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FLANG P5 Professional Lossless Music MP3 HIFI Music Player Portable MP3 Player With 4452VN DAC Support Bluetooth


    • Brand Name: FLANG
    • Screen: Yes
    • Balanced Out: No
    • Battery Specification: Lithium Battery
    • Style: Pure Audio MP3
    • DAC: 4452VN
    • Audio Format Support: WAV,MP3,AAC,WMA,FLAC,APE
    • Operation Mode: Touch Tone
    • Body Material: Metal
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • Have Speakers or not: No
    • WIFI: No
    • Supports EBook Reading: No
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 123mm*73mm*30mm
    • Screen Size: 1.0 inch
    • Storage Type: Flash Memory
    • Signal Noise Ratio: ≥95dB
    • 20 hours"> Battery Life: 20 hours">> 20 hours
    • Supports FM: No
    • Package: Yes
    • Model Number: Flang P5
    • Supports Recording Function: No
    • DSP: LME49721
    • External Memory: Yes

Recent Reviews

  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Unique sound, Unique look
    Written by NymPHONOmaniac
    Published Feb 9, 2019
    Pros - Warm and lush sound with beautifull musicality, Unique retro look, battery life, Bluetooth fonction with dedicated button
    Cons - Plastic construction, big size, lack of some features, too much buttons, clumsy interface.


    SOUND: 8/10
    INTERFACE: 7/10
    PRICE VALUE: 7.5/10

    I’m addict to different sound source, because I know they have different amping power and dac soundsignature that inflict on sound enjoyment or features and size that inflict on user experience. I’m even more curious when its very budget friendly like this Flang P5 that cost roughly 70$ and have a respectable AK4452VN dac chip in its rather unique body.

    Thanks to (Aliexpress) VS Audio store to let me try this intriguing DAP by selling it to me at extremly discounted price when I buy another DAP from there store (the Ziku HK-X9).

    As there not lot of review (if any) about this audacious portable music player that decide to be different than all other, should it be by physical design or sound tuning, i’m happy to share my personal impression to budget audiophile or DAP collector.


    • DAC chip: AKM 4452VN independent DAC
    • I²S Data Bus
    • Dynamic range: 116dB
    • THD: -117dB
    • Isochronous distortion: 0.0035%(1KHz)
    • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): >95bB (A weight)
    • Channel Separation degree: 78dB (1KHz)
    • Element base:
      • high-performance special audio components are used in the power system and preamplifier section
      • sophisticated filtering system uses US AVX Tantalum Capacitors, Japan Murata ceramic capacitors.
      • separate U.S. TI op-amp LM49721 on each channel, offers high-level signal for the amplifier.
    • Power output: 125mw (EL=32Ω/THD=1%)
    • Display: LCD
    • Audio formats: WAV\APE\FLAC\WMA\MP3
    • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.2, low power consumption
    • Ports: 3.5mm for headhones (left), 3.5mm Line-out (right), USB type-C (with line-out for docking station)
    • Memory: microSD card
    • Battery: LiON 2000mAh
    • Playtime: 10H
    • Dimensions: 123x73x30mm
    • Weight: ~165g


    P2090620.JPG P2090624.JPG

    By looking at pictures, one could think the P5 is made of metal and ultra sturdy. Well, it isn’t the case as its all plastic with the exception of screws and output caps. There ALOT of pieces assembled to create this retro futuristic looking DAP, but all is assembled perfectly well, here its more the material choice that can be less impressive as the plastic part feel quite cheap and perhaps its the kind that can broke easily when drop on the ground. I can’t imagine how long it could have take for chain worker to assemble this DAP as it have lot of screws as said, 12 to be precise, as well there two type of wheel, one is a jog dial for changing tracks fastly and other surface rolling wheel for volume control, agan all is plastic. In total we have 13 butons and switch….this too is very audacious and can even be disconcerting for first time usage.

    P2090629.JPG P2060596.JPG

    SO, the design, in my opinion, is perhaps too maximalist and lack intuitive interface….there just too much going on and some feature just repeat thereself for some combat situation I guess, but still, its overwhelming. Volume control wheel isn’t very use friendly and i’m afraid it will broke fast. In fact, the durability of this device is a big question in my mind as when I was looking at picture and adds durability was looking to be an important aspect. I guess only time will tell here, so I can’t make any conclusion about design durability.


    DO we got LOT of features from all this buttons, wheel, and stuffs? Hum, not really, appart from bluetooth its quite basic in fact. You do not have proper Equalizer just 5 predefinate one (Rock, pop, classic, jazz and folk) and it tend to lower volume wich isn’t extremely powerfull in first place. You have auto power mode choice (and a button for that too), repeat mode (button) and Explorer mode...to check your file and choose you music. Hum, it question me even more to the need of all this buttons! At least it have a bluetooth wich we must hold 5 second to pair easily with BT iem or speakers. Other positive aspect is it resume the tracks that you play when you restart the player….but not the volume level.

    Bluetooth instruction include here because I feel it can be usefull:

    ①Make sure your Bluetooth earphone is fully charged.
    ②Open the Bluetooth earphone, make sure it's not connected to other devices
    ③Put the Bluetooth earphone into your ears.
    ④Click the P5's Bluetooth button, then Bluetooth icon on screen begins to flicker, that means you had opened Bluetooth function.
    ⑤Hold down Bluetooth button for about 5 seconds, then you'll hear the sound from Bluetooth earphone!

    SOUND :


    The Flang P5 have a unique soundsignature too, but way more enjoyable than its design and interface. Its warm, laid back, holographic and well tuned even if treble is smooth and this isn’t the must clean sounding DAP in sub-100$ price range. It have an ‘’analogish’’ dark and full bodied sound, especially in lowrange, that remind me of the old Hifiman HM-601 I own years ago.

    BASS is warm and thick, it isn’t neither very textured or separated, it have some extra midbass punch that give it slightly more energy even if it isn’tparticularly detailed, fast or tigh. This type of bass will not help boomy earphones but will be benificial for bright sounding iem lacking body in this region.

    MIDS are wide and warmly push fowards, and this time, this unique approach to vocal can help to tame upper mids hissing with problematic earphones, but will not give extra details at all as it lack texture and definition. As well, due to a not perfectly black background noise floor instrument separation feel a little hollow with the extra mids presence, but not in a dramatic way, more an wide musical tapestry without lot of transparency.

    TREBLE is a little roll off in upper region but pushed more foward in mid and low, wich is a plus and drawback depending pairing, with clear slitghly trebly headphones like the Takstar PRO82 it round the sharpness to make an easy listening pairing, but with the Meze 99 Neo it stole some of natural airiness of the sound.




    At near two times the price of the Flang P5, X3ii sure offer a more mature sound with better clarity and details, but can feel thin in vocal and a little boring in dynamic compared to the more coloured full bodied P5 presentation. THD of X3ii is without a doubt lower. Amping power of X3II is 210mw for 32ohm while the P5 its quite low at 125mw, so you need to push the volume near to max with P5 with lot of headphones and even some IEM to get proper exciting volume. X3II deal better with complex track even where the P5 can became muffled and even create some distortion at max volume. Battery life of P5 is slightly better but thats about it. And for interfact, both I quite cumbersome so I will give extra credit to P5 for at least haveing music track resume so when you shut it down, you can open it to the tracks that was playing lastly. Construction of X3II is more sturdy and its about 2/5 times smaller and 2 times less tick. All in all, at 2 times the price we get a small upgrade in sound but big upgrade in construction and durability.


    VS XDUOO D3 (80$):

    First with amping power, even if D3 is 2 times smaller it have twise much power output than P5 with its impressive 250mw. Total harmonic distortion is higher with the D3 but can’t really be hear as its signal to noise ratio is higher so you don’t need to crank the volume as high as P5 to achieve proper sound dynamic. Overall sound of D3 is cleaner and more linear than P5 wich feel more coloured again and have more grain and texture as well as mids that are more invasive in widness as if it have extra echo to it, wich can be benificial for vocal presence. I prefer the vocal presentation of P5, but overall attack and clarity of D3 win for versatility. D3 is way more portable and have less butons si it make it more easy to control but butons are very sensible to touch wich is not a problem with P5. Construction of D3 feel more durable as its all metal and the screen is of better quality.



    With TAKSTAR PRO82 :

    Flang P5 pair well with the PRO82 and smooth its brightness without stoling too much details, as well it expand soundstage in a more holographic musical way. The bass became more bodied and fuller too but slower too, mids are wider as well, its really like the perfect mix of warm source with a sharper headphone.


    With RY4S earbuds:
    The P5 do good with low impendance earbuds like the RY4S as it give more overall smooth resolution and stop the bass disortion due to perhaps lower output or not to hard hitting bass. Its really some magical trick because with the P5 it sound better than with both Xduoo I compare it too, sound is wider even if less deep. In fact, i don,t understand why this earbuds sound so good with P5. Its a very relax and musical overall sinergy.


    The sound quality of the Flang P5 is its best quality, battery life being second. For all the rest, should it be construction durability, physical interface design, power outup or number of features (unworking Bluetooth), i’m very mitiged. So I would only suggest this as an entry level budget DAP for people that love to have unique looking music player that sound good for its price with its warmly but enough detailed musical presentation that give extra presence to your favorite signers.


    1. P2090625.JPG
    2. P2090617.JPG
    3. P2090615.JPG
    4. P2060587.JPG
    5. P2060588.JPG
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    1. AndySocial
      After seeing a few reviews that seemed to have some affection for the P5, I picked one up during a recent Aliexpress sale.

      It's so very bad. The UX is almost physically painful. It may sound good, but it's nearly impossible to find anything to listen to, unless you treat it as a ludicrously large iPod Shuffle. It doesn't read ANY ID3 tags, so all the songs are just the filenames, with extensions. It doesn't handle playlists. It's like picking up an MP3 player in 1998, but enormous.
      AndySocial, Apr 9, 2019
      Nymphonomaniac likes this.
    2. NymPHONOmaniac
      It's true....more i use this player, less i wanna use it. The sound is okay, but all the rest is ridiculously absurd to use. Some people don't care about interface that much, but to be honnest, I think 1998 mp3 player have better interface and were more portable.
      NymPHONOmaniac, Apr 9, 2019
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