Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 8 In / 6 Out FireWire Audio Interface with 2 Focusrite Mic Preamps

General Information

The Saffire PRO 14 is an 8 in / 6 out audio interface with legendary sonic performance and unmatched flexibility at a truly affordable price. The latest in Focusrite's new generation of FireWire audio interfaces, the Saffire PRO 14 is designed to make home studio recording and mixing easy without sacrificing audio quality. This new interface offers two award-winning Focusrite preamps combined with a host of additional I/O options, so you get the tracks you want without having to constantly re-patch your studio. Alongside the two high quality mic preamps, two additional analog inputs, four analog outputs, S/PDIF and MIDI open the door to true multi-track recording. Two Hi-Z instrument inputs let you plug straight in without requiring additional DI boxes, and two virtual Loopback inputs are also available for routing digital audio between software applications. Saffire Mix Control, an 18 x 6 DSP mixer, offers a level of flexibility that is unparalleled at this price point. This Mix Control software enables you to create six separate mixes without latency. Route any combination of input signals and sequencer outputs to any of Saffire PRO 14’s outputs. Intuitive one-click configurations help you track, monitor and mix as quickly as possible. Saffire PRO 14 comes with all of the additional tools needed to start making music straight away. These include the latest version of the Focusrite Plug-in Suite, providing a significant upgrade from your standard sequencer effects. In addition, the two Focusrite preamps ensure low noise and distortion, while quality digital conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology ensure pristine quality as your audio flows between the analogue and digital domains. Combined with the latest in FireWire interfacing technology, excellent routing flexibility and rock-solid driver stability, the Saffire PRO 14 is the heart of the modern home studio.

Latest reviews

Pros: good size, killer everything on it
Cons: only has one headphone jack?
Where to start? This is primarily for project studio and field recording work. It can be powered soley by its Firewire jack, which is nice. It has real Saffire preamps for microphones, which are very nice. It has a very high quality, high speed DAC, which is excellent. Finally, it drives headphones so well it kicks the hell out of many solid state dedicated headphone amplifiers in this price range. This, my friends, was not expected. This is an excellent multitasker for people who like headphones and making music, not just listening to it.
Update: after using this with Windows 8 for a while, I believe that an update is in order. The unit operates fine, but the drivers are another story. You have to be very careful how you set up the latency and audio resolution. Its a constant balance or you will get debilitating distortion and lag from the unit. A retrograde to Windows 7 repaired the issue. I have not tested (yet) the newer Scarlet system from Focusrite that is USB powered, but I suspect it will have better manufacturer support and not have the same issues. More on that later.
audiophile noob here. Thanks for the review! I have the saffire pro 14 firewire but I'm new to the hifi headphones+dedicated amp thing. My question is: is the headphone out of the saffire 14 good enough that I don't need to buy a headphone amp? I currently have the ATH-M50. Thanks bruh
I use the headphones for mixing and appreciating good music, btw.
Sorry for the extreme delay in response. I have a collection of headphones included the famous ath-m50. This and several other of Focusrite's interfaces will be more than powerful enough to run those cans. Be sure and check my update for a new issue regarding Windows 8, however. You may want to go with the newer USB version called the Scarlet, instead.


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