. Every cable is custom tailored to fit your unique personal needs. If you cannot find a setup for you, just write us email.


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